No Shirt, No Shoes, No Dice - Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1/10) Movie CLIP (1982) HD

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Hi. Hello.
Get outta here, Bradley.
Daddy's home, boys.
[ Brad ] l shall serve no fries before their time.
This one's on you, dude. Who's got the beducoup dolares t___y_
Uno dinero.
What have you got, Mr. Buck Man?
l got uno ''nickelette.''
Hey! You guys had shirts on when you came in here.
Somethin' happened to 'em, man. [ Laughing ]
Come on, Spicoli, just put the shirts back on.
You see that sign?
[ Together ] ''No shirts. No shoes. No dice.''
Learn it. Know it. Live it.
- Whoa. - He's the full hot lawyer.