Samoa Inclusive Education

Uploaded by AusAIDvideo on 13.01.2011

SENESE is an organisation that's helping to empower schools
to be able to teach a wide variety of children,
not just the academically able,
but children with different learning styles,
and including children with disabilities.
There's big changes and an improvement from him
when he's under the program of SENESE.
He can do things by himself.
He's having a work experience at Aggie's Hotel.
But me, as a mother, I'm really proud of him.
First and foremost, compulsory education isn't...what it is
if we did not open up the classrooms
for students with intellectual disabilities.
Secondly, students will always be discriminated in schools
if they don't come out and be included in the mainstream education.
And we included in the program as well
sign language classes for the teachers
as well as the students.
The assistance of the sign language interpreters have been great.
With AusAID's support, we've been able to build our capacity,
and we don't have to spend 60% of our time trying to find resources.
We have those, so we can get on with the job.
Having the Australian Government's support
has also connected us with some really great Australian organisations
which have been able to fast-track development
and be a source of information and knowledge for us.
Well, I'm a speech language pathologist,
which means that I help children
with all different types of communication difficulties.
So, a lot of the children here,
they need help with their speaking, making sounds,
using language and using more words.
And I also help with literacy development.
His improvement is much more better
when Rebecca teaching him how to talk and how to use sign language.
It's much better now.
REBECCA VISINTIN: I think the good thing is to show the Samoan community
that even though a child has a disability,
they can still learn, they can still talk
and they can still participate.
So, I think the Australian Government and the aid program
is really helping to change a whole society, not just one school.