Cross Days Walkthrough- Episode 1 [eng sub]

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That girl, I started noticing her during the second term
I knew by her library card, Katsura Kotonoha just a little bit of personal information
It seems she likes to borrow books from the library
She only often comes to the library, with some minor business
Today, I finally decided to seriously talk to her
Yes, what is it?
...I want to hear
Are you going out with Itou from class 3
I'm sorry if I'm mistaken
Here we go
908, uh, uh
Ah senior
Well, you're working hard
I am working hard, so please just stop looking
Well, do you understand
There are many avid readers, I'd like to borrow some books
No! Were the only book committee left here
Seriously were the only librarians here
Ah so this is where I left it
Then, bye
Wait, you're going home! Help me out!
Don't huh me, even if you're a senior take your job seriously Kasanoin senior
I guess
I ask of you
ok ok
If we do it together we'll finish faster
Haa... what are these?
Yuuki, here are the last ones
Yes, also here
Thats the last one. Huh?, oh
Who borrowed that?
I didn't know we had such a book like the Necronomicon or Takeneuchi
Don't lie
It's not a lie. Dr. Yamagata before had such books
That teacher who taught about ancient civilizations lost many years ago in foreign countries. You believe that?
No, I think he just settled down here in Japan to be close to the library
Well whatever the case
Let's start returning these books
Eh? why?
On your waist I don't dare to read
What the, I'm not a girl
Well you look like an average girl
Leave me alone
Apart from that you're inexperienced in love
Are you going to study that, girls read it
That's unnecessary
Is that so
Even senior, don't you want a girlfriend?
No. I think it suits you better
Don't be unreasonable
Well. but
Doesn't senior need it more?
No, I don't
Well you don't have anyone you like right now
No, you
No, I already have someone I like
What's your taste?
Everyone in my class is ugly and stupid
Well what is your taste?
That's not it
Come on what's your type?
I'm not telling
Then you like men?
That's not it!
Ah...I want someone shorter than me...
Ah... then come to cram school with me after
I want somebody about the same age
A child is smaller than you
Because I
That kind of type?
Hee Well she doesn't look so bad
Oh that's your type?
No! no! well my type...
My type
What is it?
When you come home buy this
Huh? I'm asking you it yourself
I have club activities, now be good and buy some
No way. why am I doing your errands
If you don't come back with it you die
Please now
Sorry to keep you waiting
Hasn't changed a bit
Eh...? Ah...
Hello, please excuse us. Let's go
Ah yes...; Who was that?
It's fine
Let's go home That's right
Is something the matter?
No, were done with the committee
Were in the same committee, but we're in different sections
Being in the class committee, attendance must always be perfect
Well you're right
Here, return the key
Yeah. I'll be waiting at the shoe cabinet
Sorry to keep you waiting
Yeah Was that your girlfriend?
No, my little sister
What's with your sister?
Oh she just wanted me to come home early, she sent an e-mail
Hee, strict
She's very strict about dinnertime
Is that so?
I'm always hungry and looking toward a meal
It's not good to wait then
Well your sister acts like a parent in the house
Haha. Hey, lets go
Oh yeah senior, have you been doing it lately?
What? That...
(Choice) Eroge
I'm talking about the eroge
Oh that. I haven't been playing lately, so they've been piling up
When are you buying it
I'm dying to buy it
Please you're not gonna die if you don't buy it
I'm going out this week. Sequel of Puni Girl
I don't know that game
By the way
About that online game
Nn? Why do you ask?
I haven't been playing recently
I don't want to play that
You're mean even though you're my senior
I'm very busy with tutoring
Busy with tutoring cram school?
You're still doing that
Well aren't you a lecturing stupid old man then?
I'm not like that
So you made it fun and enjoyable then?
Such a thing
Tonight, I'll try to go into the northern forest, I need to talk to the of the old guys about the sea dungeon
Senior, will you go too?
What to do
Let's do it
If you worry about equipment, I'll divide my rare items
Ok then. It has been a long time
I'll be back late from cram school, is that ok?
Ok, I'll be free
I see
Speaking of errands, I have something to do
Oh right. I'll contact senior about the guild men
Haha. You seem to have a large army
Already then...
Kya Oh
I, I'm sorry
Be careful
I'm sorry
It's fine, are you in a hurry hurry?
Get going then
Yes, I'm sorry
You're such a pushover just because she's a girl
I have many faces Yuuki
Is that so?
Hey, here... Your mobile strap
You're an addict
Of course
N?... look at that Huh?
It seems she was going to meet her boyfriend's already trivial
Haha. Yeah
Then let's go
Here What is she thinking I'm a boy Such a place is hard for a man
Thank you
Here I go
Hello may I help you. What kind of sweets...huh?
Huh? Ah...Kuroda?
Hey its Ashikaga. Did you want to buy something?
Well I...what are you doing here?
It's my part-time job
Wait a minute why are you working in your parent's rival bakery?
Oh... because
Oh I get it your scheme. You're a spy working here. Isn't that so!?
That's not it! Guh
Why did you think I was like that
Such a thing... What did you say?
You misunderstand, they're teaching me how to work
Eh? really!?
This is a second shop
What? But it has a different name
Is that so. I also thought it was weird calling this store with the same name
My parents said "This store will become popular with this sweet name" while watching television
Ah. Is that so...
It sounds stupid right
Kuroda, you have it hard... By the way are you also the manager
Ahaha. No, no. Ms. Tono is the manager here
I only came here to help with the opening staff
I guess it's impossible for a student to become a manager
Such a thing. Anyway what did you want to buy, we have a lot of pieces to showcase
Che. Impolite
I'm not impolite, I'm being smart
What are you saying? You say our cakes are crazy?
No that's not it. I need to buy something
Oh well. Let me see... ah could it be
Could you possibly have a girlfriend?
That's not it
Even Kuroda is alone
Well... ah that's right. Do you know Misao is dating?
No way!?
I heard about it during summer vacation. That she was dating someone after graduation
I didn't know
When she beacme an alumini she started bragging about it
Really...I can't imagine
Right. Oh is this for your girlfriend?
Che. You're so boring
You're the one whose boring
Is that so?
It's for my sis
Eh? Really?
By the way, is your sister and your father getting along. I heard they're doing well
I don't know about that... Yet this is opening early
Ohoho. Still, opening early, we don't have much publicity
Is this shop safe?
It's safe. Just take a taste
Well. I'll try one
Hm. Ashikaga you understand
Yeah well
Well then...
Oh Hikari. Looking after the store?
Oh. Sir Katsura
Sorry. Please wait a moment
Are you the manager? Let's celebrate
What are you saying. Did you slip out of work to say that?
