Glee — Library HD

Uploaded by gleeksism on 06.10.2010

Oh my gosh, "Superfudge!" I used to love this book.
I was more of "The Hardy Boys" man, myself.
"The Hardy Boys?" Please! I mean, what's going on there?
Hello, weediots.
Well, I thought I've smelt the stench of salicylic acid burning your cystic acne.
So what's cooking, probably-never-gonna-be-good-looking?
We're collecting books to give to a bookmobile that goes around to underserved rural neighbourhoods.
Some people want to do good.
OK, I stopped listening at "underserved."
Some people don't.
It's a book exchange program, Sue.
We trade books with the other organizations to keep the reading material fresh.
Oh, that's very touching.
Maybe I'll donate a book... like my 1978-memoir "Wild Oats," chronicling my life at the New York City hotspot, Studio 54...
where I partied with Truman Capote and celebrity puppet Madame.
I gotta tell you I get so turned on around puppets. Don't you?
Well, what you guys are doing sounds very exciting too.
Which one are you? Take a quiz and find out at
You could even win a trip to volunteer with the cast.
Thanks to Members Project from American Express. Translated & Edited by AleXander, WiedzminSaga.