Warming Up The Nows

Uploaded by zefrank1 on 16.04.2012

And now we turn our attention to the "Nows" not the news, the "Nows."
President Obama spent the weekend in Cartagena, Colombia
discussing, among other things, what aren't
the solutions to the drug problem.
Saying, quote, "legalization is not the answer," unquote.
Coming up with "not" answers is, of course, the light work
of the presidency. Something that we can all do;
for example, training an army of bees to smoke
all the marijuana is, also, not the answer.
Another not-answer might be passing legislation
limiting the number of holes in a bong or a crack pipe
to one so that you could not smoke out of it.
That's also not a solution.
I, for one, completely support the president in listing out
everything that won't work before coming up with something that does.
This Cartagena trip it had scandals too!
Before heading down to Columbia President Obama
sent an advanced team of CIA operatives to scout danger.
They were quickly sent home after
it was discovered that they were banging prostitutes.
Heh-heh Florida gotta woodie...
These CIA operatives apparently thought
that there was a clear and present
danger inside the prostitutes va-jar-jars.
And it is spring; and we know that it's spring because the flora
exposes its genitalia to the world
and the bees send their advanced teams in
to scout for danger and make-a honey.
And speaking of spring, whatever happened to The Arab Spring
which Twitter took credit for and then quickly forgot about.
For a detailed analysis let us compare The Irish Spring to The Arab Spring -
The Irish Spring, of course, begins with two bare chested men struggling for dominance,
an allegory for the will of the people against an oppressive regime.
"You're a strong man Brian!"
One man emerges victorious, a representative of the people
and he acknowledges both his strength and his weakness
and he is given a promise for the future.
Arab Spring overthrows kind of work in Egypt, Libia, Yemen and Tunisia.
Syria and Iran not so much.
The United Nations plans on sending an advanced team
to Syria to monitor all the killings in the imaginary ceasefire.
In the New York times I read...

Excellent reporting Mr. Reporter, is "firing on unarmed mourners
a violations of a ceasefire?" Hmmm..
"Look at these clean bright stripes of two deodorants."
A clean-bright and minty future, but the solution is complex;
the bands of green and white in the solution
representing the intertwining of the civilian population in the military.
Arab Spring? Egypt having some trouble with the green and white swirl.
The military is not so keen on giving up control and 10 election candidates were recently disqualified.
"For a fine fresh scent!" "That's why I use it too." "Irish Spring..."
And the Irish Spring, of course, ends with the promise of equality
both men and women able to enjoy the freshness of democracy.
in the Arab Spring, unfortunately, it looks like it's going to be a tough road for women everywhere.
But as the man says, let us all hope for...
In other nows The Buffett Rule is expected to get its ass handed to it by congress this week.
The Buffett Rule, which is named after Warren Buffett, proposes
that rich people pay the same minimal tax rate that regular people do
which had a cold things chance in a hot place of passing through a chamber made up of rich people.
Critics criticized, as they often do, saying that Obama backed the doomed legislation
because it aligns with his message of fairness for the upcoming election.
Making matters more complicated The Buffett Rule is often confused with the "Buffet Rule"
which states that, "Americans are entitled to 2% of their body weight on any buffet tray."
A popular amendment to the "Buffet Rule"
is the "Equitable Appetizer Sharing" amendment;
when a couple orders an appetizer the heavier person is entitled
to more than 50% of said appetizer.
It just makes sense...
And yeah, that goes for desserts too. Happy Now Now...