Fashion Haul Re-shopping my Stock (CC)

Uploaded by jstewardson2 on 15.08.2012

Hey everybody today I'm gonna be doing a fashion haul
and this is a contest entry for the Dolly Bow Bow awards.
I decided not to go ahead
just buy a bunch of stuff, but I went ahead and just went through what
I had and I'm kinda re-hauling the things I already have in my
stock of fashion items. So, let's get started.
Alright the first things we're gonna start off with are tops.
So, the first item that I want to show you guys is acutally
for exercise. I like to do exercise probably
6 days a week. I'm pretty hardcore about it and
this is just a really crazy looking green
stripey top. It is a
racerback and this actually has a
built-in bra in it. So, you don't have to wear a sports bra under it.
I mean unless you're like big, which I'm not so I don't have that
problem. I really like this cause it really sucks you in
up here but then it's kinda nice and loose fitting more towards the bottom.
So, really love that. I got this from, I believe,
Marshall's or TJ Maxx. It was on
clearance for like $6. So, can't beat that. Six bucks
to workout. Alright. (music)
Then the next next item that I have is a tank top
because it is still summer even though it's only 70 degrees today.
I got this. It's umm... I don't know,
halter??? That what it's called? Its got this really cute
almost like 70's pattern. Then it goes into
stripes and then the bottom are these really cool orange, brown
like flowers. On the
back it's got this super cute little
hole here and this little button, which
can undo if you want to but I normally don't.
Again this is just something really, it's nice and flowy.
So, it's not gonna be too restricting on you but
it still can show off you nice lovery shoulders and
arms for the summer. Or if you wanted to you could actually transtition this
into fall. You could just wear like a cute little cardigan over it. Maybe
a nice little brown cardigan or a shrug, or you could even put a shirt under it.
If you go to school and you can't wear tank tops like this
cause I don't thing we were allowed to back then. When I went to schoool which was
dinosaur ages. You can just put a black or brown
shirt under this. Brown would probably be better. Then just wear it that way.
Then it is nice and modest. Ok. (music)
(music) Now
for bottoms. I'm pretty plain when it comes to my bottoms. But
here are pair of my favorite shorts ever (singing). I got these from the thrift store
for like $3, Old Navy.
These are the most comfortable shorts I've ever had
in my life. I love then and I've been losing weight. So they're getting too big
and I wanna cry about it. Hopefully I can find
more. They're nice cause they're not booty shorts. Like I said I'm losing weight
so I'm not quite "let's see your booty" yet stage. I don't
think I ever will be but anyways they come a little bit below the booty. So, they still make
it look really nice but you don't look too....
insert your own word. (music)
Alright, then this I actually wear to work cause
it's not as short as you think it is. It's from... do, do, doo (singing),
Unionbay. This actually
as you can see here has a zipper. It actually had a
longer section to it but I don't know were it is cause it's actually my wife's.
She doesn't fit in it anymore so I stole it. This is just
a nice khaki skirt. It's just got
little pockets in the back with the buttons. Like I said I wear this to
work because it's nice and plain so it's not anything too crazy out there.
Umm.. it's got little pockets in it and... I just really
love it. It's comfortable. It's a good length for me cause I'm pretty short. I'm only about
5' 1 1/2", 5' 2" depending who you ask, like my license.
But umm... haha yeah. It comes about
I would say a little bit above my knees. So if you're a littel bit taller it might me about mid-
thigh. So, again it just kinda depends if you wanna wear this to school
or work or something. Just make sure you're following your dress code but I really love that.
Alright, next we're gonna do headwear.
This is my fedora.
I don't know if you can see. Its a nice woven pattern. It's got the kinda like a
lime green, olive green, and a brown. Then it's
got this littel striped white and brown
rim around it. It's got this right here. This was from
I think TJ Maxx. I believe it was about
$5, $6. So, that's pretty good right?.
Then, now we're gonna go into shoes cause girls love
shoes right?. So when I'm working in the summer I'm usually
sitting but when I go back to fall. When schoold starts up, I work
at a college sometimes and there's lots of (singing) walking going around.
at colleges. So, I don't want anything too crazy. So, I just
wear my flats. These are old so excuse
the wear and tear on them. If you can see that.
These are do, do, do (singing) American Eagle. I got these at Payless
and they have nice little grippies on the bottom. Cute
little bow and then just kinda weaves in and out
around the bottom. These are super comfortable to wear. Um..
I've had these for probably a year or more and
I'm still using them all the time for work. They are
wearing really well for probably being like $15 cause I don't spend
that much on my shoes cause I wear them to death. But again they're just
really nice. They're causal, they're comfortable, they're black so I'm not gonna
be too crazy for work. (music)
Then if I'm working just sitting all day
or if I wanna have a night out. I have these which
actually I wore these to my wedding, years and years ago.
I don't wear them too often so you know they're still in pretty
good shape but they are these. Awwwww (singing).
I love... the heel's really high so I mean
they're not all day shoes but it does have a platform.
So that makes it a little bit easier to walk in. They are by
I don't know if you can see that? It's a little peace sign. I think that's suppose to be a on O.
Olsenboy, and they have nice grippy
rubber on the bottom. So that's gonna help you walk better. Then they just have this cute
ruffle down the side. So, these are adorable and if you, if you
work in a place were you sit most of the day and you just walk around just every once and a while, these are perfect because
you know they're not gonna hurt your feet if you're on your butt all day. You can still look
stylish and cute and beautiful. So, I love these. I got these from
JC Penny, like I said probably...mmm... over 2 years ago
when I got married. They were, I don't know,
$30 some dollars I think. So, love those.
Alright the last part of our fashion haul is
going to be jewelry. Two things that I actually did, I'm I'm hauling,
them becasue I bought them today. So,
I got these both from Target. The first one is this set of earrings.
So, top part are these little stud birds,
butterflies, and these little hangy sparrows I'm
guessing. If you look, check out
that price, $2.48!
That's right, $2.48! What
was were these originally? $5! So,
half off. Not too shabby right?. So, yeah.
(music) The last thing that I'm gonna show you is
the coolest thing ever. I got this today. Jenna, my wife, acutally
spotted these. They're amazing. I can't
I mean they're amazing. They are limited edition from Target.
$12.00 and they are these dangly earrings. You can see
they're like little coins. I mean
they're amazing. Then, let's flip these suckers over.
I'll show you this way.
This is what the backside looks like. So it's got
more design on the back and these are
adorable. They're a little bit heavy on the ear,
but if you're just going on a night out. Pop these suckers on.
Get your cute heels on. Cute little dress, good
to go. Good to go! These are a statement piece and
like I said they're from Target. LImited edition, they were
$12.99. (muisc)
Ok, so that's all I have for my haul. Again if you
guys have any questions about any of the products that I showed today or just
anything you want to let me know comment below. Hope you guys are having a great day. Bye
everybody! (music)