Stuff - Miami Dolphins Fans Say

Uploaded by ScooterMagruder on 21.10.2012

What’s up guys, hope you’re doing well.
So this week I decided to do Stuff Miami Dolphins Fans Say.
Now you guys have requested this one a lot, so I thought, “why don’t I just go ahead
and do it.”
Now next week I kinda want to change it up a little bit. I think I want to do Stuff Yankee
Fans Say.
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No Jugamos Juegos. Throw me the alley.
Ryan Tannehill is our future!
He’s the next Marino! Shoot, he’s better than Daunte Culpepper, I can tell you that.
I like Tannehill.
He probably saved Jeff Ireland’s job, unfortunately.
We need to get rid of Jeff Ireland.
All I have to say is: Ted Ginn Jr.
I think there’s something there with Joe Philbin.
How do you not get Jeff Fisher in the off-season?
I like Joe Philbin, right, I like Joe Philbin. But, I’m just saying I didn’t know he
was 3 months ago.
People don’t give us any credit. People think we can’t do this…like we can’t
win because we’re the Dolphins.
Hold up, hold up…you can’t have any of this, first of all.
I miss Zach Thomas.
The best linebacker of all time…OF all time.
There’s only three slices left. If I gave you a slice, I’d only have two.
I miss a lot of people to tell you the truth: Sam Madison, Patrick Surtain, Mark Clayton,
Richmond Webb, Larry Little, and Csonka.
Larry Csonka was the bus before Jerome Bettis was even born.
We may have the best fight song in the league!
Miami has the Dolphins, the greatest football team. We take the ball from goal to goal like
no one’s ever seen. We’re in the air. We’re on the ground. We’re always in control.
And when you say Miami, you’re talking Super Bowl!
Have you heard the T-Pain remix though?
Miami has the Dolphins, the greatest football team.
I don’t believe Ochocinco did it, to tell you the truth. I don’t believe it. Have
you even watched Basketball Wives at all? Evelyn always starts all the fights.
Cameron Wake DOE!
HAAAAAAA! The man is a beast.
I can’t blame Chad. I’ve watched Basketball Wives. Personally, Evelyn always instigating.
Why did we trade Vontae though? Can someone please tell me why we did that?
I still don’t know why we traded Vontae Davis.
I hate the Jets.
I don’t why we traded Brandon Marshall.
The Patriots have no talent. They have to cheat to win their games.
I still don’t know why we didn’t sign Brees! Like what? Oh, we signed Culpepper
instead, that’s who we signed!
I don’t even know why Buffalo has a football team. Do they have fans in Buffalo? Is that
even a real place? I thought it was imaginary. Buffalo? Buffalo is a city? Is it real?
I really still don’t know why Jeff Ireland has a job still!
I don’t like him as a GM. I don’t like him as a human being.
We could win our division this year!
I wish we had Shula. Sometimes, I just sit and wish. Shula where are you?
I hate Nick Saban.
People always want to talk “oh they played less games.” It doesn’t’ matter! They
didn’t’ lose any of them!
Has any other team been perfect since us? No.
I mean Mercury Morris can explain it better than I can.
Is it me, or has Reggie Bush been playing good ever since he broke up with Kim Kardashian?
It’s just me?
Can you imagine if we had Ricky Williams and Dan Marino at the same time?
Whatever happened to Pat White?
You know you’re garbage when there’s talks that Tebow might be starting on your team.
Shoot, Jimmy Johnson screwed us over.
I mean Jason Taylor…I honestly think Jason Taylor played for the Jets so he could sabotage
Dan Marino was the best quarterback to never win a Super Bowl.
He was better than Bob Griese. Even though Griese won us a Super Bowl, I’d rather have
Marino. I’m not even lying.
Jason Taylor looks just like that guy from the Game on BET. You know what I’m talking
I mean it could be worse, we could be the Bucs.
Sometimes I just wish Ricky Williams wasn’t crazy. You saw the 30 for 30 though. I know
you saw the 30 for 30. It was the best one yet after The U.
It could be worse, we could be the Jags.
We always trade our good players for nothing! You know, Wes Welker, at one time was on our
team. Did you know that?
Oh, but what do we do? We traded him.
I mean, we still got the Miami Heat. So, you always gotta look at the positives.
DAHECK are we doing? No, Reggie! Did this man just get injured again?
We invented the Wildcat, then everyone caught up to it. Still, who invented it?
No, I read it on the Phinsider. It has to be true.
As long as we keep winning, I’m fine with Jeff Ireland…as long as we keep winning
So we’ll see. We’ll what happens. I think we cam take it though. I honestly think we
can take it this year.
You get two identical resumes. Do you hire Thomas Smith or do you hire LaDanavian Smith?
Stop jeopardizing your child’s future with these names!
I’m a grown man.