Dear Brother (Oniisama e) - Full Episode 10 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Dear Brother
A golden bowl, on the right hand
A silver bowl, on the left
Never equal without the other
Those two bowls in each of us;
Those two invisible bowls.
The golden bowl, filled with happiness
Shines with a warm radiance
The overflowing love I've felt since I met you
Couldn't possibly be held in the golden bowl
A golden rapture,
A silver sadness
Let us lay down everything that has passed
So that only you may be held, So that only love may be held,
Let us empty those twin bowls.
Come, Mariko, eat. It's bad for you if you starve yourself.
Don't interfere!
I told you I'm not eating!
Since the phrase 'I heard' in the passage is past tense,
The following noun clause also has to be past tense.
I'm sorry, the eraser...
Aren't we eating a little too much by the way?
So what? Eat a lot, grow a lot!
The problem is that you grow horizontally.
-What's wrong? -Hm...
-Shinobu? -Yeah...
She's probably eating alone somewhere. Let her.
Episode 10 Mariko...
What are you doing in place like this?
Did you have lunch?
Dare me to eat.
Nothing. I need nothing.
Mariko, what do you want for dinner?
I told you I don't want anything.
You've been going without food for 3 days now.
It's been a long time since we had steak.
With lots of fries too. How about it?
I told you I don't want anything.
Get out!
Mariko, why are you making mom so sad?
Please, eat something, anything. For your mother...
You're my only treasure.
I don't have anyone else other than you. Please, Mariko?
Please, please! That's what you always say! Can't you even get angry?
Mom... because you're like that... that's why dad... dad...!
Get out. Get out. I said, get out!
Get out!
Uh... Confusion... Synonym is confusion...
It's weird.
Ah, it's torn!
Ugh, I'm fed up with this worn dictionary!
I'm coming in, Nanako.
You're studying hard nowadays.
Yeah... It's mid-terms now.
Here, here's your reward.
Huh? Yay! An English dictionary!
Um... Confusion, confusion...
But how did you know what I wanted?
He saw you studying in the living room before.
I see... Thank you, Dad.
There, eat this and study hard.
I baked your favourite apple pie.
Dear Brother,
Father, and mother, who always look at me with warm eyes.
I really thought I was happy,
No matter how father and mother met each other.
Brother, I don't understand... about Mariko.
Call me just once more. Please, please...
OH no. I don't like this. First period, Physics?
I have English.
Nanako, you're so full of strength today.
Of course. I got a new dictionary!
Ah, Lady Mona Lisa...
Good morning!
Just what we needed.
Lady Fukiko has a favour to ask from the two of you.
Lady Fukiko? To us?
-Then, see you at lunch. -Yup.
Could you go buy some flowers for tea party?
Flowers for tea party?
We're depending on your sense.
Misonoo seems reluctant...
N, No...
Then, I leave everything to you.
The seniors in the Sorority host a tea party once a week.
And there, they develop new plans and policies for the Sorority.
It's a very important tea party.
To be asked to buy flowers for such event... Oh, what an honour. It's marvelous.
Don't you think so?
So, about what happened the other day...
You see, Misonoo, I was always...
Hmm, tea party? An elegant event after all.
So, you went buying flowers together, right?
So something really happened. The day of the birthday party.
It's okay. I won't ask anything
until you tell me.
I knew you were here.
How about one of these?
If you get any more scrawny, you'll ruin your pretty face.
It's none of your business.
You look pale as well.
What are you going to do if your body can't take it anymore?
Leave me alone!
Something like my body... body... I don't care how it turns out!
You don't care?
What are you talking about?
I guess it's fine. Being able to say that kind of thing is proof that you're still ok.
Prince Kaoru, you'll never understand how I feel!
Someone like you
Someone like Kaoru the Prince, everyone's favourite...
Aw, I want to be embraced by Prince Kaoru too!
- Oh, me too
- Me too!
Come, come, everyone. No more nonsense.
Get ready for P. E.
I'll drill you before class starts.
You too, Misonoo.
Guys, are you ready to receive?
No, Prince Kaoru's throw really hurts...
She's treating us like athletes...
Here I go. There!
I was wondering who's disturbing my sleep.
It was you after all.
No! It's Lady Saint-Just!
Lady Saint-Just!
Rei, give us the ball back.
Stop playing with stuff like this
and come up here.
It's a really good view from here.
You can see everything, so small, so pretty...
People, too...
That Orihara Kaoru looks so small too, from here...
Stop spouting nonsense and come down.
We'll let you in the volleyball game.
I accept your challenge, with pleasure.
Lady Saint-Just!
Rei, throw the ball!
Rei, don't be foolish!
She's jumping.
Angel of Death.
Angel of Death.
Everyone, let's go. No time to play with an idle fellow.
- Shinobu!
- It's an emergency!
What happened?
Quick, to the infirmary!
- You're coming, right?
- Yes.
I heard. It's terrible.
- Yeah. She's unconscious.
- What?
We can't contact her mother.
For the moment, I'm going to Mariko's house.
But there's no one there!
At least I can see her if she returns
and it's better if I tell her directly. That way, less shock for her mother.
I see, I agree.
I want to do everything I can for her.
We're friends, after all.
I'll get your bag home.
Thank you!
What? Hospitalized?
Orihara just called.
It seems like Mariko needs treatment for 2 or 3 days.
Oh, nothing serious. Just anemia and mild malnutrition.
-Still no sign of the family? -Yes.
Stupid kid, stupid kid.
She's wasting her precious life.
I say, these people...
Shinobu has malnutrition?
Malnutrition... what does that mean?
Misonoo! You've come!
Thank you, thank you!
You see... Mariko, she collapsed...
Mariko... collapsed?
What? Mariko was starving herself because of me?
She said she won't eat anything until you forgive her.
She really didn't eat anything all this time. A few sips of tea, at most...
How can... such a thing!
That was the sign... Shinobu asking for forgiveness!
She was waiting for you to forgive her willingly.
I didn't know, I didn't know.
And I couldn't do anything for her.
This time without fail, I decided to get her to eat even if I had to force her mouth open.
I thought maybe she might have wanted such exhibition from me.
Brother, Brother!
Mariko... Mariko was...
I... How could I...
Prince Kaoru... you stayed by me all this time?
Your mother will arrive soon. And Misonoo.
Bullseye, huh?
I don't really...
You're really a handful. Doing such stupid things...
How are you? Are you really fine now?
Mariko, Nanako is here for you.
-Are you okay? -Who me?
Even without you, I have lots of friends.
Well, I think this is where I exit the stage. See ya!
It's your fault! I couldn't see Prince Kaoru leaving because of you!
Whatever, someone like you... You're not my only friend.
Really. It's true. I have a lot of friends!
To forgive or not
Why did I even think of such an arrogant thing?
The school contacted my publisher...
Thank you, dear.
Mariko was fighting down-right head-on
against solitude and herself.
If it were me, I would have shuffled up and run away.
She's 16, like me.
Cheers, for this sixteen-year-old warrior!
I dreamt an awesome dream last Sunday
But when it saw you,
Surprised, the dream just flew away
I would never lose
So just for you
I have rushed and tried so hard
This feeling of love, staying in my heart
bewildered by the mischievous fairies' game
dances to and fro, always capricious