Haha. I'm no match for Hikari
My daughter. I wish she would be more like you
Ah, want a souvenir for your daughter. How about cake?
Yeah. I want that one and that one too package it
My 2 daughters plus my wife makes 3
So Katsura wants 4
Eh... I don't like sweets
Why? Shouldn't a Papa eat together with his family
Gu... really can't win against Hikari
Yes. Then I'm calling the manager
No, you don't have to do that
Just say hello, I also have a business with the contract too.
Well then, Manager
Oh. Mr. Katsura
Ms. Tono. Can I talk to you?
Please. Here
Kuroda... you're amazing
What do you mean
You have an adult feeling
Ohoho. Of course
Since I'm praising you, give me a discount
Yes. As shown in the note its stuffed
Ah. Yes
Thanks for your patronage
Let's see. Cake in the fridge
Ok, let's connect...uwa
It's server maintenance until 10 o' clock
Haa... I'll just sleep
Just go up
Please excuse me Hey now don't you mean welcome home?
Don't hesitate to come in
Wow. You're nervous?
I don't usually go to someone else's house to play
Hehe. Please feel at home
Yuuki? Woah he's asleep
Shut up. I'm sleeping
Even though you're asleep you're making noise
I'm awake because of the noise
Just sleep. Ok come in Hmph
Yuu-chan feeling good?
Haa. Pretending to sleep
Um... Is it fine?
Yeah its fine sit wherever you want Nn
Um...please excuse me
Don't worry
What are you saying
N? What? Yuu-chan?
Sleep tight
Sorry to keep you waiting
Haa. Yuuki's room is warm
Where will you sit?
Don't know
Eh? Um? W,well...?
Oh Roka don't know where to sit?
No. Such a...
Because it smells
Hey now, don't smoke here!
Oh, caught you
You already breathed this smell in your room, don't act like a parent here
Just because I smelled it before doesn't mean I want you smoking here
Don't go scolding
Just leave!
Didn't you hear me
Ahh Ahhh
You too!
Yuu-chan just breathe it in
I don't want to smell second hand smoke
What's so funny
Seriously, you should be ashamed of yourself
I'm a man too... and being dressed like that
Roka wanna smell?
Um excuse me for a moment...
So? It's to reduce stress?
Another time...
Ah, excuse me
Oh...aren't you from Women's bus?
Oh. She's the same year as Yuuki a 1st year, you guys have something in common
Best regards... Oh...
Oh that's right did you buy the cake?
I bought it
Get it! Haa? Get it yourself
Gwah With tea
Roka, do you mind if I take a light?
No no, how about menthol
Just take a puff once
Um... I'll help in making tea
Chie N?
Was it too quick for her!?
She doesn't smoke, she's still a kid
It's ok
Besides, she's lonely and has no friends, she is a 1st year and you're not
A considerably familiar nature has been noticed
Who knows...
I'll help
Ah... yes only tea is served
I'll help Fine
Is this tea? Yes
Um, I'm... Kitsuregawa from class 2
Ah, Is that so
Yes I'm Ashikaga
I know, you're my senior's little brother? Yes
Whta class? Class 1
We're next to each other, what's your class?
I take Japanese History
Me too
So? Kitsuregawa are you popular?
Not really
The women's bus Eh? Yes
Everyone is like a big sis to me
Well...what do you think?
Is it different for Kitsuregawa?
No it's not that!...I'm taking a scholarship for girl's basketball program, though they are terribly strong
I know
I'm not part of the full circle yet
Is that so?
Yes. And I get tired easily, really can't move well
Senior helps me
Hee... my sister. A little hard to believe
Ashikaga... maybe mean, but she's a good person
My sis calls me by my nickname Yuuki
Ah, yes. She calls me Roka
You've been called that often
Yes. When senior called me I was glad
Is that so...
Smoking... I was shocked for a moment, just couldn't get used to that
No, don't get used to that
Ahaha, you hated that a while ago
A person who does sports shouldn't smoke
Why is a 1st year hanging out with those horriblre guys
Ah, Kanroji
Is that the reason
Yes, I saw them in high school playing basketball and they were amazing
I see
That's why i took the scholarship program
I entered because of that
I wanted to be as good as them in basketball, but as expected its really hard
With my sister in it you can always win
Such a thing. Ashikaga senior is really amazing
However she was always beaten by Kanroji on a regular basis
Even so, she's still amazing!
Yes. I yearn to play like her
Hmmm...well Kitsuregawa really is aiming to be a regular
Eh!? That's impossible. Absolutely
I'm...not really skilled. Unlike them they're amazing
No, you're just being modest
I'm not modest! Back then I was weak...but
I love basketball Ah
That's why I joined to play girl's basketball Is that so
That's why I want to help Ashikaga senior and came here today
My big sis, sorry if she disappoints you
No she's not a disappointment
...Smoking, is hard for you, maybe you should quit
My sister whom you're idolizing may not be a good influence N...
You might get tired of her and want to resign from hanging around her friends who smoke
Is that so Nn're horrible sis is really overbearing, I don't know how to deal with it
Hehe. Senior always praises Yuuki
I'm not...she's a really good person
I'll do it Ok, I'll take the cake then
Thank you Eh? What?
No, it's a good day today That's right
N...I'm full
N...I feel sleepy
Oh come on. Stay a bit longer
Go home
Hehe. Yuu-chan lets take the bath together
Take one yourself! He...that's boring
Hmph The last train is leaving soon
Yeah. Then tomorrow again Yes
Well then...excuse me
I'll borrow the shower
I s the server maintenance done now?
Yuu-chan I'll borrow your bed
Ah! Don't sleep there!
Let's sleep together
Yuuki What
Buy me some sake Buy it yourself!
Then just juice Go yourself
In the convenience store in the corner Like I said go by yourself
Isn't it boring to just sit around here
Come on now...
I gonna give you a smack now
I'm playing an online game right now so...Guh!
What's wrong? Forgot something...
You know...
Uh, yes
The station, which way is it?
I only came because of senior you know
Oh. Wait
Yuuki, what do you usually do?
Hey. A while ago you spoke to me
I spend time read in the library
I like that
Well I
I useless at that. I open one and I fall asleep
So there are people like that
I am like that
I do it because I'm in the book committee. I'm a bit embarrassed though
You're in the book committee Yeah
So, you stay afterschool in the library
Right. Because I'm in the book committee it is a bit hard. Some of them don't even come
I'm the librarian because nobody wants to do it. I guess I'm the only one who likes it
Is that so
In that time, it's hard to relax
Though we do have automatic sorting and return machines. The latest book system
Roka you should come over. We have a PC, DVDs and more
I have extracurricular activities
How 'bout lunchtime
Yes.  Let me think for a moment?
