Agatha Christie's Poirot Muder on the Orient Express 2010 Chapter 8

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I think that there are two solutions to this murder.
In the first,
the Mafia assassin gets on the train at Vincovci,
off at Brod with the money, Cassetti killed.
But one or two of you notice
a different conductor in the corridor, notify the police.
But the assassin would have gone.
But because of the delay,
there had to be an improvisation.
And so a second solution proposes itself... me.
Elena Wasserstein.
With a careless smudge on "Elena. "
Enough, eh?
Because maybe...
...maybe Poirot should not be looking at your first name...
...but your second...
...Countess Wasserstein.
The family name to Sonia Armstrong
and her younger sister, Helena.
My wife does not understand English.
Let's stop this right now.
Yes. Let us stop this.
You had the handkerchief with an "H."
That would have pointed to me.
And you would have found my connection to Daisy.
- Your niece. - My sweet niece.
This girl hasn't done anything wrong.
You know nothing, monsieur. You don't touch her.
Shall I tell you what I know?
Huh, Mlle. Debenham, shall I?
I know, because Fräulein Schmidt told me,
that the Christian name of Princess Dragomiroff is...
She's Natalia.
And is it not so, Princess,
that in the Russian alphabet the capital letter "N"
is written like the Western letter "H"?
So I know that there is more than just one connection
with Daisy Armstrong on this train.
The godmother, the... the aunt...
...and the son to the prosecutor,
who Poirot remembers from the papers ended his career in shame
because he rigged the trial.
Cassetti's connections threatened to kill me...
his son... if he didn't do what they asked.
W- What was he supposed to do?
He was supposed to have ensured that justice was done
in an open court, monsieur.
This girl did not murder that man.
Not in a frenzy, no.
This was a cold crime, was it not, Mlle. Debenham?
One long in the planning.
But it was you, M. Bouc,
who first suggested to Poirot that only in America
could such a society as this all be found together.
But maybe also
in the house of a rich man in Long Island.
Ah. Here we have the cook.
And that is Fräulein Schmidt, is it not so, Michel?
And next to her is your daughter,
the French housemaid, Mlle. Francoise,
who fell under the suspicion of the police
for her complicity in the death of Daisy Armstrong
but who actually was innocent, eh, and committed suicide.
Signor Foscarelli, what were you?
- The chauffeur? - The chauffeur.
And also the lover to Mlle. Francoise.
All she did was talk to a stranger in a shop.
She let slip some details about the house,
what time the nursemaid took off.
She didn't know she was talking to a man like Cassetti.
Yes, and all this in 1933.
Five years ago.
How long have you been with Jesus, Mlle. Ohlsson?
Five years I have been with him.
So Poirot, he suspects that you were that nursemaid.
Some crimes God does not forgive.
And you, Mlle. Debenham.
The professional governess, eh?
With paralysis down one side of your body.
How, I wonder, could you possibly
have sustained such an injury?
At first I thought that you, M. Masterman,
you were the butler to the Armstrong household, but no.
Then I observed how familiar the Colonel Arbuthnot was with you.
And now I believe you served together in the army,
alongside the Colonel Armstrong.
Teddy was his batman throughout the war.
He was the best of gentlemen.
And he was my closest friend.
And then Linda Arden.
So famous that there was a danger of you being recognized
if you were to board the train as yourself, eh?
You even fooled Poirot.
12 people.
And 12 wounds in the body of Cassetti.
12 members of a jury.
But I do believe that the Count Andrenyi
was a man of honor, and his wife had been protected
and was not involved in the killing,
and took her Trional as he had said.
That's correct.
So who, then, was the 12th?
Could it possibly be the man
who tried to deflect Poirot at every turn?
That is how the killer must have left.
The obstetrician from America...
...who Poirot suspects counted among his clients
a family on Long Island,
and who he watched how they suffered.
We have Miss Debenham to thank for our plan.
It was her fortitude that brought us all together
and channeled our determination.
The plan had great beauty.
Cassetti's whiskey was drugged so that he was awake
but could not react to anything.
We needed him to know of his execution.
Mr. Ratchett?
Mr. Ratchett, is everything all right?
Ce n'est rien. Je me suis trompé.
After you had heard that,
all we needed was for you to go to sleep, M. Poirot.
I could tell you who we are.
But all you need to know,
is that the people that you killed are all in heaven,
Mr. Cassetti, while you are going to hell.
That baby must have been so scared when you killed her.
Did you not think
that we would not search the world
to get justice for those good people that we loved?
So the whole business of this trip...
The berth bought for a "Mr. Harris"... no outsider bought it.
The watch!
All but a farce, was it not, Linda Arden,
to make the mockery of Poirot?!
You were our first piece of bad luck.
And then the snow, which meant we couldn't get to Brod.
But how will the assassin leave the carriage?
Just through the window.
Yes, he could have tried to go through my room,
and I've... I've woken up and he's had to come back in here.
You have no right to take the law into your own hands!
M. Poirot. She was 5 years old!
We were good, civilized people.
And then evil get over the wall,
and we looked to the law for justice.
And the law let us down.