Audi A6 Avant 2011

Uploaded by autoblogger on 26.09.2011

The looks aren't a surprise, you could've drawn that rear yourself.
Although we did recognize those rear lights from somewhere.
And not from an Audi, but from the Seat Ibiza Station.
And that's not a car for a premium business avant driver.
It's probably a coincidence...
...and if we really compare them they may not be very similar...
...but the association is there.
Besides that this is the A7 with a butt and an A6 nose.
It's known as the A6 Avant.
I actually would've liked to drive the entry level model.
There really are two. There's a diesel, a 2-liter TDI with 177 hp.
And there's a 2-liter TFSI with 180 hp. They're both just under 50 grand.
And of course they will be the bestsellers in Holland and Belgium.
In other countries they do buy the bigger engines.
Unfortunately, all budget models were taken by journalists who do take their job seriously.
So I've got the 3-liter TFSI.
It's got a supercharger. The T also stands for supercharger now at Audi.
It is a great engine.
I can only recommend it, just buy it.
Or get the 3-liter TDI, also nice.
But this one gives you a nice V6 rumble in the background occasionally.
They've filtered away most of the noise though, so don't expect S5 sounds.
Even though it's got a similar engine.
300 hp, 440 Nm, 0-62 in 5.6 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph.
We almost couldn't believe the 5.6 seconds.
But that's because the car does it very calmly, incredibly smooth.
Like you're doing nothing, like your not moving.
Even with 120 mph on the clock you think: it that it?
And just like the A7 and A8, you can completely stuff this car with goodies.
Google Maps sat nav, WiFi hotspot so you can surf the web in the car...
...parking assistance with camera's all-round.
Look at the camera. We're driving here, into the grass.
Nice stuff.
There's also a front camera, you saw something passing.
There's a touchpad for writing, it reads what's on the display.
I never knew how you pronounced that, like that apparently.
Of course there are also drawbacks.
Maybe the most important: it does come at a price.
And for the money you can also buy other things.
A Porsche Boxster for example, but that's a very different car.
But you can also get a Mercedes E-Class.
It doesn't feel like a competitor to us in Holland, but Germans think differently about that.
The real competitor is the BMW 5-series.
In some ways they are very different.
BMW: rear-wheel drive. Audi: front-wheel drive.
Audi also has lots of Quattros and BMW also has 4wd.
The difference is mainly in the details. BMW is a bit more sporty...
...but this S-line A6 is also not too shabby.
It looks great too.
Audi is the king when it comes to the finish and the controls of the car.
Everything just works so well, it's all very beautiful.
If you live close to the Nuerburgring and want to race, get the 5-Series.
Are you in a traffic jam more often and do you have more time to enjoy the interior...
...then the Audi might be the best choice.