Morning Yoga : Part 1 - Sri Sri Yoga

Uploaded by artoflivinghealth on 27.03.2012


Welcome to Part 1 of Morning Yoga
We will begin from the head
and pay attention to all the parts of the body
First, palms on the head & massage the head
Feel the skin on the head moving Massage with both the hands
If you are at home & your family still sleeping, wake them up and bring them for yoga
Now, massage your temples
The eyes, massage the eyes
If you watch a lot of TV or work on the computer, then massage your eyes more
Using your thumb, massage around the eyes around the eye sockets
Now, our cheeks
this will help prevent wrinkles & you will look younger
Go closer to the nose
Do not worry about your makeup !
Massage your face
Massage the throat area
Massage the ears
pull the ears & charge all the energy points on the ears
The jaw, move your jaw side to side
Clench your teeth together and breath in through your mouth and breath out from your nose
this exercise is really good for your teeth
Exercise your tongue - make the sound
Our neck. Bring the ear close to the shoulders - from side to side
Look to the left and look to the right
Look up & look down
Neck rotations
bring your chin to the chest, breath in & rotate up to the right side breathing out bring head down to the left side
breathing in from the right & breathing out from the left
Change the direction in slow movements, breathing in from the left & breathing out to the right
Gently rotate your neck and smile
Enjoy the movement
And relax.