SYTYCD 2012 - Season 9 Top 10 - All Stars Week

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MARY MURPHY: Yeah, it was just great to
see all of the all-stars.
We're really proud of all of them and the work that they've
been doing.
It was certainly great that now the big stars, Kathryn
McCormick and tWitch, come home to us.
STEPHEN "tWITCH" BOSS: Working with Audrey tonight, it was
incredible, man.
It's always nice to see the process and the progress,
because at the first day of rehearsals, there was moments
where she was looking a little lost.
And tonight she came through and she owned
it, she killed it.
WILL THOMAS: I had Kathryn the Great, I call her--
Kathryn McCormick.
They'll be-- she's famous.
It's no big deal.
Like, are you kidding?
She's famous.
I had the best time working with her.
She's the most dedicated, hard-driving--
I 100% would not been able to get through that dance if it
weren't for her kicking my butt the entire week.
KATHRYN McCORMICK: Bollywood's so hard, I've got to tell you.
All the details and more than anything, the stamina of it.
Because you're up, you're down, you're jumping, you're
on your knees.
It's really difficult and it takes a lot out of you.
I kind of went in a little bit intimidated.
And I was like all right, here we go.
I just have to dive in.
ALLISON HOLKER: I had an amazing time
working with George.
We did a Tyce Diorio piece.
And it was about a girl that tries to distract a man that
is trying to catch a train.
George went home tonight, and I truly feel like it had a lot
to do with the characters.
Not that it's bad.
We're all given stories.
What they didn't like was that they didn't think he was
immature in it.
He didn't really have a strong enough character.
He wasn't aggressive enough.
He wasn't what Nigel said-- raunchy enough.
But I feel like in the characters, he was never
supposed to be like that with me.
Because he was supposed to be resisting me the whole time.
NICK LAZZARINI: To get to come back and do a piece by Travis
was awesome because, obviously, everyone knows
we're besties.
And we just work so well together.
And when I found out that Witney was my partner, I was
screaming like a girl all over my house, because from the
minute I saw her the first week, when she did--
was it the samba?
I fell in love with her.
WITNEY CARSON: And I had Nick Lazzarini.
And he was the Season 1 winner.
So I definitely had a lot of pressure on me.
But he is amazing.
He's an amazing partner.
And he is so funny and attractive.
ELIANA GIRARD: This week, I had Alex Wong with Stacey
Tookey and it was just a dream come true.
I love Stacey because she made me learn a movement, is what I
really want to learn.
Because with ballet, you have those lines and that pretty
dancing, but it's like the meat and potatoes that you've
got to learn to have those transitions.
And she totally like dug into me.
ALEX WONG: It was a wonderful process.
I've actually never worked with Stacey before.
And so I think it was kind of a wild card
for her to pick me.
I've always wanted to work with her.
And, Eliana, having a classical background, we're
both very much on the same page of how we work.
We have a similar mindset.
So it was really, really nice working with her, because I
think we clicked right away.
STACEY TOOKEY: They spoke the language.
They got the routine like that.
But it couldn't just be an empty routine.
So I had to work a lot on getting them out of their
You know, classical ballet dancers-- they are perfect,
and they are perfectionists.
So you have to break them out of that, because they can't
get into the heart, unless they're out of their head.
So that was really the biggest challenge.
And also, I told them, I mean, people are expecting a lot
from you, so we need to take it up to a few more notches.
SPENCER LIFF: I worked with Lindsey and Jacob.
Jacob was from Season 6, which was my first
season on the show.
I never got him before, so I had asked for him to come back
and be my All-Star.
Lindsey has-- you know, ballroom girl, so she does not
have the same lines and the same facility as Jacob does,
from a technical aspect.
And the whole point was they had to be exactly the same.
LINDSEY ARNOLD: Spencer was so fun to work with.
He was just very positive.
I mean, he would get on me about certain things.
But it was very positive, and I really feel that it helped
me put out the performance that I did tonight.
And then working with Jacob was amazing.
He is such a good dancer.
And he really pushed me, and made me want to work harder
and harder.
And I really felt like that helped a lot this week.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: I danced with Chehon and we did
a Dave Scott routine.
And it was probably one of my favorite routines, cause it's
just one of my favorite styles,
that smooth like slinky.
But for somebody like Chehon who is so upright--
it was hard.
CHEHON WESPI-TSCHOPPP: It was actually one of my very first
hip hop step.
And it was extremely hard, extremely hard, because it was
so smooth and so slow and trying to still have swag was
really hard.
DMITRY CHAPLIN: I was working with Anya and Cole this week.
I was really, really happy how Cole works.
He was really professional.
I mean, I do agree with the judges on the sense of that it
didn't have enough feeling to me.
I really want to be like raw and Latin, like if you're
dancing with a girl, like really grab her.
COLE HORIBE: I hated the genre.
I'm not going to lie.
I was terrified.
As soon as "a cha cha," oh man.
And then I thought it would be easier than it was.
But no, it's just so fast, so much technique, so much to
think about.
Then, there's the connection with the partner.
And just yeah, it's a lot.
TRAVIS WALL: Cyrus and Jaimie were contemporary tonight.
And I mean, I'm just so impressed with Cyrus, and so
proud that the whole process we went together was so
I was just like trying to manipulate his body the
way I wanted to.
And the thing is, I gave Cyrus a routine I would give a
contemporary dancer.
I didn't come in here, which I thought I would do, and give
Cyrus a really cool routine where he can really be Cyrus,
and I was like, no, I'm going to make him partner the hell
out of Jaimie.
CYRUS: Travis is like my idol when it comes to contemporary,
like, literally because his movement is so different.
And it's like if you see someone else doing it, you're
like oh, have you been inspired by Travis, and
they're like, yeah.
Because his movements are so creative.
JAIMIE GOODWIN: We walked in there thinking we had a huge
challenge on our hand.
Travis was like how am I going to bring you two together?
You're so different.
And that's the challenge that a lot of choreographers found
when they worked with me and Hog or me and D-Trix, was how
different we were.
But at the same time, Travis came in with something set
that he knew if Cyrus got it would be brilliant.
And so after a few hours of rehearsal, Cyrus was already
catching on.
I mean, if had anyone else, I think it would have taken a
while and maybe have been a little more nerve-wracking.
But he dives into things right away.
He takes it 150% without hesitation.
And so I think he made all of us feel
comfortable from the get-go.
And he just made Travis feel like no matter what, he was
going to get it, and he did.
Hey, I'm Jaimie Goodwin, and you're watching get DanceOn.