Happy Walruses

Uploaded by brontosaurus102 on 07.08.2012

Hola amigos now your probably wondering why i have weird music in the background well
your just going to have to deal with it
I thought i would make a video because ,you know, i'm bored
i'm wearing a bat man hat and autumn left to go home i thought i'd tell you guys a story so one day i was at the petting zoo right
and so i saw this sign
and it said do not disturb the loin so i got a stick and poked it
and it was like the heck bro so later that day i was taking a nap and the lion came and poked me with a stick and i was like the heck bro
and thats how me and loin became best friends
but a m s
the people no longer a no one in the ceiling and getting into
these these day
he defeated doc it's like i don't think you next
i watch hazy
an actual present always the same
defeat intact
g_a_t_t_ this previously
switzer all in your bomb
notes please i'm sorry i won't hate
middle school teacher i'm calling your box
calendar margaret j
so one dash any heat-seeking
so i think you know for sure direction
it's just not open
from let's say what the right sides of six hundred help anything unless i
it's enough for him
i second that so great
analyst like
rabbit and mr
providing best
it was just you know
jungle christmastime
and name so i decided to get married
twenty discussion was about
dextrous cultures have needs
cynicism when iraq or little rock
so this cop
made his own