It thinks Fufu
Is this the station to Aoi? I came here without thinking
It's fine. My house is near Hanamihara
From Gakuenmae station, in the opposite direction
Uwah... it's really far
It is far
Take care Yes
Ah, here
Can I come over? Eh?
Room of Yuuki
Hehe. Sweet dreams
Good night!
You didn't come
I'm so sorry
Well, it's all good. I had a good adventure with my party
However they said they didn't know what to since the Yuuki wasn't there
I'm sorry
Well it's all good
Uu... I'm really sorry
An apology isn't needed
No, I'm really sorry!
What happened?
From the look on your face something good happened
Really! No way. Nothing happened... Hey, what really happened?
(Choice) It's Roka
It's Roka Who?
Nope, nothing
Is it a girl? Uh
Is it the girl from yesterday
No such thing Well it's all good
Do your best Y,yes
What wrong? Well... I was trying to return a book
Well what did you do wrong
Eh...well... I'm sorry
N? Ah its fine Really
Two books at once, repeated it
Oh Here
Ah...I'm really sorry! Pull out the card soon
Eh?... Ah, yes
Huh? What. it's not a library card
Eh? Ah my library card...hold on a minute this a credit card?
It's not safe. You shouldn't just give this to people
Is that so...right
Here, give it
So two books and another...
Is it you? Eh?
Yesterday, I saw the first book of this returned at the entrance
Yes... perhaps, that's it
Seriously, don't just go borrow 2 Uh...
Um, its the 3rd book
However it's about boyfriends, and 1st loves which are ridiculous Eh?
In this year and age, such things like 1st loves is for couples
Isn't that so
No wait. did you know I had a boyfriend?
Eh? Am I wrong? You're not dating
We're dating!
Ah...yes.  is that so.
We are did you know?
Ah. That is...
(Choice Wait)
Well... what do you want?
I heard it
Oh, it was you. That knocked me over yesterday
You knocked me over!
I don't remember
I don't think I knocked you over
At the train overpass, you knocked me
Ah!? Did you recall?
That time, I'm really sorry
It's all good
It was fun, but next time be careful when you hurry
Ah, yes
It's because of your boyfriend right? Ah, yes
(Choice wait)
...Did you see?
Well yeah, I saw Oh
Memory is vague
The same school...
No need to say them all! I remember
Certainly, were the same year
Is that so
Skirt is alittle short! I wasn't wearing a short skirt
Are you doing this on purpose...
Well, about that boyfriend thing it is trivial
That 's not good Oh
Is that so
Ah, did you meet your 1st love then?
No well. I just dated him yesterday
You mean at the station? That's not it
No, well. I was invited at the station...what do I say
...Is it fine with me Eh...?
Am I no good?
Is this...a date?
Ah! If no, then I'm fine with it...What's your answer? Because a way...that's why...
Are you fine with me? Yes
I'm fine with dating you
...Take care of me then Eh!?
After school. I look forward to it
Then you went home running in a hurry. The confession was done on the spot
That's not it
Oh well, it's already trivial. Here you go
Ah...thank you
So how did the date with your boyfriend go?
No. I had committee duties
That's too bad
Because Mr. Hamaguchi gathered everyone for assignments. So I hurried after that, but I'm still fine
Hamaguchi huh.... Oh
Yes? No, well... what about Hamaguchi?
Is that true? Then I'm going
Ah, yes yes
I only heard about it yesterday, but I had to come
I rarely come to the library. It's a weird feeling
Is that so Yes. Can I eat here for lunch?
If it's fine to eat lunch here... Eating and drinking here is prohibited
Oh. I'm sorry
Well...? Yuuki
Oh yes
I'll stay and watch, you can go home
Eh. Why are you...
I'll hear your story tomorrow. You owe me for this
No. Well, senior! And you are?
Oh. I'm Kitsuregawa of !st year
Yes. Ms. Kitsuregawa take care of this guy Eh?
This guy only likes to read books, rarely eats anything
So his body is always small
Hehe Senior
Ah, but. His back is broad
That's right, Yuuki That's right
What "Hm"
Anyway, don't you have somwhere to go?
No. Roka has extracurricular activities
Roka! Is your name huh Yes
There no extracurricular activities today? Eh!? Is that so?
Didn't you hear it from senior?
My sister never said a thing about it
Then, it's fine Well...
...Shall we go?
Uh, yes Yes
Now...what shall I do?
Hello Oh?
Huh? Senior, are you done with lunch already?
3 hours ago
Haha... you don't look energetic?
How about you. You look very happy?
No such a thing
Did it go well with your girlfriend?
Girl...she's not
Have you dated yet
What are you saying? She's a junior of my sister in extracurricular activities
What a poor excuse
No, really...
There are many passing days since that time. Aren't you meeting her?
No, that's
You again?
I'm sorry...
It's ok
How many times have you borrowed this...
Um...did I destroy it?
No, there's no problem here
The First Love, how many times will you borrow this...
Every time a different girl comes out to be the rival. This time...
No I don't wanna hear it
Is that so...
Oh yeah you have a boyfriend...
(Choice) Did he confess to you?
Did he confess to you?
That's right it's a custom to confess No such thing
No, what do you mean
You are...
(choice) Cute
Not at all
Though, it's amazinghis standards are high and seems very serious
Is you see it?
Look look
Do you have to get accustomed to confessing
Not at all
But, he did confess to you
Before school, it is done plenty of times...However Yes
It was a bit that moment it was good, I couldn't refuse
In short, you were shocked
Please do not say such a thing
But, he did
The boy who made the confession must have been amazing
Was it amazing?
It was amazing
After all
Ah, but...because I was receiving it
Well, was the confession flashy!
i don't know much about that
Can you listen for a moment? Eh?
I wanna ask. What did your boyfriend say?
Um... Yes
Will you keep it a secret from everyone?
It was only the 2 of us. In Sakakino
Sakakino Hills? That place? was asked by a friend to go there and he asked me on a date. And
Yes. And?
Surely. That time I thought we would be together always...I was glad
Really... Yes
What does this mean. Inviting to a date, this confirms goodwill
And you pick the perfect place to date like Sakakino
No, it served as good reference! Thank you!
No, don't mention it
May you and your boyfriend be happy
By the way, why do you keep coming to the library alone?
Well, I thought you might want to spend time together with your boyfriend
We always eat together on the rooftop. Today he had something to do and left a while ago
The rooftop, isn't it closed?
