Photoshop CS5: Design Your QR Code to Promote Your Business Brand

Uploaded by richmediadp on 14.08.2011

Hi, Welcome to Rich Media Design Productions tutorial
today we are going to talk a little bit
about QR codes
there importance in today's advertising
and you can now get QR codes to do specific things
for example, a QR code can actually
dial direct to your business
if you had a qr code on a business card, for example you can actually have that
uh... and somebody
let's say...
a reader on their smartphone or
or if they had a QR app
they could scan
that QR code
(sorry, lost myself
for a minute) and
and they can actually dial direct with QR code, and that's
specifically what you want
and if you wanted a QR code you can
actually go online...type in
free online QR code generator and I'm sure
there are
hundred's of them out there
and uh...
if not on the first page, you'll find
at least 10 or 15 of them
and you will
evidently get one that
could generate
a QR code for you for free
These generators will ask specific questions about your business
or about what you wanted to do
specifically. So, if you are
interested go ahead and
get into it and get yourself a code
and you'll be on your way.
This today
will be huh
a lesson on how to
onto are fighting the urge your hometown messing up my plan really talking about
how to modify your QR code. When I say modify, I'm really talking about embellish
because you can't really modify the code too well, or too much because...I've been told you
can modify or change things
up to about 30 percent
I've seen where the middle of this design or, you know,
this particular code
taken out and then a name is put in
in there. There is...
there is something
neat little trick that people can do.
But, if you do too much,
it won't can't be read.
I have a feeling that it instead of being thirty percent it's about
ten percent.
Anyway, this is about
modifying or
embellishing a QR code
and I...
taken some steps to
take my QR code
that you are looking at on the screen and modifying it...
customizing it for my business which is Rich Media Design
and specifically
you to go directly by
by using this particular QR code to
my Youtube
channel and here's some things that I have decided to do.
I decided to get an old vintage
television set
I'll take you
down so
you can get a good look at it
as you can see I've already done some
work on here
So, I've taken some steps ahead so that
I won't take too much of your time
and added my business...
a copyright 2011
and the Youtube channel that
this is going to take you to
the next thing I did was I got a
Indian head test pattern
this is the old vintage test pattern that
people used to see on their television
when television
stations used to sign off. And for some
you that never saw this before
well that's too bad
this was nostalgic (laughs)
I've seen maybe I'm giving my age away a little bit, but so what
you know we are all going to get old.
Anyway, here is my logo, I mean my QR code (not my logo)
and this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to
put this qr code
in the center
of this test pattern take
the test pattern
and put it into the vintage
television set
that I'm going to use as maybe
an outro
or maybe even an intro
to some of my videos
in the future, okay?
what we'll do
to get started
first, I'm going to take
this guy here
go up to select and press select all, Then I'm going to go and say Command C
copy, or you can go to
file and save
You can see where it says Command C there
I've already copied it and
then I'm going to go to the indian
head test pattern and then
I'm going to
delete the middle
Now, if you notice, I have already
had it selected and I'm already going to
you know just go for it and
delete it
how I derived at that
I'll just go over it with you real quick
and I'll
just go back
here's what I did, selected
marquee tool
okay...and if you notice I have some
some margins that I
have set up
horizontal and vertical
I took the inside of the circle
the ring right there, the black circle ring
and then I went
over here
to the top
left corner
and I pressed shift so that I could hold the
the perfect circle proportion
as I pull down
and I'll do it again
and you'll see when I get to the bottom
right hand corner
it hit exactly
where I was before
So anyway...that's
then you let go of your mouse and
and the shift key and you should have that in place there
then you go ahead and press deselect
the fill menu will come up and it will ask you
if you want it
erase or take away from the foreground color
or background color
or a color that you could choose from there
black, 50 percent gray or white, I chose white
Why? Because a white background is perfect for what I want to do
Okay, so go ahead and say
Now, I'm going to go back to
the QR code
and I have to say
Command copy again because I went over
to this Indian head pattern
and started working on it and I
lost that copy...I just did.
Anyway, I re-copied it
I go to paste
paste special, and I'll say paste into
which is a good idea because that way you could paste
within the
and outside of that circle
where like
say, the Indian head is
and everything else
all those lines and stuff
will serve..
will serve as a mask
So, here's what I mean...
see the middle?
Now it
has the qr code, because I said paste into, but obviously
the qr code is bigger than the Indian head test pattern
that we have on screen now. So, what I want to do now is
transform, scale and it will scale
the test pattern. I'm going to move this layer over here so
that you could see what's going on. Now I'm going to go ahead and
press shift right so that I
could scale everything down in proportion
Okay,...a little bit more here...about as good as you want to get it
Could I do a little bit more with this? Ah, probably I could but for the
sake of
simplicity and for the sake of not jeopardizing
the QR's code's integrity in being read
I'm going to
leave it alone.
And kind of work with other ideas maybe some other time
So anyway I'll go ahead and
flatten this, so I'll go over here on the layers
and go over here to this corner here
press it down and you'll see
menu, item
flatten image
flatten image brings it all down, okay?
then I'm going to go over here and say select all
press copy
Command copy
and then I'm going to go over here to the tv set. Now, remember that test
pattern was white.
So, what I want to do is
add white to the middle part here and so
I'm going to take
paint bucket tool
here on the left and then I'm
going to switch, if you notice
I had white and black here,
white was my foreground and black was my background which meant that anything
that I would work with, that' paint or draw
with is going to come from the foreground color which is now black
so here
I'm going to switch it so that
anything that I'll work with
will now be white and since I have the paint bucket switched on
i can go ahead
and press the paint bucket tool
down, with my mouse
and fill up
this in here
Now, since I have
that ...
I can go ahead and take my
magic wand
press the middle here
and select it
go back to
Indian head, I think I remember I have it still active but
reselect it
go back to the vintage set
and then paste again
Where's my paste at?
Oh, there it is...sometimes you know,
you forget where things are! (laughs)
Okay, paste into again
there I pasted into the tv
the tv...
channel. Now, here as opposed to the
first time
the image is smaller
than the image you are pasting into
and so what do we want to do?
We, want to transform it
scale it up
and here's what we do
scale it up...
Okay, once you like that size
which is pretty good. I guess I could go
like that. Okay if you like that
than just double click in the middle after you have scaled it
double click...and that should lock it in place
and there you have it. Now, I can go ahead now
and flatten the whole thing
and that will work perfect for anything else I want to do
to make my
outro or intro to my web
or videos. Hope you had a good time
with this
and it's a good introduction to qr codes
and uh... some of the things you can do with qr codes
to kind of embellish it for your own personal use.
See you
next time.