Passport to English - IELTS speaking test with Astari: Test 2, Part 2 - Individual talk

Uploaded by australianetwork on 12.07.2011

Describe your most valued possession.
My most valued possession is my mobile phone.
It is important because it contains not only the phone numbers of my friends and family
but also their information such as address, date of birth, their likes and dislikes, hobbies.
So it contains a lot of things.
I got my first mobile phone about ten years ago and since then I have changed five times.
I use my mobile phone mainly to listen to the music and play games. Well, apart from
communicating with my friends and family. If I have spare time for example I'm waiting
for someone I often play games on it.
It can browse internet and then it can download games, music, anything that I like from the
internet. So that's why I love my mobile phone so much.
I'm too dependent on it. I cannot live without it.
So for example if I go out and I forgot my mobile phone I have to go all the way back
home and pick it up.
I can get it personalised. For example I can download screensaver and then put it on whenever
I feel like it so for example if I'm feeling happy then I put on my bright coloured yellow
or, or flower theme for my screensaver and whenever I'm not in the mood I just put on
Get used to speaking on a lot of topics for two minutes.