[Real 2PM] Jun. K's "Alive" Photo Shooting

Uploaded by 2pm on 09.10.2011

Love? I want to fall in love
I want to fall in love but you don’t You’re already
OK try your best
Bye See you
We’ve been working on the concept for 김준수’s Alive
Please explain
Velvet which 준수 likes a lot
And this kind of bling-bling
What is this?
It’s a giraffe.
A giraffe hat
What do you want to buy?
A giraffe.
Not anything else but a giraffe.
For a chic and attractive look…
How much is this?
Do not touch it
You have to buy it if you touch it
I will show this shooting to 준수 later
To be a big support for him
He stood up all nights to make this album
So I am hoping it would be a big hit
It will
This is the choreography. You may not know but
everyone who came to our concert knows what this is.
준수 will be a solo
Cheering for him is the point
What is he doing now?
He is eating ddeokbbokki.
He came here to cheer for 준수 but now what he is doing is eating ddeokbbokki.
Sorry 준수
I have no idea what I am doing
I feel so awkward.
But because all other members are with me here
I feel much better
It’s 준수’s first solo album
It’s the first digital single album Alive
We came here to the shooting scene.
We’re eating a hamburger, too.
찬성 how much did you eat
찬성 is a big boy
He is big for some reason
He’s been eating 50 bananas but these days he changed to something else
준수 how much shooting did you finish?
Not much yet..
I am doing testing
We’re working on testing now.
For those who are watching Real 2PM
we prepared a special service for you.
If you download the 준수’s song
and turn on streaming
준수 will be so happy for all of you.
He will give you ddeokbbokki.
What do you think of 준수’s song
It’s like this ddeokbbokki
It’s hot
준수 is taking a photo shot for his digital solo album jacket
To tell the truth
There shouldn’t be that many people watching you while taking this kind of photo shot
There has to be the photographer and the model just two of them
in a room
to have the best shot.
If it’s so noisy like this with all other members are talking so loud I can’t concentrate.
I have lots of thoughts coming up in my head
It’s my first album under my name
So there got to be lots of thoughts.
Hey 준수 you look gorgeous
Who is this
He looks like some kind of an old style hiphop boy
Why old?
Looks like classic hiphop
I told him the picture looked pretty
Everybody is too budy
We finally finished Alive shooting
What a day
I’d like to thank all the staff who always stays together with 2PM
for coming here today for me
Thanks a lot
I suggested lots of concepts for the photos
I am happy that they all worked well as I suggested
Please love Alive.