It's nothing. We are allowed to enter the rooftop
He invites me to the rooftoop. It's a nice place to have a date
Uh...What. In that altitude
Well, its good, When it goes well, just give him a treat
Hm. The problem how to ask out...
Uh...gotta go and buy something
Huh? Ashikaga?
As I thought it is you tiny Ashikaga
Careful what you say
Right right. That makes you mad
Let's go buy lunch together
N? Ah, I was going that way too
Ashikaga it's been a long time since we bought food together
We're from the same junior high school. But in different classes
Ashikaga! I'm lonely...
Don't be stupid , you get along with Tanaka
I'm used to it
Don't you have other friends in class
Hey...hear me out
This guy in class is a good friend of mine, but he has a girlfriend and has been ditching me lately
Then just hang out with Tanaka
He can't, he's taking candidacy for class officer
Really!? Why?
I don't understand it myself
He is a good speaker in front of others
Well, the class committe member in charge is a girl. Maybe that's the point of it
Could it be he has a weakness for girls
I guess that could be an explaination
They all look good. I don't know what to choose. I could buy something tasty
What'll you buy
N? Going to the school cafeteria? I forgot to purchase a while ago
No, buying here...aren't you tired of just buying bread?
Don't know
I already had them every day cheese bread, croquette, curry bread, anpan, jam bread
But, aren't they all good
No I want to try something else!
Anything else?
Let's go buy at the convenience store near the school gate
In front of the school gate, outside of school!
Near there
It's a violation of school regulations. Going outside in the day
But, seniors always go out to eat
You shouldn't follow such a bad example
The other day, even your elder sister was
A typical bad example
Saying such bad things
No. I'm not going out of school
Don't be like that. Let's go together
Go by yourself. Then bye
Ah. Why is it that I have no friends
...better get going
Oh man, All the drinks are sold out...
I guess it would have been better to go with Sawanaga What are you saying! Such a thing!
Well. I was trying to go outside...
That voice, where did it...
That was amazing
Doing such a bold thing, that girl must be happy
1st I invite to Sakakino...
I talk happily, and, and...
No. 1st of all I have to ask her out
But, how?
Excellent question
Then the next chapter. Ashikaga. Read the next
Y,yes. Well...
Page 274. Waving in the wind of control,the wind will not bend to it's will. Yes and then
Well...when it comes to face to the redness of the cherry blossoms under it's shadow, their color is more beautiful than the taste of the melon fruit
Ah. Why do you look depressed
I'm not depressed...
Then, what's wrong?
What's the matter. Just tell me's fine
Uwah. That's very rude
Don't worry
Then, talk to me N?
Senior is it about a girl
The other day, because I left you behind I want you to tell me what happened
That's right. I want to apologize, I 'm going home now
Well Senior will be the only one on duty so I'm really sorry
...Here, at noon
At school, such boldness...
I saw it here, I was nervous Ah
Wait! You're slow
Hurry up!
Yes I understand
Th...thank you
I want to help
That's my job. I carry the balls since I'm a 1st grader
N...that's right
That so Yes
Going home now?
The women's bus, I'm putting it in order now
Is that so
Can we go home? Eh...!?
I'll wait by the shoe cabinets. I think me and the seniors are going home together
Ah, no...I would love to...ah
Is it ok
Um...excuse me I have some business to attend to
It'll be quick
About the school festival
If there is no honest cooperation from 1st years, it's hopeless
Even if you say that
So far, I think that Kanroji is just letting this whole thing go down the drain
I also, you're doing a terrible job
Um, guys please wait I'm really sorry.
Ah, wait...
Thanks for waithing
Yuu-chan, were you waiting for us
Big sis is really happy
Shut up. It was a coincidence
Saying such a thing
Then, let's go home Ok
Roka, are you coming over?
Eh? Are you coming with us
No, I have something to do
I'm sorry
Then, maybe next time
Wait, Chie
Well I better get going
Soon, let's get together again?
Even if I forced her, she won't come
Is that so...
By the way, let's stop by Sakakino
Sweets Ohara?
Right, look I accumulated points
Chie, you go there too much
Yuuki, get on already
I'll buy some cake and go home
What are you saying. Together...
You go on ahead
I understand
Where did he have to go...
It's fine Eh?
He's a good guy
I, well...
What. You...
What? We're having a conversation
Well I...
Let's go. Kitsuregawa
Let's go home together
The during that day at the shop we ate cake...don't you wanna come?
I'm sorry. I have some business
Let's talk another time
Ah, no need to thank me
I accept your invitation, let's go together
Ah...yes, that's right
And...that cake?
Ah. Here this card accumulated enough points
Therefore, let's eat till dawn...
Welcome again
Now now, who is this lovely guest?
Oh dear forgot about her...
Now now. Please ignore me. Don't worry about me and flirt all you want
Go away!
Huu...I'll take the cake set
Yes...cake set. And for her?
Well...I'll take the ladies set
Yes yes, certainly
Just take the order and go away
Eh Go
My oh my. So scary
I'm stuck to her forever, it's inevitable
Ah, Roka you don't need to apologize. That Kuroda...
That Kuroda person. About her
Ah. She's from class 3
Eh. The same school?
Yes. I've had an inseperable relationship with her, since we were from the same class in junior high school
Is that so...then do I need to apologize to her
That's why I'm saying you don't need to apologize to her. That girl
No no. It's a misunderstanding
She's thinking of Yuuki
Ah.... (No choice)
I'm happy for a moment
Eh!? What'd you say?
N,no. Nothing?
Thanks for waiting
Ke Uh...yes
Here you go, Cake set. And for you, Ladies' set
Ok, just place it here and go
That's not very nice
Don't care
Ah. Are you always giving everyone the cold shoulder
Look look. I don't want to serve somebody like you
Good. Now get going Eh?
Aren't you the same. Even with Sawanaga it's impossible
Uwah. It's fine. I don't really care what you say
Then it's all good!
...Hee Hikari. Work the cash register
Ah. Yes
It's cool
Ahaha. Good luck
Eh. Going home? Yes
Don't you wanna come. My big sister is likely waiting
No. It's fine
That so...
No! That's no problem
Ah. Right! The cake
If it's fine here is your piece Roka for home
It's fine
Yuuki, tell me too
Eh? What...
Then, bye
Yes, I'll send you an e-mail...
Big sis. Let's hurry
Seriously. Let's go
You stayed up too late
How about you, you have a habit of playing at night on the PC
Still, I balance it neatly
Even I know self-control
Big sis, if that were true you would wake up more early
Such a thing
You even have club activities, you have hours of morning practice
It's fine
Recently the club hasn't been to active. So it's been easy
Hm? Big sis?
