Baby Mama (1/11) Movie CLIP - Too Much for a First Date (2008) HD

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KATE: I did everything that I was supposed to do:
I didn't cry in meetings: I didn't wear short skirts:
I put up with the weird upper management guys
that kiss you on the mouth at Christmas:
Is it fair that to be the youngest VP in my company,
I wilI be the oldest mom at preschool?
Not realIy, but that's part of the deal:
I made a choice:
Some women got pregnant: I got promotions:
And I stilI aspire to meet someone
and falI in Iove and get married,
but that is a very high-risk scenario:
And I want a baby now: I'm 37:
It's too much for a first date, isn't it? I said too much:
I'm just gonna go use the:::
I'm gonna need this to go: