Free Presents on your Birthday! - Bitsy's Quick Tips

Uploaded by MHAdviceChannel on 12.04.2012

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\f0\fs30 \cf0 Hi everyone, it\'92s Bitsy Jennings from The Frugalicious Show and this is Bitsy\'92s
Quick Tips. Who likes free stuff? Who likes birthdays? Who likes free stuff on their birthdays?
There are tons of retailers out there who want to help you celebrate on your special
day by giving you a little free treat. From free desserts, to meals, to luxurious bath
and body products from Sephora - I\'92m a beauty insider! - and many are available during
your whole birthday month, because you don\'92t want to be running around collecting your
free stuff on your actual birthday! Check out big birthday freebie list over at The
Frugal Girls dot com, and Free Birthday Treats dot com. I\'92ve got both links in the description
below, and Happy Birthday!}