Gönülçelen )) Episode 38 - Part 3/3 [English Subtitles]

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Those eyes are
even more distant to me than before
This love in my heart
is an ongoing pain
the sorrow of my soul
filled my eyes with tears
I cry in sorrow
I do not know what happened to me
My best friend
is the night that hugs my soul
Look at who I have been committed to
I am crying secretly
you sang beautifully
how did you come here?
Koray told me where you were
so are you coming to the island with me?
I thought it would be very nice this time of year
Miss Hasret
hello I am Tolga the director of the clip
nice to meet you
Your room is ready
If you get ready at once, we can start shootings
Jansu will you go with Hasret hanim
of course
let's go Ms. Hasret
sorry Mr. Murat. I forgot to say Hello to you
hello.. It's ok
I didn't know you were working with Miss Hasret
I'm not.. I just came to support her
- wish you success - thank you
Are there any changes?
Unfortunately no, Mr Levent
The flights haven’t started yet
If you want we can give you a room for tonight
Let me wait a little more.. Maybe the fog will clear away
Ok then
come on we're going
where to?
to the beach we are shooting some scenes there
well good luck to you
Aren’t you coming?
No, I’ll be waiting here
I thought you came here to support me
I am supporting you
How, just sitting there?
well it is better than nothing right?
stay here by yourself then
I would like to have a room.. I see the fog will stay for long
Of course, Mr Levent
you'll walk on the beach
look at the sea, and sing the song
We will shoot two synchronics
The first will be on the beach in the daytime
The other will be at night
Let us start, we'll take general pictures
then we'll approach you Ok
Ok, guys, we are starting
guys, we are starting
we're gonna start the shooting
get ready before the sun sets
ok is everything ready?
the set is ready
we're ready sir let's start
Ok we're gonna start the shooting
Ok friends be ready
look, this is a beautiful shot
we have to add some light here
stop the shooting friends
get her the coat
here you go Miss Hasret
ok friends let's get the set ready for the next scene
how was it?
it was a perfect scene
we'll start the next scene shortly
let's rest for a bit my friends
Ok sir
Here is your pillow, and here are your pajamas
Go and sleep wherever you want
Can’t we talk and agree?
Look, the love doctor on the television says
married couples mustn’t ever sleep in separate beds
I'll hit your head with a slipper and you'ill see the love doctor
come on...
See you
where were you?
I walked around a bit
So how did it go
I am so tired and I am so cold
well this is how these things go I am afraid
You have to get used to it
I don’t mind working hard
but what worries me is I'm always excited
you'll learn how to control yourself too
Remember your first concert
you were trembling and 10 times more excited than now
I was very excited
I thought I would mess up everything on stage
My heart was beating so fast
mine too
I came close to the microphone
I looked ahead to the crowd
everyone was staring at me
I was so frightened then
I was just praying for someone to take me off that stage
and then the music started
and everything went black for me
I did not see or hear anything
only music
until you heard the crowd clap
until I looked at your face and realized everything had gone well
you were great
because you were near me
it's very cold outside now
You must be bored to death.. Come with me
the view from my bedroom is lovely.. I have tea up there
And I have to change anyways you can help me choose
you know
I'm not good at choosing dresses
it's better to have a second opinion than no opinion
Today the weather got us troubles, but we did good job
I think Ms Hasret is going to her room
lights are very important
ok sir I'll set up the lights
I called you several times, but you didn’t answer
Didn’t you hear?
we were busy with shooting Mr. Levent
I didn’t have my phone with me
Ok.. Ok.. Is Hasret there?
One minute
where is Hasret hanim?
I have seen her with Murat bey
I think they were going to her room
Hasret hanim is in her room with Murat bey
What did you say?
What is Murat doing there?
I don’t know. They came together
If you want I can tell them to call you
No need, don’t say anything. Do your work
Can you arrange a rent car for me?
of course Mr. Levent.. right away
of course you can come see me
I am at the hotel
What is the name of the hotel?
Ankal Hotel
Ankal Hotel
Ok. Call me when you get here
Miss Hasret, the set is ready.. we're waiting for you
ok. I am coming
don’t keep them waiting..
Oh and the view really is beautiful up here
Miss Hasret you'll walk from here
turn to the right
cameras will be from this side
You will look at the water and become sad
Then we continue here
You come here and stay
We will approach you and shoot your face
Then you will walk slowly there
Then you stop here for a while and turn around
You watch the view, and sit in the armchair here
Can you give me a break?
Of course
finished already?
No I took a break
because I needed a break
I did not feel ready
What have you done then?
I was just looking..
Are you ok?
yes I am fine
Did you like the design
very nice
thank you for the thank you note
who were you speaking to a minute ago?
you will see soon enough
Hello brother
I’m going to Buyukada.. Will you take me?
we take people in normal. But now there is fog, we can’t go
How much do you take?
