Kasko Full Movie - Part 03/13 (English Subtitles)

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Tell them Mahesh Babu and Pavan Kalyan are in town, - Okay.
and the battle has begun! - To whom?
To the man you complain about beating you up.
Today is Wednesday, l'll come back next Wednesday,
your boss is our target.
Brother! You knocked the wind of their sails,
a dance step please!
Ordinary dance or sensation dance?
Who will watch ordinary? Let it sensational!
Have a blast!
Blow whistle to rock the world...
lt's tighter than Twenty20 match...
Hit fours and siXes...
lf anyone dares challenge you, knock the knuckles out of them...
Ebullient youth...
l'm hot chilly and it's trouble wherever l go...
My eyes are razor sharp...
l'll hit back wherever one may hide...
East, West and North is my fiefdom...
Watch out! l'm here to rule!
The chicken is confused...
Have a bite...
Hey peacock! lf l touch you'll be withered flower...
lf you come out openly, the secret will be out...
lt's not an offer, there's no second chance in life...
From entry to eXit, there's no turning back for me...
Life is short, do it fast... Have a blast...
Fake penance... fake interest...
The kite is soaring high, snap the thread...
My nerves are hot, don't incite me...
lf l get into act, you're finished...
Do it, don't say it...
lf there's a short cut, use it...
Come meekly but stand firm...
Though the time is against, turn the tables on it...
l'm ready for anything game, fight or dance...
l'm ready to aim the gun and fire bullet...
Aren't you ashamed? Dirty rogues!
Got beaten up in Puranapool. Who beat you?
Mahesh Babu and Pavan Kalyan.
Why would they beat you? We are watching their films, right?
Not the heroes, boss, they are doing using actors' names.
Putting on tiger mask will not make them real tigers,
actors names will not make them heroes.
Short man among the two threatened you.
What did he say?
He said battle has begun and be prepared for the war.
War? Why? - l don't know, boss.
Take out the vehicles, let's go to Puranapool and settle it between us now.
They are on holidays now, boss. They will fight on Wednesday only.
Will there be holidays and mourning days in a goon's life?
They didn't say anything about it, boss.
You didn't know, that's why got beaten up. Let's go!
Why selecting a day for war? Can't we fight entire week?
Yours is rush of blood and mine is mind game.
They must go mad about what will l do and when?
Then, l'll have a ball with them in the battlefield.
What sir? What's this? Why did you do this?
What's the problem here?
They have been served with pink slips.
Economic slowdown.
Let there be any breakdown, my job is safe, because l'm genius.
You're also fired.
Sir, l made a vow to go to Singapore if you offer Rs. 1 lakh salary,
please don't fire me.
You prayed for Singapore and l prayed for Bangkok.
But software is down.
Please don't say like that, l'll be ruined economically.
You're ruined but company is bankrupted.
That's my daughter, she used to eat cashew nuts earlier,
now adjusting with peanuts.
Earlier it was pizzas now local bajjis!
Earlier had pulavs, now adjusting with free food in temples.
lsn't it, dear?
lf you fire me, l'll not get even the free temple food.
We can't offer you Rs. 1 lakh, geniuses ready to work for Rs. 15000.
One such brilliant boy has already been appointed.
Who is that silly boy? - lt's me!
You... ?
l'm no less to anyone, we are together.
Crap! You don't know the difference between computer and gas stove.
lf you work here, this company will close down.
BoX will break! lf l touch even computers will dance like girls.
l can judge your talent from your face.
Nut faced! - Nut faced? You're a bean pole!
l'll beat you with slippers. - l'll slap you.
Bird! - Get lost!
Get lost!
What's today?- Saturday!
l want Wednesday immediately, can't hold on this tension anymore.
Wednesday will not come at our wish,
it will come when it should, use brain.
Bloody! Are you advising me?
l'll thrash you.
Who found Wednesday? - lt's him, that Mahesh Babu.
Why are you beating me?
Do you know Haseena's daughter Mumtaz's house?
l don't know son.
9 Wednesday
Where are they? Have they forgotten the day?
They asked us to come on Wednesday, but no sign of them.
Why are they so irresponsible? We must break their bones.
lt's tasty on licking!
Boss, the man licking cone ice is Mahesh Babu.
Short man? Did he beat you?
Not him, boss... - Then who beat you?
The man eating ice cream next to him. - Say licking.
The man licking is Pavan Kalyan, he thrashed me.
How dare he beats you!
Why are they strolling there?
l'm standing here and they are walking up and down.
Are we here for nothing?
l'm confused boss.
Why aren't they responding?
Why are they going away licking ice cream?
Enough of licking, let me see what you can do.
As you said we are here on Wednesday at Puranapool.
l'm JP! l'm no fool! Don't raise my tension, tell them.
You told us to come with boss, he's here.
lf you've guts, come and hit him!
l'm calling them to beat them, planning to get me beaten up?
Supervise getting beaten up!
Already you're late, come, let's fight.
l've to settle an issue by evening in Bibinagar.
Why are they shaking it? - l didn't this too.
You'll not understand anything.
Bloody! Grew seven feet tall!
They are running away, catch them!
Come on boys!
Why did he come? Why is he running away?
What's the matter with him?
Brother, boss is alone. - Why don't you tell it first? Come on!