There's something I want to hear
What. You're being formal
Roka. How'd it go? Guh
Yesterday, you came back home silent and went to sleep
It's all good. Let's hurry up or we'll be late for school
Ah, Yuuki!
No, I'm serious what happened
It's not important, you wouldn't understand
It's not important...
I didn't mean that
Then, it is important?
I don't know
Good morning
Good morning
What happened?
This guy, don't talk to him
Uwah. So low
It is better to be low so you can't hear anything
See what I mean
Last night, this guy he only sent an e-mail and didn't even talk about it
Speaking of mail, this morning I got a mail from the Chief
What? Is something wrong?
Wait for a moment Yes
The matter about the school festival, as I thought the chief is...
After all, we can't move without the 1st years
But, then...
Huh? Isn't that the person from the courtyard...
Sekai, did something good happen?
It's a secret
Then just tell me later, ok?
Yeah. I'll tell you a little bit more, sure...
N? Wah
What's wrong?
They must be happy
About Roka
Like I said there's nothing to talk about
What now?
Are you looking for her...
Is that it
Good morning
Good morning
Good morning
Ah. Good morning
What's that?
I'm not sharing
That's unnecessary
Yuuki... N?
Eh? What?
What is it
Later Yeah
Good morning Good morning
How should I invite...
(Choice) Let's have lunch together?
Hello Saionji same as always. Ufufu
Ehehe. That's good. Today
I brought something, please wait
What did you bring?
Hot lemonade. It's warm
Yesterday, weren't you cold and the day before. That's why I brought a warm drink
Is that so...
Saionji I also brought your share. I have plenty let's drink
Eh. Ah, yes. Thank you
Fufu. Then let's go
Senior, you've been sleeping in the library lately
Uwah. Big sister!?
Good. As I thought you were here
Seriously. What is it now
Actually...I want to ask something
More Sweets Ohara? That's fine
That's not it
Then, what?
You rarely come here during lunch break, don't you usually meet with the basketball club
What? What'd you say
Roka told me she would be late because...
I didn't hear about it...Such a thing
Ah. It was only the 1st years Big sis, so you're not related
What do you mean!
Wait...stop it!
What happened?
Naturally I thought no one would be caught. But Roka
That's why asking what happened
Eh? What happened
I already have no business here anymore
What. You just come here suddenly without explaination...
I must be going
What are you exactly doing
What are you saying
Pretending not to know. You gathered the 1st years, and then started working
I'm not doing any work
Then, what?
You're lying. You are so irritating
Are you ok?
Haa. It can't be helped
Eh? For what?
The woman's bus, I brought it here
No. Don't worry about it, right senior
That's because, the other one is bad
About that...what's wrong? To go this far
Ah...yes. During lunch, the women's bus suddenly gathered
Looks like it, I brought a lunch box I made it myself
Thank you
Lunch box?
We just started dating
Ehhhh? Since when?
She confessed yesterday. And I answered yesterday
Is that that's why
In you might get in trouble in club activites
That's right...but. Just a little
Will you tell me what happened?'s about the school festival
Seniors who are doing the program want to do the same tradition as before
Yes. The 1st years don't like it... everyone in 1st year
You too Nanami
I'm not very enthusiastic about the idea...Besides I'm interested in another class program
Mock tea cafe
Is it the waitress look...
And, who's against it?
It's the Chief. And many 1st years dislike it
I see...that's what the gathering is for
That's why the senior awhile ago hates you. You oppose it Nanami?
No such thing! It's just...
Many people who are suitable for regulars are deprived of that position, so they're holding a grudge
Ah. Aren't you Kanroji!?
Eh!? What?
It's fine
Later Yes
Are you being hated by Ashikaga, can't you two be friends?
Eh...senior, you know Ashikaga senior?
Same class that so
That girl gets a bit noisy though
Ha. that's right
What is the program of the women's bus?
If the teacher found out, it would be bad
Who knows...however it's fun
Are you inviting me?
...I'm determined to
I've decided, but!
You have you decided
Ah. I have to go now
Yes. Then
What are you, you're full of suprises
Senior. I wasn't here for you, but this
My big sis, has been lazy around the house. she's been doing extracurricular activities
That so
Come to think of it, my big sister has been pondering about something...
Is that so
I, didn't notice this at all
Looking from the eyes of Yuuki8
A while ago, you see I'm Nanami's boyfriend that so (Choice) Too much...
Too much...
As I thought
Well, but because I too started dating yesterday. It's naturally awkward
Is that so
It is!
That right...
Everyone here?
Kanroji isn't here
That kid is late, that's strange
Do we start?
Yeah let's
I think all of you heard, the program for this year's School festival
Every year, we borrow a space from parts of the classes and make it the break room
Not just one, it has rotated among everyone
But, I think that it not a good you understand
On the other parts, the approval for it has been mounting so we have stopped
Then, we should stop after all
It is required that we share our corresponding opinions
It is useless if it's an arbitrary decision. Everyone needs to agree
We, don't care...we won't disagree with the chief's decision
That's right
Thank you. But to the seniors, they don't agree
No way
Therefore, after school we will decide after gathering all the members...the 1st years, agree with this right?
Of course
The chief is right
Eh...ah, yes
You are also in favor of this
Thank you
Ah, chief
What? Katou
I, together with the 1st years want to be friends with our seniors
Is that so?
Yeah. That sort of thing isn't dangerous?
But, even if it is a bit short I want all of you to understand and listen to me ok?
I think so too
When everyone's opinion is the same, it understands. I'm relieved. Well, then after school
They're late
Excuse me, there's somewhere I have to go
It's fine...Nanami hates senior Ashikaga. I'll support you
No, I don't hate her...
The other person is the one who hates me...I don't care
Wait wait. What's wrong all of a sudden
Did anything happen?
...I'm, really not interested in what we're doing
No, that's not what I'm saying
That's because I have no boyfriend that I have no use for it
Uh, yes
What's with that, for a kid like me it's hard to get boyfriend, right
Is that...right
What. Oh my bad. Ah, Kitsuregawa.
By the way, you've been snuggling to Ashikaga. Are you going to meet him now?
I, don't care either way...
Hm. That so?
Well, I don't really care either. You cant' oppose me
...Then it's all good
You don't have a boyfriend, so your jealous of others
Wai...Kitsuregawa, what are you
I, want to use the break room
A boyfriend...I have one
You liar. I know you are
What do you know
A girl like you has a guy who likes you, if such a man exist
There is!
