Lessons for Healthy Living - Class 5 (excerpt)

Uploaded by BiblicalHealthTV on 30.05.2012

So, one of the things that I want to start with is the myth about certain industries.
We want to touch on the drug industry, the dairy industry, the meat industry, the fast
food and beverage industries, and the junk food industry. Now, I have to ask you a question.
Who stands to benefit from success in these industries as a whole? There is no doubt that
when it comes to medicine that somewhere along the line there is a medicine that is needed
by someone and it saves a life. Or, it helps somebody get through a time in their life
where they couldn’t otherwise get through. However, these industries as a whole are self-serving
industries. Believe me, when you pull into a fast food restaurant, they are not interested
in how long you live or how healthy you are.
We live in a culture where we have…well, first of all, let’s continue with the drug
industry. You have never got a headache from lack of an aspirin. Can you get that concept?
We almost live in this nation like the drug meets some deficiency that you have. Headaches
aren’t caused by a lack of aspirin. High blood pressure is not caused by a lack of
high blood pressure medication. Cancer is not caused by a lack of chemotherapy. We will
see that as we go through tonight and we list certain diseases. And, probably, I would be
shocked if some of these topics didn’t really surprise you.
Now, the dairy industry, I find this fascinating. We are raised, Anj and I have talked about
this over the years, in the kindergarten classroom or the early classroom, there are charts on
the walls. It is either about certain types of food that are good for you or certain categories
of diet, the food pyramid or—
Dr. Andrea: Or the modern one, it was called the four food groups.
Dr. Jeff: —the modern one, the four food groups. If you were to flip those charts over,
you would see those charts were paid for and sent to the schools by the very industries
that are represented on the chart. It is literally nothing but an advertisement. The dairy industry
has taught you a couple of things that we are going to talk about tonight. One of the
myths that I think is fascinating is milk. And, especially if we have any women here
who are over fifty years old, going through their later years, going through menopause,
you have heard that you should be drinking some extra milk. Now, why is it that you’re
supposed to drink milk?
Students: Calcium.
Dr. Jeff: Calcium. So, let’s discuss this. It is very important. Is there calcium in
milk? Yes. Does the human body, does your body need calcium? Yes. Now why do you need
calcium? Strong bones, strong teeth. But here is the real question? Can you get calcium
from milk into your teeth and bones? The answer is no.
Dr. Andrea: It’s intended for a cow.
Dr. Jeff: No. Absolutely not. You are not capable of absorbing the calcium that is contained
in cow milk. You would absorb probably about 3 or 4% if that much. So, those of you who
are depending on your extra glass of milk a day, you are actually fooling yourself.
Number one because you have a false sense of security, and number two because you are
actually robbing your body of calcium. Do you know which country in the world consumes
the most dairy? Take a guess. United States of America. Any idea who is second or third
or following? Northern European countries like England and the Norwegian countries.
Okay, another guess. Which country in the world has the highest rate of osteoporosis?
The United States of America.
Dr. Andrea: We do.
Dr. Jeff: Now, if that…you know what? we can fold up the chairs tonight and walk away
and to me that would be enough to say wow, there is something wrong here. There is something
wrong here. I think the Bible describes it very easily. There is a scripture in Matthew
that says, He who is first will be last and he who is last will be first. Do you know
that we live in an upside down world? The world is upside down. As a matter of fact
I have adopted a philosophy that if the world is telling me something, I first assume it
is a lie. So, if everyone is doing it, the first thing I do is take a look and say, you
know what? there is probably something wrong with it.
Now, it may not be. I am not so conspiracy minded that I think every single thing in
the world is a lie. But, I think it is a safety net that if everyone is doing it, you need
to first assume it is not true. Because we do live in an upside world. We have an enemy,
the devil, who would love…would love….you to believe something that is untrue. It says
also in the Bible that he disguises himself as an angel of light. So, there are a lot
of things in the world that seem perfectly fine. But, when we look at them, they are
just not so.
Dr. Andrea: I think one of his favorite things is to get us to destroy ourselves with our
own hand as well. What better area than nutrition when out of ignorance or not wanting to understand,
we just blindly do those things that would destroy us with our own hand?