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In this episode of ¡ Oye!
What's your experience with the metrosexual man?
There is nothing like a man who smells good.
...but if you notice, he looks manly.
In This Episode: Metrosexual Men
>> Johanna: Here with me are Liz Menezes, songwriter...
and Claudia Morales, radio host.
When we think about the Metrosexual Man who plucks his eyebrows...
loves to go shopping, a "today's man",
we think of the traditional latin "Macho" who would never get near a pair of tweezers.
What's your experience with the metrosexual man?
Does he attract you, for example?
>> Liz: For me it depends. I like what you mentioned, "Macho, Macho"
He has to be clean and dress nice but ...
those details are too much.
>> Johanna: What about you Claudia?
the coveted bachelorette...
>> Claudia: With a boyfriend!
>> Johanna: Ohh, she has a boyfriend!
Is he a metrosexual?
>> Claudia: A little bit.
>> Johanna: Ok, tell us more about it.
You haven't told me about it!
>> Claudia: Well, let me tell you something...
I did my research, let me tell you...
the term "Metrosexual" first appeared in 1994.
It started in England.
It was a substitute for the word "narcissist".
>> Johanna: Ok, I can see something there.
>> Claudia: Exactly. So what "narcissism" and "metrosexual" are...
is the connection that the man has with his feminine side.
But, connecting with his feminine side and being feminine are very different.
And we are talking about the heterosexual man,
because the homosexual man is exactly that... homosexual.
But if the man is heterosexual he has to be careful.
And I agree with what you say about falling into femininity...
for example a clean man who dresses nice and takes care of his hair,
he has his hair cut, his clothes ironed,
- I love that - wears perfume... nothing like a man who smells good...
>> Johanna and Liz: That's right... >> Claudia: Oh my God...
...but when they pluck their eyebrows,
or when, for example, I like men who get manicures.
But if they get clear nail polish, to me they lose a bit of their masculinity.
>> Johanna: I totally agree with you Claudia.
To me, hygiene is very important.
I believe a lot of men hide behind the shield of being "Macho"
and don't shower daily or don't use deodorant or wear cologne,
and that is just an embarrassment.
>> Claudia: I believe one of the biggest symbols of metrosexuality
is David Beckham.
>> Johanna: David Beckham was the first one.
>> Claudia: ...and he's a gorgeous man that we all like.
>> Liz: But if you notice, he looks manly
He gets his hair done and everything but he looks...
>> Claudia: Even though he's a tiny man
>> Johanna: He's this tall ...
But let me tell you something because I find the metrosexual man,
to a point, dresses fine, that he likes to spend a little more on clothes that fit him right,
but Cristiano Ronaldo for example, he's a handsome man...
>> Claudia: But I find him a little pretentious.
>> Johanna: Yeah, that's the narcissism you were referring to.
I think it's very interesting that you mention it because,
between you and me, as women, being a bit arrogant is a little natural,
but when we go out with a man who worries about his looks,
and spends as much time in front of the mirror as us,
is that something that bothers us, or does it really matter?
>> Liz: It depends. >> Claudia: It depends on the relationship we have with the man.
>> Claudia: I wouldn't, for example, have a problem sharing my beauty products with my boyfriend.
I think it could even be fun, but to a point. What's the limit?
>> Johanna: Taking your husband to get a pedicure, for example?
>> Liz: No >> Johanna: He wouldn't do that kind of thing? >> Liz: No
>> Johanna: And do you ever tell him, "Look, it's time for a pedicure!"
>> Liz: I tell him to do something at home
>> Johanna: You tell him to do it himself!? >> Liz: Yes, at home!
>> Liz: One important point, something I was told was...
If a man goes a little beyond the limit of being a metrosexual,
>> Liz: it's possible that he's... >> Johanna: Homosexual? And hiding it? >> Liz: Yes
>> Liz: It's possible.
>> Johanna: Well I think there's room for everything in life...
>> Liz: Not that there's a problem with that...
>> Claudia: But if he exceeds the limit...
It happened to me once.
When my niece introduced me to her boyfriend,
the guy said to me, "Nice to meet you"
and I said, "Nice to meet you back"
and I kept wondering, but it's not my place to say.
I don't have to like him.
He's not the man for me but if she chose him, God bless her.
>> Johanna: And, of course what you like and what she likes is not the same.
There's balance for everything.
But right now we are seeing more and more men with the plucked eyebrows,
dressing nicely, and using all kinds of beauty products,
and obviously the cosmetic industry is taking advantage of it,
because if you notice, there are more and more beauty products for men on the market,
like make up for men.
To me, a man with ironed, clean clothes,
who takes care of his clothes, and who looks clean
is a really big turn on
and in the opposite case, well.... you know ....
Speaking of handsome men who take care of themselves,
here's Carlos who brought us mojitos to celebrate metrosexuality.
>> Claudia: Are you a metrosexual Carlos? >> Carlos: A little bit
>> Claudia: Cool, thank you!
>> Johanna: Cheers, thanks for being here with me.
>> Johanna: I want to thank you for the spiciness you brought to the conversation >> Claudia: Me? Spicy? >> Johanna: Of course!
Let's celebrate together metrosexuality.
Let's invite guys to take care of themselves,
because we like it when you take care of yourselves too.
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>> All Three: Cheers! Mojito!