Ventrac Sidewalk Snow Management

Uploaded by Ventrac7 on 18.01.2011

Ventrac is built for the demands of winter.
When you have Ventrac you have it all.
The power
The quality
The performance
Get more benefits from your snow equipment
when you need it most. Ventrac
I think is realizing the
usefulness of that piece of equipment for snow I personally think that snow attachments
you guys are building
are quality. Ventrac’s compact size goes where larger equipment can not. Get in and out
of a job quickly when time is critical.
Effortless controls make Ventrac comfortable and easy to operate for hours on end. we can
take a Ventrac and put in the back of a box truck or in a small trailer
we are not running large trailers, moving a big piece of equipment so its saving us operating costs and also
a possibility of finds from
overloading and so forth so it's really helped that way. We have tracked and retained staff
members because of
the comfort of the machines and ease of operation
Ventrac gets around easily with four wheel drive traction and the ability to maneuver quickly
on and off curbs, sidewalks and driveways…. so the job gets done faster.
That's where it excells they have that articulating capacity and also especially the four wheel drive
pushing power and they'll also be able to get on and off the curbs and
so forth really well it works well. It's easier to turnaround its a little more compact
even with a skid steer they're bigger machines sometimes you get to the end of the sidewalk
you cant swing around as fast where a ventrac you can.
Whether it’s a light dusting or handling a major event, Ventrac excels on sidewalks
with the power to quickly clear away snow, while being kind to landscape.
If your managing sidewalks in a snow operation you defintley want to look at it. It is a versitile piece of equipment
I think Ventrac has done a great job.
Seeing what the end user needs. I mean it has definitley helped our whole business being able to get on
the sidewalks and even getting the properties done.
when you need to move snow and move it now
Ventracs powerful snow blower is the ultimate snow clearing machine capable of throwing
heavy snow up to forty feet from parking lots driveways and sidewalks we've had other manufacture
snow blowers on different piece of equipment
and I dont see that Ventrac snow blower
what some of the other pieces of snow blowers we've had.
Chute controls are fast and easy to efficiently throw snow in any direction
the controls are very good on that that we can
control a chute
rotation and also distance that
depending which property we are at we might need to throw it short
or throw it long
pretty quickly where the machine can keep going
so then he can adjust that chute so he bypasses some of the
store sidewalks to come off of the main side walks so he's not throwing snow onto thoughs.
so the controlls are excellent
If your accounts demand zero tolerance,
Ventrac brooms put you ahead of the competition
We've had other manufacturers of
brooms for either outfront mowers or walk behind machines with brooms but
by far the Ventrac broom is the nicest most efficient
best built broom that we at every used both for snow and for landscaping.
ease of control
The reverse spin of the bristles is helpful but just the ease of operations is incredible
Enhance performance and combine the broom with a Ventrac spreader for a one pass
operation for applying material directly to a bare surface.
You run one piece of equipment
and do two operations
and that is the way to go. If you can have the operator one pass
clean the snow and put on the ice product its going to save you labor
and just get the project done faster.
For a more controlled application of material, add the optional drop curtain.
For precise control while clearing snow, the Ventrac V-blade adjusts easily to what the job
We will normally switchover blade effort
to sustain a fairly heavy snowfall like an inch an hour
we prefer the V-Blades
it gives you alot more control of where you can put the snow you can scoop it
you can carry it a little further you can angle it.
The nice thing about the V-Blade you can adjust the angle to accommodate more narrow sidewalks so you dont fully
V it
Comfort is a must when work hours are long
and in the Ventrac Cab, operators stay warm and dry.
Our operaters love the cab
It's a very
well built piece of equipment for the snow industry
You can spend
hours upon hours in that cab operator comfort is important
When winter hits and you need to respond fast….depend on Ventrac snow equipment to keep you
operating event after event
Partially because of
a few factors with the economy
and also transportation issues we are finding that
we are parking and not using some of our bigger other piece of equipment and utilizing the ventrac more
They've gone the last 3-4 years as a supplemental piece of equipment
and snow only piece of equipment to a real backbone piece of equipment for day to day operations
Let Ventrac put you out in front of the competition with over thirty commercial grade attachments
with more profitable options all year round for moving mulch mowing
grinding stumps, blowing leaves and much much more
Ventrac is your one tractor solution for a full of winters demands