Lost in Translation (9/10) Movie CLIP - The Japanese Johnny Carson (2003) HD

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American movie star.
Ladies and gentlemen,
[ No Audible Dialogue ] Mr. Bob Harris!
Come on.! Da de da de, da de da dah.
Da de da dah! Whoo!
Come on, Bob. Come on, Bob.
Bobby, come on! Bobby, come on!
Whoo! Nice to meet you.
He said you guys are e-mailing together.
Ah. He wants to show you his dance.
Japanese dance step. Uh-- Uh--Japanese dance.
Do I-- Do I have to dance with him?
[ Chanting ] To-tung a-tung. To-tung a-tung.
[ Audience Clapping ] To-tung a-tung. To-tung a-tung
Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby-- [ Speaking Japanese ]
Welcome, Bob. He was saying, "Welcome, Bob." What?