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Abraham on Martin Luther King
Thank you Abraham.
Um -
I’m a student
of yours for the last six months.
I am part of the gluten program -
I mean the master's program.
And uh -
Ah glutton.
Glutton - ok.
My life has transformed over it and um -
I'm here for fine-tuning I think
and to really take it to another level.
Um - my- um - seven year old son
I try to get him ready
for Martin Luther King weekend
and so I went -
tried to give him a history of what happened
um -
for school.
And I pull out the encyclopedia
and I started showing him
the history of slavery
and he had that look uh -
he just didn't want to hear it
and I had this gut feeling
that -
That you were telling a story
that you inner-being would never tell him.
It would never tell -
Because none of that
has anything to do with him
so why activate that within him
and give him that burden to carry?
Because I wanted to prepare him at home
before he gets it in school and I -
I wanted him to be -
He could go to school and daydream.
And he will
unless you prepare him and tell him
that he really needs to pay attention
to all of the nitty-gritty of things.
In other words
socialization is an interesting thing
isn't it?
It's a catalyst to make you identify
who you are.
But this is a big topic.
This is that heritage that you are uh -
receiving from your family.
In other words
son these are things that I felt bad about
and my mother before me
and her mother before her
and her mother before her and occasional father.
All of us have felt bad about these things
and we are wanting to make sure
that you too feel bad about this.
So do we just not talk about it
and if he hears it -
The feeling in your gut is telling you
you're telling a story
that the Source within you does not tell.
So when you push forward
with those kinds of stories
you separate yourself from who you are.
You see.
Ok um -
Ok I guess he'll deal with it I -
you know the -
Oh he won't have to deal with it.
So so -
It'll show up in social studies and -
you know what I mean?
Like it'll show up in subjects
and I wanted him
to be an empowered human being
so when he hears it he deals with it
from a place of empowerment.
So you would like to give him
the empowered version?
Because -
Well we're asking because
when you give him the empowered version
it won't feel like a knot in your stomach
when you give it to him.
So the empowered version goes like this -
The story through the eyes of Source
goes like this -
All of us are born
into this environment of contrast
and some of us really hit the ground running
and there was a man
that you will hear a lot about.
His name was Martin Luther King
and he was such a man.
He was born understanding
that things could be so much better
than they were.
And he -
rather early in age
after a lot of struggle
and living with things which were unjust
which I don't want to go into -
he discovered in all of that
an Idea that was so much bigger
and so much brighter
that he gave his undivided attention
to that dream.
In fact he became famous for that dream.
He gave speeches about that dream
and people gathered from far and wide
because they so loved hearing him talk
about what was coming
because in his talking about what was coming
he distracted them from what was
and everyone felt uplifted about it.
But -
he practiced it for a while
and as long as he was
telling the story to himself
and to those who were close
to those that really believed
the dream with him
He held himself
in vibrational alignment with the dream.
I practice that every day son
say to you child.
I practice that every day.
It is my quest to stay
in vibrational alignment with my dream
and not let the reality of what is bind me.
I want to be progressive
and continue to move beyond.
And then this dear man -
I suspect that what happened was
that as he got out there
with so many others looking at him
that some how some way
he lost sight of his dream momentarily.
His Stream moved faster
and faster and faster and faster
but he was surrounded by those
that he began -
even though it was never his plan to do it
to begin to push against.
And when one pushes against
in a very fast-moving Stream
abrupt things happened.
He was shot -
say to your son.
He was shot
by those who did not understand him
and by those who did not even want
to understand him
and in one fell swoop
this man who had conjured
and given birth to this magnificent dream
reemerged powerfully into the non-physical
where he lives it fully.
Say to your child -
I believe that he still speaks to you
from his broader non-physical perspective.
I believe that his dream still lives
and I believe that
no one needs to get shot over it
if none of us push it in the faces
of those who do not understand.
It's trying to get others
to agree with us about our dreams
that causes backlash.
But when we just dream them ourselves
when we come into alignment with who we are
the resources of the Universe
come into alignment with us
and all dreams are answered
from all perspectives no matter who is asking.
That's the story of this man
that I want you always to remember
because there are a lot of versions
going on.
There are those
who are still dreaming the dream
and I know with every fiber of my being
that that's the way
he would want you to hear this story
That was his dream.
Thank you.
Good time for segment of refreshment.
We are complete.