How to Win at Hallow's End: Achievement Guide - Happy Halloween!

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This year's Hallows End began, Tuesday October 18th and ends Monday, October 31st. It's one
of my favorite holidays and worth doing whether you're looking to finish your "What A Long,
Strange Trip It's Been" meta achievement, if you're wanting to snag that awesome headless
horseman mount, a new title, or if you're just bored looking for something fun to do.
To get started, look at which achievements you haven't done and try to focus on them
First up, I just do some easy trick or treating. This is mainly for the Tricks and Treats of
Azeroth achievement which you can complete by going to all the towns listed and trick
or treating by clicking on the pumpkins typically inside the Inns. It'll also help you to complete
several other achievements so I suggest doing it first.
With Tricks and Treats you don't need to do Northrend or Cataclysm to complete the meta
achievement for the title but they're worth doing for gathering Tricky Treats to purchase
items to complete other achievements or buy fun items like pets as well as getting gold
and guild rep.
Once you complete all the Tricks and Treats you'll have tons of items to complete the
rest of the achievements and even have a very good chance of getting the Sinister Squashling
pet. Hell I got six of them and I only did Northrend and Cataclysm Inns mostly. I can't
even imagine if you did all the Inns possible. Needless to say, don't bother buying it from
the vendor.
Next up, I complete the quests available just outside of Undercity or Stormwind for Alliance.
You can do the dailys there first if you like and then work on the main quests. They're
extremely easy and don't take long at all to do. I also found a little trick while doing
"Stink Bombs Away!". Since you also need to douse the wickerman outside of Stormwind,
just log out after you finish it, log back in and you'll be at a closeby graveyard, alive.
Then, just fly over, douse the wickerman and hearthback to Org. Then, you can do your mint
quests for Orcs and Trolls inside Org and fly over to Thunderbluff or get a port to
get that one as well. Next, take the zep back to Undercity or get a port, head inside, do
"Clean Up in Undercity" and grab the mint there. Finally, go outside and turn everything
in. Bam, done.
The next thing I'm going to do is "The Savior of Hallow's End". It's super easy to do and
shouldn't take you but a few minutes to complete. Towards the end of Hallow's End players start
to thin out and it can be a bit more difficult to complete especially if you're on a low
population server. To avoid that, try completely this achievement early on. Also, do it outside
your major hub like at Razor Hill just south of Org.
After that, queue up for the Headless Horseman and have your luck at the Headless Horsman's
Reins. You'll have a chance at it everyday so good luck. It'll also let you complete
the achievement "Bring Me The Head of... Oh Wait" and help with "Sinister Calling", "Check
Your Head", among others.
Ok, so after you get all your Tricks and Treats done along with all the quests you can start
on knocking out the easy achievements like "The Masquerade". Just ask in trade to trade
Hallowed Wand casts. Remember you have to be in a party for it to work. If you try doing
this towards the end you may have to tip to get the wand transformations you need so doing
it early on pays off.
Between waiting on wand cast trades, queue for a BG like Alterac Valley, Tol Barad if
it's about to start, or Isle of Conquest, pop a G.N.E.R.D candy and kill 10 players.
It use to be 50 which was semi-difficult but now is only 10 players so you should be able
to do it without dying very often. If you die, you'll have to eat another candy. This
is also a good time to complete "Check Your Head". If you're somehow short on the Jack-o'-Lanterns
used to complete it, you can get them from friends or the Auction House but don't expect
them to be cheap early on.
Once all those are done, use your left over candy to complete "Out With It". Just eat
candy until you get sick. Kinda like what you would've likely done when you were 10
or if you are 10, what you plan to do this Halloween.
This is also a good time to use a Tooth Pick and get the "That Sparkling Smile" achievement.
"Sinister Calling" and "The Mask Task" should've been completed while you did the Tricks and
Treats. If for some reason you had insanely bad luck with getting the Sinister Squashling
and Hallowed Helm, don't sweat it. Just do the Headless Horseman everyday and the dailys
and you'll either get it as a drop or have enough Tricky Treats to buy them. I wouldn't
buy them though until the last day of the holiday since it's a waste unless you have
all the items you want and masks already.
"Trick or Treat!" is another one you would've already completed so we'll skip that one and
lastly you might have "A Mask for All Occasions" left to do. This one isn't part of the meta
achievement so you don't need to do it but, if you really want it, I suggest waiting until
the last day of the holiday when you've done all your trick or treating and quests and
then use your left Tricky Treats to buy the masks you need. Make sure you buy whatever
you want from the vendor before this though since I myself would rather have the Feline
Familiar than complete this achievement.
So, that's pretty much it and you should now have a few pets, some fun items, and a shiny
new title, "The Hallowed" from completely all the achievements and doing the quests.
I have videos of the new pets and how to do the quest line for the Creepy Crate Pet on
my YouTube channel so check those out. Grats to all and enjoy Halloween in and out of the
That's it for my "How to Win at Hallow's End" video holiday achievement guide and I hope
you liked it.
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