My YouTube Story: Federico Alvarez

Uploaded by FiveYear on 10.05.2010

♪ [music playing]
Federico: You don't think, I'm gonna be a film maker.
I was always hoping that but it's not a real job in Uruguay,
being a film maker.
♪ [music playing]
Federico: The mother of a friend had a new boyfriend,
the guy was rich and he was like,
what do you want for your birthday?
And he was, like, eh,
what should I do, Fede?
I ask him for a camera.
So we got a camera when we were kids.
♪ [music playing]
Federico: I think YouTube gave a lot of people a lot of freedom to create.
We figured that was a cool format,
a new format that YouTube video, you know?
What is that?
It's a YouTube video.
What is that that I saw the other day? Oh, it was a YouTube video.
Panic attack was meant to be that exactly.
♪ [music playing]
Federico: It shot, we had a reference
but instead of watching other movies to see how an explosion look,
we went to YouTube and we look, like, explosion
and you have a video of a bunch of guys in Arizona shooting
a canister in a car boom everything exploded.
Oh, that's how a real explosion look in video so let's try to imitate that.
It wasn't two weeks after I posted on YouTube
the first call that I got, like, phone call was from Warner Brothers
and I was sure it was one of my friends so I was, like, oh, sure,
sure, you wanna make a movie, Warner Brother, why not?
♪ [music playing]
Federico: And by the middle of the conversation I realized
oh, these guy's for sure -- he's actually from Warner Brothers.
I was, like, yeah, okay. No, no. Yeah.
It's very-- I think it's very hard to understand.
I still don't.
I arrive in Hollywood by a Sunday and by Wednesday we were signing the deal.
It changed everything but I developed myself all my life to do this now.
It's just like now we're doing it for real in a way.
♪ [music playing]