One stroke nail art : Pink hibiscus flower by cute nails

Uploaded by cutenails on 24.07.2012

Hi, today my nail art tutorial is about the one stroke.
One Stroke is a painting technique that involves soaking half part of the brush in a color
and the other part in an other color.
Take an angled brush or a flat brush that is neither too soft nor too hard.
Soak one-half of the brush in a color, here I chose fuchsia,
and the other half in white.
It's acrylic paint, so it has to be quite opaque.
Draw a flower with 5 petals by wavering up and down,
and lift up the brush to finish the petal by a fuchsia line.
Pictures are worth a thousand words...
You can touch-up with a thin brush to add pink or white in the heart of the flower.
Then, do the same thing with 3 petals in the nail corner.
The difficulty of this nail art when you do it on your own nails,
is to find a good position for the hand to be at ease to paint petals.
With a little dotting tool soaked in a very diluted fuchsia paint,
more the paint is diluted, the smaller the dots will be.
Finally, don't forget the top coat to finish the nail art.
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