Gönülçelen )) Episode 20 - Part 3/6 [English Subtitles]

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You know Murat Hoca’s friend?
He is here he is waiting for you
who Levent?
yes he's outside
get ready we're going out
did Murat Hoca call for me?
no.. I called you
Murat is retired as you know
No new decision from him
I came to take you out to dinner.. Of course if don’t mind
what now? Is not too late for dinner?
oh you ask so many questions..
Istanbul is alive 24 hours a day
If you want to come out its not late for anything
oh.. Wait a minute
It’s a gift from your manager
You have to look very classy.. you can't come like this
I'll be right back
Ms. Saime I brought you a nighty
I know it's old but it's clean I washed it today
Good night
Gülnaz can you sit for a minute
Ok let me cover the bed first
I wanna thank you for what you've done for Hasret
All these years you looked after her
you protected her.. you were like her mother
no need to thank me Mrs. Saime
We grew up together
yes she was much younger than me but
I can't thank you enough
Me and Hasret owe you a lot
Oh you are such a cry baby..
leave the past in the past..
lets not upset each other at night
Come on smile.. smile.. see. Like that
this dress suit you a lot
do you think this is really me?
yes Hasret.. it's you
Hasret: what about the hasret in the neighborhood.
Look at me.. I'm here and there
Yesterday I ate only stale bread and cheese
Now I'm eating great food
I mean.. is the real Hasret this one in this dress
or the girl inside the flowery skirt and pink plastic slippers
of course you're right.. But don’t worry
This is just a temporary transition period
you're this one.. In this dress
you've to leave the Hasret from the neighborhood in your past
and how will I accomplish that?
well with advertisement such as newspapers, Tv etc.
How is that?
You can just choose..
and by the way you will go live on tv tomorrow.
I am thinking the TV is the best tool for you
And I have arranged a photo shoot for you
Did you not like this?
No. I'm just shocked
Does Murat Hoca know? What will he say?
he says this is my job
he says I should do as I please
If he approves and if you're the manager.. Ok
who is calling?
not important
I know Hasret won't accept me in one second
She has years of anger inside of her
But I've waited for so many years to find her
I can wait some more
I don’t mind waiting as long as I'm near her
such fate
Something happens
and suddenly everything is topsy turvy
Everything changes quickly.
But not Hasret.. she can't change her mind very quickly
you'll have to be patient
- good night - good night
Hasret you shouldn't be upset anymore
Sometimes time is the best remedy
We have many more things to do. Ok?
did Murat Hoca really leave music now?
well not exactly.. he's still giving lessons in school
so he still has his students and classes
yes but I feel sorry for the students he's really harsh on them
He can leave everything but he cannot leave his students
He may be bad towards them but they're valuable for him
I'm jealous of his students
Hasret stop thinking now.
Give yourself some time off.. Smile
What did we say
There is lots to do. No time to be upset
Repeat after me…come on..
oh I wonder who it is..
Ms. Meltem???
I feel sorry for you.. But I wish you the best of luck
luck for what?
I see you've been fired
I wonder what you have done to be fired?
I'm not fired this bag doesn't belong to me
And anyway why are you here? Why did you just barge in?
Mrs. Nesrin called me
She said she needed me. Oh so did she not tell you?
Of course she probably didn't care to tell you
oh auntie.. you know saime came
you know she is Hasret’s mom?
yes so?
you don’t get it
I mean auntie she is here yes that’s good maybe
what if she forgets about me once she's close to her mom?
What if she loves me less?
I am scared.
Oh hasret will always love you and always value you
she will won’t she?
of course she will..
welcome back Ms Meltem
You can stay in your old room as before
thanks Ms. Nesrin
Mrs. Nesrin I am really crestfallen
You came yesterday to the kitchen
you said you would find a solution
and I thought
what did you think?
I would not have believed she would come back
even if I saw it in my dream
We took this decision for your well being
See now you won’t be so tired anymore
She'll help you
Oh right such great help!
Now I have to stand her bickering too
I cannot believe you brought her back
Is there no other butler on earth??
Well at least we know her
See last time what happened with Saime?
oh I can't believe this
What will I do with that woman all day!!!
oh come on get on with your work.. go along..
are you going somewhere?
I've to go shopping.. I've to buy some stuff
shall I come with you?
no need.. I'll go with my sister?
where to?
shopping.. get ready
us together? Shopping?
yes why are you surprised?
No I'm happy
Nakiye did you gain weight?
of course not
It's just that my bones are large
I can see that
Look Ms. Meltem..
you should try to get along with me
Let's make a deal.. I'm not the Nakiye you used to know
I can see you are more aggressive now
But I don't blame you for your aggressiveness
because you're not educated you're simple minded
Oh God what did I do to deserve this??
well I wasted too much time speaking to you
I should go and ask if Mrs. Nesrin needs anything
yeah go and suck up to her..
Oh this is so hot!!!