Stupid Game Show Answers - Jam-Packed

Uploaded by stupidgsa on 22.03.2008

[SGSA theme music]
A reason for kneeling.
[Buzzer] Ian.
Church, Les.
When you go to church. [Ding]
To pray is the top answer. [Audience applauds]
Mark. be beheaded.
[Audience laughs]
[Wheel of Fortune toss-up music] [Buzzer dings]
[Pat]: Karen and Steve.
[Pat]: Er, no, that's...
[Audience laughs]
[Ray]: ...slang term that means wife.
[Audience boos and applauds]
[Ray]: Good answer!
Name something you might buy that could turn out to be phony.
[Buzzer] Yo.
A horse.
[Audience laughs]
[Richard]: The dreaded phony horse gag.
[Incorrect answer buzzer]
[Alex reads out the answer] Gary again.
What are public, uh, toilets?
[Alex]: No. Sorry. [Audience laughs]
What are libraries?
[Alex]: Libraries, yes.
Name a sport husbands and wifes can play together. You said...kickball.
[Audience laughs]
You know, you're not usually married in third grade.
[Audience laughs]
[Richard]: Something you squeeze.
Peanut butter.
[Richard and audience laugh]
[Bob]: Next question, gentlemen. What is the one thing the people on the other side of your street have more of than you do?
[Bob]: Cars. Your wife said they have more...more...grass than you do.
[Female contestant]: They have more grass! We're having none!
[Male contestant]: I wouldn't bet on that!
[Everyone laughs] [Audience applauds]
[Richard]: Name a part of the telephone.
The...bottom part.
[Audience laughs]
[Bob]: Girls, what one word beginning with the first letter of your last name best describes your chest?
That's really hard. I don't know. I think I'll say tasty...[Laughs]
[Bob]: Tasty! [Audience laughs]
He said...tiny.
[Male contestant]: Tasty? I can't even find them! What do you mean tasty?
[Audience laughs and applauds]
Name a city in the state of...Georgia.
[Buzzer] [Contestant on left]: Alabama.
[Richard]: Pardon?
Oh, I'm sorry. [Indistinct]
[Everyone laughs]
[SGSA theme music]
[Richard]: Alabama!
[Incorrect answer buzzer]