Brave Tin Soldier 2/2 (English subtitles)

Uploaded by nadejg on Jan 23, 2009

Why is the fate so cruel, explain
Only to those, who hold it true.
Oh with you, we won’t meet again
Without you, longing for you.
Stop! Show me your pass!
I won’t let you by!
You don’t have a pass!
I’ll pierce you with my teeth!
My last living hour’s almost through
And only you I recall
With you I fly to the stars, sky blue
Without you, downward I fall.
I’ve returned here nonetheless
There is no death, I know
Yes, my beloved, yes
No, my beloved, no.
Since the fate reunited us
Your word upon me bestow.
Yes, my beloved, yes.
No, my beloved, no.
Eyes were burned by the star’s caress,
It rolled down, left mark below.
Wait, little moth, where do you go?
Don’t fly toward the light aglow!
Yes, my beloved, yes...
No, my beloved, no...
The next day, when the maid servant
took the ashes out of the stove,
she found a small piece of tin
in a shape of a tiny heart.
And of the little dancer
nothing remained but the tinsel rose,
Thought it didn’t glitter anymore
since it burnt black as a cinder.