Katou you don't get it
I, have a crush on him. I'm different from you who is always hesitant
Ku Otome
Otome, that's not good
I'm sorry
You should learn to be happy for that girl, you two have been together for a long time
She's cheeky
But, you shouldn't
Excuse me, I'll find Kitsuregawa
A little while ago, about Otome and what you said, she reflected over what you said
That's why Kitsuregawa, I don't want you to worry so much
I can't
Don't say that
Kanroji, you don't understand anything about it
About practice, did the duty of ballboy fall on you?
That's not it, today
Ah...yes. I'm sorry. Today, it's late
That's why it's fine. I'm not mad Kanroji
I'll return to Katou
You know...don't say this to anybody
I also have a boyfriend
I mean...I confessed for a moment, and he said yes yesterday
You confessed Kanroji?
What kind of person?
Senior at our school
Is that so...
Also, the same class as Ashikaga. I'm very happy and embarrassed at the same time
Something like that, hope you can be happy
But, the other person really hates me
Yes, I won't tell this. To senior
Well, we already agreed to the Chief's opinions in that matter. I don't know what we should do
We're the same
You're right
What kind of guy is your boyfriend Kitsuregawa?
In the same school year...
You're in the same year, from another class
Ah. Secret Right
About Katou
Ah, yes
I think I know the reason why she's mad
So I was thinking
Still, it seems she isn't coming
What am I going to choose?
Ah. You look so lonely in your meal
Shut up. Just go away
What is t with you. You look panicked
I'm meeting someone
Oh. You're so lovey dovey
By the way, things hasn't been going well
What? Consult your big sis
My Big sister has been acting weird lately
C'mon. It's ok just tell me everything
Don't say this to anybody
Is it really necessary to say that, there are many people here
See see
Dating, what do you think about it?
Hey, you know about that the other day
You came. You looked like an innocent couple
If you think about it like that...would you date
Oh my, date?
But, after's
So irritating
Then...if you confessed to liking someone, does that mean you'll instantly be dating!?
What to do?
You don't want to say it?
You haven't said anything?
Ah, well that's it
That is what!?
You're playing at the point of mercy
What the!?
Plus, you like her. You wanna kill time scared of being together?
Well, you are a convenient guy
Then, it just ends with this
A stand-off between two people, is it fine?
I guess?
Ahaha. Come by the shop I'll give you a hand
Kuroda, do you work part-time for a long time in Sweets Ohara?
I have for a long time just to get the shop on the right track
It seems to be on the right track
It's not just the customers or shifts in particular
Indeed...then I'll see you there?
Please just come
Then, today
Uwah. too early
No time
Ha. I guess that's fine
I owe you
Hey, don't they look good together?
Eh? What?
The table on the otherside
Hikari, and that boy next to her?
We were in the same class in junior high, me and Tanaka were friends with him
Is that so
In junior high we were close. I wonder if those guys are getting together
When you mention it, they do suit each other
It's not
They are
Sawanaga, you misunderstand. Love is one thing friendship is another
Fu. Kiyoura you act like a child, you just don't understand love
That hurt!
Ah...Ashikaga senior
I, senior want to correct something...*cough* *cough*
Settle down
To correct, what?
From the Chief, I thought about the senior's corrections she said
Really. But
Therefore, it's ok!
It's ok!
Ok...what is? Who knows
It was good
Kanroji, hope you get along with senior...
All of the 1st graders, Kanroji tell the Chief what you want...
Senior's opinion will surely
That's why...
Misunderstanding, misunderstanding......
Misunderstanding, what do you mean
They are definitely dating
Right. I think they suit each other. Kuroda and Ashikaga
It's increased...
Ah. That, that girl over there
Ku. I know that
Name, what is it?
I'll tell you later
You really are pompous
Enough already
That's right. I'll enjoy this after
Let's go Yeah
Wah. Wait for me Kuroda
That's? Kitsuregawa
It's been such a long look kinda strange
Is that so?
Since that time after the entrance ceremony and after going home?
What? Acquainted?
The same junior high school
Well, I have to go to class. Later, Kitsuregawa
What do you want to eat?
No appetite
Hikari. where are you going... I'm gonna pass
Huh? Is it that time of day?
No no. That's so rustic
I wonder. Ohohoho
I have some extracurricular activities...haa. So depressing
Kuroda that girl...she's so happy, she's probably on a date
No no
Hey, it's differrent
Why. Why is it differrent? What's wrong Ashikaga
Just now she went out?
What. we were supposed to meet in the classroom...thank you
See, right? Right? It's true
Ok. Then shall we start?
The preparation for the School Festival starts, now the Girl's Basketball Club must now decide on what to do
As usual. About the part of in-charge in the break room this year
It's clear we should start, many have voiced against this. To negotiate on the materials needed, it's gonna be busy
But, this year. No...well I think it might be fine
Even if you say that each of us has to do their part. We're not stopping it, are we supposed to remain silent?
That's right I respect your decision
Each party has approved so you must discontinue it. No way...
I thought it would be formal to decide by a majority vote and everyone decided to discontinue it
Wai...wait a minute. When was this decided
Do you want to oppose the other party? Ku
What? Kanroji
The other party decided to not to stop it, it's not against the rules of the women's bus right?
No. According to the other party...
Huh? Didn't we decide that? That's right
What, do you think this is funny?
B, but your party decided to discontinue this. Didn't you say it was fine to discontinue it. Isn't that right
Therefore, we decided by vote. Right
Decision by majority, right?
That's right. Like Kanroji said
Well...let's decide it right now
Those who don't want to discontinue the break room, please raise your hand
Chie What
Chief. The vote W,wait...
It has decided.
The vote
Many oppose, the rest room this will continue
Ahh. I really don't know how we came to this decision
I manage to do it by my abilities Wow. So overconfident
For cooperating, thank you It's all good
When I heard about the story of your unrequited love, I wanted to help's fine. Because I work hard for myself
Kitsuregawa What?
Don't try to patronize me, don't make any mistake Right
That boyfriend of yours Kitsuregawa, I want you to show him Eh
The break room. Our class will make it, I'll be waiting
Nanami, let's go
Roka Ah, yes
Uwah Waah
It's this
So amazing
Ah...I'm sorry
Thank you
Is Hikari Kurada here?
Yes. Hikari
Your boyfriend came
That's not it Hehe
You're early. Wait for a moment. I've been helping out in the store in this uniform. I'm gonna go change
You. Weren't we supposed to meet in the classroom?
Not the shop? I thought we were meeting here
Hm...was that the plan
Anyway, you came to consult with me Uh
Why, you were the one who asked for it
Roka. Will you stop by today
She'll come Ah, yes
Yuuki might be waiting for you
You, think so?