There is fog
I’ll pay 5 times, even 10 times more than you take as usual
Ok, I understand you're in a hurry.. Come on
you don't come to the lessons anymore
I don't have time
you're right.. It would be hard for you to make time
You must be busy
maybe I will come in the future
I wouldn't force myself if I were you
You should be focused with your work
welcome Mr Levent
Hello. Where is Hasret?
I think in her room
which room?
What is going on director?
I don’t understand either
I missed you a lot
It’s so good for us to be back together again
You are beautiful as always
Very beautiful
oh you came just in time
come in let me introduce you
this is my friend Levent the one I talked to you about always
Nice to meet you.. my name is Ceren
Murat had not spoken of you before
well everything happened so fast
so you two just met?
no we used to know each other before in high school
We were only friends then
But when I last went to paris something clicked
yes he charmed me into love
well something like that
you had not told me
you didn't have much time last few days
Oh I am so happy for you.. Congratulations!
so you have met before I came
it was a nice coincidence
well we had been speaking on the phone for a while
Jeren is visiting Istanbul
and she is staying at a friend’s of hers in the island
So when I heard the clip was being shot here
I decided it was a good opportunity for all of you to meet Jeren
it was great indeed
Anyway now that you all met.. we should get going
well you can’t cross back because of the fog
it was a miracle for me to get here
If you want we can book a room for you here
that won’t be necessary
I will be staying at Jeren’s friend’s place tonight
Good night
nice to meet you.. see you later
Good night
are you ok?
I’m fine
you look pale
I'm very tired.. And it was very cold outside
Lie down for 15 minutes.. You don't look well
it was good that you came
I don't feel this is right
oh don’t worry
you caught me off guard
I didn't know we would be pretending to be lovers
You should have told me before
I made it up at that moment
how will this help you
we have to wait and see
maybe you can see but I won’t be able to
because hasret will poke my eyes out
And If I were her I would definitely poke my eyes out
I believe you would
but Hasret is not a bad person like you
yeah right.. She had fires coming out of her eyes
did she?
you have a fever
I will be fine in a minute
No.. I'll cancel the clip.. We will stay here tonight.. Ok
What have you been doing since we met?
I have been working
is that all?
What happened to that adventuress from the school years?
I’m getting back to my own self thanks to you
Are you ok?
I feel like throwing up again
I told you you did not look well
Hasret: I want to be home please.
captain.. Are you there? We need to go back to Istanbul.. Ok
she is exhausted and stressed.. She will be fine in the morning
are you gonna prescribe to her any medication?
not necessary
she just needs to rest
thank you
whish her health
thanks.. from here..
See. You heard the doctor. All you need is a rest.
You should sleep.. Here let me help you
how are you Murat?
fine and you?
fine thank you
I wanted to thank you for being there with Hasret
You're welcome
It was a nice trip for me too.. And you guys met Jeren
well actually I didn't understand anything about tonight
we should all go out to dinner some night..
We can all have a long chat
you're right we should do that
So how was the clip.. Is it done?
It was cancelled.. Hasret is not feeling well
we had to return home
is she ok?
The doctor said it's not important
She's apparently stressed and exhausted..
I will be up waiting at her bedside all night
Anyway I should close the phone I don't want to disturb her
I called to thank you
will you stay here levent?
I would very much like to
did you say something?
You must have been dreaming
I am here.. good night
I would never have thought you would be like this
like what?
like playing games and pretending to be lovers
so that you would know if Hasret loves you or not
The Murat I know would walk off on his own and not care..
his scarf would flow behind him as he walked away with pride
then vanish into thin air
you're exaggerating
you were like at school this mysterious and not talkative
but the girls would be queuing up to be with you
And now look at you. You are playing childish games
so it means I'm changing
it means you are IN LOVE
So how long will our fake relationship last
that depends on Hasret
Oh how I would love to go and tell hasret it is all a game
that you're madly in love with her but can't confess to her
that you're afraid of her reaction
we both know you won’t do such a thing
well maybe I changed in time too
I'm just kidding
What happened?
I am going to call Hasret
I am worried she was sick
Should I not call her then?
I made no comment
Levent stayed here all night?
yes and he left early in the morning.. He had a meeting
did anyone call me?
Levent called to see if you had woken up
did anyone else call
well if you mean Murat he did not call
maybe he does not know I am sick
I'll go prepare breakfast
He does not even worry about me anymore
He would not care if I was dead or alive
He now has Jeren of course
I was worried about Bahar and now this Jeren girl pops up
Well I will make you call me and run after me Murat Hoca
Let’s see who will win this game. You or me???