Windows 8 Metro UI Interface for Windows 8 Dev Preview

Uploaded by BrightMint on 11.02.2012

Today were going to focus on the new style of Windows 8
and it's called metro and it starts here with the lock screen
it's simple beautiful and shows real time information at a glance
to move around in the metro start screen you can use the scroll bar at the bottom
or you can also use your mouse wheel or if your on a laptop your touch pad side
scroll normal short cuts can be placed side-by-side
with metro tiles which are active and update with
new information automatically when you right-click a tile
you will see all of the things you can do with it
like expand it to show more information now you can see the real-time weather statistics
without actually opening the app you can move tiles wherever you want them
to be pretty much and you can also make your own groups with
them metro style apps make use of the full screen
and they also share a lot of the same elements with the start screen
if your right-click in any application it will give you extra options
like you know chage the time for weather by the hour
or you can add in like a new city you can go NewYork
and if you go to the bottom you get the charms menu
you can pull up settings and settings change depending on what application
your in and stuff so right now were in the weather application
it will give you weather stuff and this is for the more fine-tuned settings
for your weather preferences in the weather app but you know it change
for whatever app your in and then here is the control menu
and it has been totally re-designed for diffrent controls and diffrent elements
you notice it's way different than a typical control menu you would typically seen in windows
back in windows 7 and it's also go diffrent style buttons it's
very touch frendy too it's also got these larger menues and slection
stuff and windows metro is all running on top of
the desktop so you can go to the desktop
it's pretty much your standard desk top as windows 7
think of metro more like the start button and start menue
you know you can hit the windows key and then you can load up your pinned programs
like google chrome for example and you can also do searches
you can hit the windows key type in any charater and you will start doing a search
and you can pull up your programs just like you would with the start menu
so yep that's the basic overview of windows metro
I hope you enjoyed this video if you have any questions
feel free to ask