He's waiting
Then, I accept your offer
Ah... What?
That Ah...
They're kissing
Right here in broad daylight Wah
Did you get excited?
No, I mean that boy. He's a friend of mine
Is that so?
At junior high school, that boy and I were in the same class.
Hee. Thinking back on those days?
That's not it!
But, Katou was close with him, but they never got along
I thought he was still dating Yamagata...
That boy awhile ago, is Katou's friend
That's right. Yamagata was in junior high school and they dated
So they drifted apart in school, and eventually broke up
By the way, isn't the daughter of teacher Yamagata present in the country?
Really? Looks like it!
That's why, in junior high they always went out together to Sakakino
Nevertheless, Yamagata had to change schools, she chased after her boyfriend, and went to school together
Wow. So strong minded
I just don't understand that man and woman
Katou, did you know...?
No. Did some pepper enter my nose? More importantly Big Sis listen to my story! So awful
Yes yes
This cruel little kid here!
Don't say little kid Doh!
This way?
Over there
We rarely come to shop here. I don't know why
Oh yeah. We often rely on Yuu-chan
Roka remembers the path well
Hey, let's hurry and follow Roka
It must've left a very deep impression N?
She went here with Yuu-chan
Is something wrong?
...Errands, I just remembered
Eh? Roka?
I'm sorry. It returning
Ah. Roka!?
What was that. Right, Chie
That moron...
What's wrong?
Ah. Kotonoha
Ah, Mom. I'm back
It is unusual today.That appearance
I'm changing clothes soon...Mom, you came home early
Well, I'm repaying for being usually late. Work has been slow
So anyway ...... today, how was it?
How was it?
Lemonade, was he pleased?
Why. Don't keep any secrets, tell me
Oh. Good for you
Yes. Thank you. Mother
No no...ah here. I'll give this to you
Movie tickets. I received it from customers
Movie huh...
Ah. Don't say it like that. Give it then
Because, the movies, I went the other day.
With him?
Hee. Is that so
Ah. But I'll take it. Today was different movie, it's so cool
I like the remake of the old romance movie
Then, is it ok. Can I have it?
Is it ok? To leave it as a mistake
This foolish younger brother...
Ah. That
Yesterday, we saw them kiss
It's a diffrent girl today. Hey now
Wai Hm?
A different girl!?
Yesterday, at the station, he kissed a different girl She looked like a junior high girl...
Oh yeah. He was a former classmate of Roka
Hey, Yuuki you know him?
Don't know him
Ro...Kitsuregawa, can you call her? Tell her it's Ashikaga from 1st year
Ah...yes. Please wait a moment
Ah, yes
She doesn't want to come out. Sorry
The school festival, I want to talk, is it fine?
We're making a haunted house
What? Do you have some business later?
Eh. A little...
Anyway, don't you look happy
You have a lunch box. Were you planning to eat somewhere?
Eh. You're eating lunch,you don't wanna tell us?
No, well...
It is a man
You're waiting for your boyfriend
Then, let's hear your story
What kind of guy? Is Katsura's boyfriend
There's no point in listening. About Katsura's boyfriend
Well, isn't that right. Katsura wants to go out on a date with him after all
Katsura, is that so? Your boyfriend is more important than class errands
Th,that's not it
Then, let's go Y,yes
There's no time, isn't that right
Haa... How was it?
Uwah!? H,how...
That thing with Roka!
It went to 2nd year
What did you say?
...we didn't meet
Why me? I was being misunderstood over nothing for what happened between me and Kuroda
Is that what you're supposed to say after being seen flirting in front of the store
Haa...can't be helped
Your Big sister is going to have to save your skin
Makoto? H, hi
...Kotonoha? Makoto
So, that's what happened
But, the 4th years need to settle everything. They're almost done, now they added a big change
But...even if you say that, I don't wanna hear it
In the next class, we have something to do...right, Sekai
Yes. That's right
That's fine. I just wanted you to hear me out
The person who's doing that to you, who is it?
Eh... I, know a girl from 4th year. I'll consult her
Though that girl from the basketball club, she's somebody I know from junior high school...I'll consult with her
Girl basketball...
Hm? No no. It's nothing
Well? I'll help
It's fine. You heard me out so I'm fine now
Then, ok
Today, I'm not gonna grumble...
The other day, we went...merely nothing, will you go to see a movie with me?
My mother, gave me some tickets. Here it a romantic movie. It's due today
That so...
It's really nothing, but I thought we shouldn't waste this ticket after she went to great trouble to get them
Is that so...'s bad. I can't go today
I remembered. My younger sister is coming
Younger sister...coming?
My parents divorced
Younger sister...comes to stop by and say hi. My Dad and my Mom decided to let us meet only once a month
Is that so
I can only meet Mom only once a month, although I can go to meet them anytime
I stop by and we three have a meal together as promised
Is that so?...Then, I guess it can't be helped
No! I didn't know at all. Please be happy with your little sister
And so I put my hand out and invited him
From a girl? Really?
Really. And the guy takes my hand and says ok to my confession
But, I can always invite other guys
What's with you Natsumi you really have a bad habit
Hey hey. Everyone hasn't found their partner
Oh. Otome's face is turning red
No way!? Otome, are you? Confess to him
There is no way...I 'm not good at that, asking somebody out
Really really
If I were to do that I'd commit suicide...I just can't
Hey, who? Who are you aiming for Otome
Aiming...well he just hasn't noticed, it would really be a bad idea
Don't be like that. Tell us
No. I won't say it
I wanna know
Hey. Gimme a hint. I'll guess
No way
Only a hint. C'mon
I want a hint
...we came from the same junior high school
Eh! A boy from the same class?
Whoa! Who is it. Hey, Natsumi who is it
Eh. A boy from the same school, I dunno. I think it was. Class 3...
Agh. Really don't say anymore!
What are you looking at'm sorry
Katsura. A while ago was looking at us
I didn't see the homeroom. I just heard what you were talking about...
Don't talk to us. Are you accusing us of something
...I'm sorry
Don't apologize...this girl
I'm sorry...
Ahh. There you go again. I lost my mood
Katsura, you can just do it alone. You can do the haunted house
Eh. I'll enjoy that Che
We, don't need to help you
Right No way...
I bet you just seduce men using such a seductive look. Isn't that right
Right right
I don't use a seductive look
See. As I thought you have nobody
But I really...
See, I saw you messing around with Ito from class 3
Ah See
You're terrible why don't you stop approching Ito? We're busy preparing for the festival while you're busy oogling some boy from class next door
Ito. You mean from Haramichu. That...
