Dom Gratuito / Free Gift / Dádiva

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Free Gift
We're closing!
It's a hold up!
Now! Get down! C'mon! Everybody down! Go! Hands to the head!
Gimme the money, the money.
Mom, mom, mom, mom!
What is it?
I had a nightmare.
What happened?
I dreamed we were in hell.
Listen, hell doesn't exist, ok?
But I heard that if we do something wrong and die, we go to hell.
Sweetie, listen to me: Hell doesn't exist. All right?
But where do we go after we die?
Gimme the money! Quick! Quick!
Yo, man! Hurry up! Gimme it all! C'mon! Hurry!
Hurry up, you whore!
Gimme the cellphone! Give me the damn cellphone!
Chap, chap, chap!
What are you looking at? Don't look at me, are you crazy?!
Hi aunt!
You're so quiet in here.
Hi dear. Are you good?
Just passing by to check if you need anything.
Can you go to the market for me?
O'course, I can. Can it be later?
All right.
I'm gonna study with Paulinho, now. Ok?
You miss him, don't you?
Yeah… that's life.
What are you looking at? Don't look at me, you clown.
And you right there...
Gimme it all! C'mon, c'mon!
Hurry, hurry, hurry!
Where is the car key?
I got no car, man, I got no car.
You good, Pepe?
Good. How are you?
Here's your car, it's done. Ok?
Is everything clean and well done?
Sure. Yeah.
It's still $15, right?
Here you are.
Thanks. Do you want the change?
No, keep the change. You can have it.
Oh, thank you so much.
Fine. I gotta go, I'm in such a hurry.
Hey, before you go, let me say something:
Have you heard the noise in your car?
Noise? Oh, I heard, but I have no time to fix it.
Maybe this week or the next. Leave it to me.
Go take a look at this… If you die, I'll lose my tips.
Come on, man. I'll still live for a long time. Chill out.
May God hear you, my friend. May God hear you.
Give me the car key! Now!
Calm down!
Calm down!
I'ma send you to hell!
For God's sake, don't say that!
Shut up! Did I talk to you? Did I?
All right, all right...
Shut up! Don't move!
I know there's more hidden there! Go, go take it
Take it now!
Awake this late?!
Can you tell me why is late…
… Why are you still out of bed this late?
Hey! Answer me!
I was waiting for you.
Get the hell off!
I've already told you not to stay here!
Are you trying to mess around?!
What is your problem? Huh?
I didn't mean to…
Shut the hell up!
Are you kidding me?!
Are you trying to mock me?
Give me the damn phone!
Hi, dear.
… Sorry, I had to stay longer here at the office, darling.
Ok, ok. I can stop by, I'll buy it for you.
Ok. … Me too. Kisses… Bye
are you the one who ordered that juice?!
Yes, it was me.
Dude, order some drink for men.
Well, I'm quitting.
You know that 'drinks for men' kill slowly.
Well, it's possible. I'm not in a hurry to die, anyway.
Come on!
Everybody to the back of the store.
Go, go, go!
Move on! Get up! Go, go, go!
Get down! Down!
Come, Formiga, Let's go.
Hey, where did you get so much money to buy herb?
I took it from the old woman.
Bro, I'ma tell you something…
Dude, your aunt is paralytic!
You freaking monster.
Stop bothering!
Stop bothering!
Give it to me!
Give me.
No! Why do you want it?
I am wrong, ain't I?
So let me smoke it wrong, alone.
Chill out! Calm down, bro!
The allowance is hers but it's mine, as well.
I know, you've told it ten times…
Let me ask you something, dude...
Do you believe in fate?
What is it with the chitchat?
Is that the problem?
What's up with it?
You are smoking too much.
Oh, I am smoking too much?!
What a girly talk! Are you reading the horoscope too?
Horoscope?! Dude, it was just a question!
Stop with this bad trip.
Do you believe in it or not?
So, I do believe.
Do you?
Yeah. I make my own fate.
Let's go, brother. Let's go.
You bastard nigga!
Where are you going? Romans 6:23