Homemade Dog Treats With Mini Ice Cream Cones and Yogurt Icing

Uploaded by TheFrostingGuy on 24.06.2012

Hi! The Frosting Guy here from DogCakeWorld.com. Many of my customers ask me how to make homemade
dog treats. Well, there’s a whole variety of types of treats that could be made but
we choose to make healthy treats here at DogCakeWorld. What you see here is probably one of the cutest
dog treats we’ve ever seen. It’s a mini ice cream cone filled with natural yogurt
frosting and covered with colored sprinkles. Very simple and easy to make. We’re gonna
to do it right now! Let me put this one down. And the ingredients you need: ice cream cone,
mini ice cream cones available at K9Cakery.com, yogurt frosting in a piping bag with a star
tip, and in this case we’ve chosen to use colored sprinkles. Of course you can use a
sugar-free alternative or a natural color alternative, also available at K9Cakery. So,
I like to take a mug and fill it with either rice or popcorn or something that’s gonna
be easy to hold a cone in. I then place the cone inside so I’ve got a nice base that
I can work with. And I simply take my piping bag with my yogurt frosting and I start to
fill with a nice, swirling pattern just like you see when you go to get a soft serve ice
cream at a human ice cream shop. And you finish it off and you’ve got a beautiful cone full
of yogurt frosting. And then while it’s still wet, you sprinkle on some of your colored
sprinkles so you get a nice party type of coloring on that, set it down in your mug,
and in a few minutes it will dry. This is an all-natural, healthy treat that you can
provide to your dogs and it’s made with Fido’s Frosting, natural yogurt frosting,
mini ice cream cones available at K9Cakery.com and any sort of coloring or sprinkles of your
choice. Thank you for visiting us here to make the mini ice cream cones as your next
homemade dog treat and visit us for more videos on other treats that you’re gonna find just
great. Thank you.