Corporate Gifts - Promotional Mugs - Part 2

Uploaded by CaratPromotions on 13.04.2010

Hello and welcome, my name is Agata, and I work for Carat Promotions a supplier of corporate
gifts, promotional gifts and promotional items for the UK and Ireland. This video is to briefly
explain the different types and shapes of promotional mugs that we can print at Carat
Promotions. Also, I’ll describe the different printing processes, special effects and finishing
touches that you can have on your promotional mugs.
The most popular printing technique is screen printing – perfect for simple designs with
no half-tones. An image, usually up to four spot colours, is printed within a given area
directly onto the rotating body of the mug.
Transfer printing is hand finished and allows for printing finer detail and printing on
more variety of surfaces, for example inside of the mug or at the bottom or even on the
whole surface of the mug. The design is printed onto special paper, then cover-coated. The
resulting print is then treated as a water slide transfer and applied by hand to the
Dye Sublimation enables really accurate colour photographic reproduction. The technique uses
organic colour dyes which opens up a much more diverse colour spectrum and gives you
a brilliantly outstanding gloss appearance. In this case, the colours will wear off with
time and these mugs are not dishwasher safe.
This year we’ve also introduced colour matching on several of our shapes. Now you can Pantone
match the glaze of the mug to match you corporate colour exactly.
We also have a range of special processes and finishing touches that we do.
With our heat change mugs the design changes once you pour hot liquid into the mug. This
option is based on our Cambridge mug.
Laser Etching results in an embossed image ‘carved’ into the glaze of an earthenware
beaker, exposing the white clay biscuit of the mug.
We can print the artwork or elements of the designs inside the mug or on the handle. Printing
on the base is called a backstamp and highlighting the edge is called banding. If the highlight
is metallic, we call it gilding. This can be done in either silver or gold.
You can also have your image or part of the image printed in a metallic colour. These
mugs will not, however, be dishwasher safe and the design will rub off with time.
So to recap, these are the things you need to bear in mind when choosing a promotional
mug. Types: ceramic mug - earthenware or bonechina, plastic and recycled mug, travel mug or frosted
glass mugs.
Shapes: all the available shapes can be viewed on our website -
Printing: Screen printing - for simple designs, transfer printing for more complex designs
and non-traditional print areas, dye sublimation - for full colour photographic printing and
pantone colour match glazing.
Special Processes: heat change, laser etching, inside print, handle flashes, back stamp,
banding and gilding and metallic print.
I hope you enjoyed this video and it will help you choose your promotional mug. For
more information about promotional mugs and other promotional gift and solutions for your
business, please call 020 8941 5405 or email Thank you for