That's right. Otome's favorite boy
Katou do you love Makoto
Wha! How dare you say that!
Is that it, because I like Makoto you keep hitting me
I said that's not it!
Taking out your anger at me, is very cowardly
Me and Makoto are dating Ah
Makoto confessed to me and so we began dating. I never used a seductive look and I never messed with him
Katou I understand that you like Makoto, but even if you hit me it's useless
Wait a moment Otome...
I'm with the committee so I have to print some copies. I must be going
Haa. I finally did it...
Though I wanted to hide it from everyone the fact that me and Makoto were dating. I wonder if I should still keep it a secret...
But, it's fine. It felt good...if it's Makoto, I'll forgive it
Well, better print those copies 7 o' clock, let's go
I understand
Sekai, let's go home together. Hikari is taking us out to Pure Burger
I'm sorry. I have some errands I see
Hey Setsuna
For a moment, I have a favor
Did you wait Yeah
Wanna stop somewhere?
No no. I have extracurricular activities
I see
The School Festival
School festival?
Yes. I want you to come together with me during the school it ok?
School festival...
But it's a secret in our part. There's a change in the program
Ah... Hey. Katou. You have club activities
What's with you. You seem energetic No such thing
Is that so. Later Ah. Ito
Ito,'s nothing
N? Later, good luck in your extracurricular activities Nn
I'm home Welcome home
Ah. Mom I'm returning the tickets Returning it, you don't need to return it
Is that so What? Were you dumped?
That-is-not-it. Makoto had some business with his little sister
Hee. That's what Makoto-kun said Ah
It is a shame. But don't feel down Yes. I'm fine
Really. That's good Later, Makoto will report it to me
Next time bring "Makoto-kun" over Ehh
A little while ago, I got a call from your father and he thinks so too
No way. I don't want to introduce him to dad Fufu. I'ts fine just bring him over
Nn. Let me think about it
Everyone, listen up
Tomorrow we'll take a rest from extracurricular activities, in preparation for the school festival. Let's work hard everyone
Roka Ah...yes
Can we return together?
I have some business... N? What? Business more important than us?
I know it was awkward with Yuuki. Don't go home yet
And, what do you wanna talk about...?
Yeah, you know we're all busy with preparing the school festival tomorrow?
That's right
This time thanks to Roka, we were all able to gather the girl's basketball club to do the school festival our way safely
That's right
With the school festival we're all busy now preparing
Yes Roka you're given special treatment, you're free during that time
Ah, thank you
And, a little while ago, I heard from Yuuki about the school festival that he's free too
The Book committee, is only doing an exhibition, nothing special Is that so
Therefore, you want to go together?
Yuuki, I think he'll go with Kuroda
He didn't promise
Yuu-chan, seems to want to go with Roka?
No such a thing
Really, he didn't promise
Is that so
Right? Getting angry over that idiot Yuuki, he's reflecting over it. I want you to forgive him
I don't really care and not going with him
Roka. You
Roka. Even you like Yuuki, give him a chance can take him to the break room, you can use it if you want
Ok? Roka? I already have plans
The school festival, I'm going with someone else
Isn't there anyone else
If it's no good, tell us his name
Class 3 Makoto Itou
Makoto...Itou? ...who?
Kokoro, dinner. Call your sister down
Eh Please
U,um...I mean, It was a misunderstanding, I see it made you mad...I'm sorry
I don't care, don't need to apologize
Really. I'm sorry
That's why, don't apologize
I, I'm really not dating Kuroda
To tell you the truth,I...I've never dated a girl...
Then Kuroda is your first
That's different
I consulted with her...about Roka...because I can't tell you yet
I, towards Roka...because I couldn't convey my feelings
I think it is transmit your feelings to a girl
Did you transmit your feeling to Kuroda
Roka. Please hear me out, I...
Yamagata Huh?
Ah. Kitsuregawa, good morning I want to hear something
Kuroda, who is she dating?
Wai...who is this person?
Kuroda's friend. During that time at the cafeteria they were together
If you mention it, I don't think it's a good idea...
Yamagata, you're close with Kuroda. Right?
Tell me. Who is Kuroda dating
Well...what do i say...
Frankly speaking
Don't worry so much, Kuroda isn't cheating on anyone
I don't hear any rumors of her with other boys
That's not it, I'm not her boyfriend
And also, Kuroda always talks about Ashikaga, she always seems happy
That's not it...
Therefore, please be relieved. You're Kuroda's boyfriend, only you Ashikaga
Eh...? Ehhh!!?
As I thought
Ashikaga's friend Sawanaga saw this boy
Always, he talks about Kuroda and Ashikaga
Is that so. Always, huh
Wai, that's not true!
Let's go. Yamagata
Sawanaga! Uh
Well...are you looking for Sawanaga?
A, Ashikaga...
Ashikaga is calling for you Me?
You're not looking for Kuroda? Uhihi
Gyawaa You idiot stop talking, go
Yes Then
Yeah. Thank you. Makoto Huh...?
Sawanaga Yeah
That guy N? You mean Makoto?
That guy is Makoto...surname?
Itou, why?
Well, do you have some business with me? It's too early to invite me for lunch
There's been a strange rumor going on, about me dating Kuroda
Eh? Don't blush
That's not it. It's a big misunderstanding. Do you understand Yes yes
Then later
What's with that guy, being embarrassed
What's wrong?
...I want to hear it Yes
Katsura...are you dating Itou from class 3? Eh...
No, if its' a misunderstanding....
We're dating I thought
The day before yesterday, we met in the morning Yeah
Well then, I have to go and get the receipt for the distributed material fo rthe committee
Are you...really dating? Yes?
I don't understand what you're saying
Dating someone else...
My boyfriend is only Makoto
That's not it...does Makoto There is no way he is
There is! Please don't say weird things
You just don't realize it! Be reasonable!
You, haven't been hanging out with Makoto lately...isn't that strange
...what do you mean?
He's having an affair with another girl
That's impossible
I, know it
It's a mistake
Classmate at junior high school... Ah you remember Yeah. I know that person
Yeah. She's from the Women's Basketball club
Right. Then
That person likes Makoto, I already know about it, but he's not cheating
That person, has an unrequited love towards Makoto, I have certainly heard that...
Is that so...?
But, I said I was dating Makoto, although I wasn't suppossed to
Is that so...when?
Is that so...did you say it directly? Yes
I see...
Well then
Then...just now, it was all a mistake
There aren't enough prints. Somebody please go to the tool office
Um... Yes?
The Class 4 from 1st year, are they coming?
Class 4 finished early and went home. They were in a hurry about something
Ah...thank you
Makoto... Makoto...