Resume Writing Tips : How to Write a Cover Letter

Uploaded by eHow on 02.11.2008

Hi, I'm Gloria Campbell, president and CEO of Advantage Training Systems in St. Petersburg,
Florida, talking with you about how to write a cover letter. A cover letter is that piece
or document that will accompany your resume. It's not always to write a cover letter, but
I always suggest it's a great idea. The cover letter will contain information such as the
person you're addressing the letter to, the date, their address, and in most cases, you
will want to specifically talk about the position that you're applying for, and give a paragraph
or two about yourself and why you would be a great candidate for this particular job.
So the cover letter gives you an opportunity to capture the attention of the person that
you are sending your resume to and gives a little bit of a background as to why they
may want to continue and read your resume. Just as with the resume, today, you'll want
to be able to submit it electronically, and remember the keyword search. So make sure
that you include keywords in your cover letter and in your resume that the employer may be
looking for. I'm Gloria Campbell with Advantage Training Systems giving you some ideas on
how to create that perfect cover letter that gets your resume reviewed.