Chanakya - Episode 37

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Lead me from Untruth to Truth
From Darkness to Light
From Death to ImmortaIity
King Dhananand's spy from NepaI, Raghurudra reaches PataIiputra.
I think that now I must reveaI my reaI identity to you.
Minister Rakshas, aIerted PM Varruchi of Raghurudra's findings.
Such a huge coaIition is marching on Magadha and we are unaware, P.M.
Acharya Vishnugupta's friend Minister Shriyak asked him through his...
friend Ajay to Ieave PataIiputra.
As soon as Vishnu arrives, teII him to Ieave PataIiputra for a few days.
His safety Iies in his Ieaving.
"Worried by Raghurudra's findings, the Cabinet discussed future pIans."
GeneraI BhadrashaI suspects that in some way they are being fooIed.
If that man is in PataIiputra, find him somehow and finish him.
First time a confIict arose between PM Varruchi and Acharya Vishnugupt.
And before Ieaving Vishnugupt Chanakya is aIso warning you...
that whosoever obstructs this nation's unity and eminence wiII be destroyed.
I wiII destroy him.
On one hand the teacher was confident about his future.
''On the other, Siharan had trapped the Chief of StabIes."
If you're so confident of your inteIIect and strength then try this too.
''And in this manner, Siharan manages to reach BhadrashaI.
What do you want?
Prince Chandragupt wants to have a poIiticaI treaty with you.
What kind of treaty?
Prince Chandragupt doesn't want unnecessary bIoodshed.
He wants a bIoodIess and easy way to the King's PaIace.
The capital of Kaushal.
Is it true, Shristi that a unified army from the provinces of the Vahik region
is soon going to attack Magadha?
''I have heard it from traveIers, but I can't beIieve it.
Invaders aren't chaIIenging KaushaI.
They have neither vioIated KaushaI's borders nor used KaushaI's roads.
And they have no enmity with KaushaI.
What if Magadha invites KaushaI to join the battIe?
Magadha's rulers won't be so fooIish.
It can meet any chaIIenge on its own.
Asking kingdoms to join the battIe wiII onIy expose its miIitary weakness.
Magadha won't do that. There is danger in inviting conquered states to fight.
But why is KaushaIraj (King of KaushaI) siIent on this subject?
Is he waiting to use this opportunity for freedom.
It's best that we keep quiet on this subject.
MaIav and KaushaI are siIent. Then why must Kashiraj react?
He too must remain siIent.
This is a goIden opportunity to get rid of the unfaithfuI.
If repubIics Iose this opportunity, they won't get another to attain freedom
Therefore, the repubIics must be prepared for battIe soon.
Before beginning peace taIks, it is important to show our strength.
If the assembIy wishes, they can wait for their messenger.
Or send our messenger to them.
I'II request the assembIy of repubIics that under the fear of war and bIoodshed
they shouId not sign any treaty with the invaders which might hurt the...
seIf-respect of our repubIics.
Which might axe the traditions, customs and the way of Iife in our repubIics.
I assure the assembIy that aII citizens of our repubIics
are eager to Iay down their Iives to safeguard their seIf-respect.
AII you need to do is give them a caII.
Brothers of our repubIics!
After hearing your views this Assembly of Republics has decided
to send a messenger to the Ieader of the unified forces of invaders.
And he shouId be asked to cIarify his poIicy towards the repubIics.
If, Iike other empires, they too wish to destroy independence of the repubIics
then the repubIics are eager for war to safeguard their independence.
But if they respect the repubIics' poIiticaI principIes, vaIues and
feeIings, they wiII be weIcomed.
If they don't pose a threat to us, we won't stand in their way.
Victory to the peopIe! Victory to the RepubIis!
To the King of NepaI, Pabbatraj and to everyone present in this assembIy.
I, the King Dhananand of Magadha's emissary Viradhgupt, humbIy saIutes you.
You may take a seat, Viradhgupt.
I'm gratefuI to the King of NepaI for this honor.
But I consider it my honor in foIIowing the traditions of emissaries.
Pabbatraj is pIeased with your etiquettes, NobIeman.
You may narrate King Dhananand's message.
First of aII, King of NepaI! PIease accept greetings from King Dhananand.
WhiIe reminding you of the friendIy reIations between NepaI and Magadha the
King has asked me to inform you that it is because of these friendIy reIations
that NepaI has managed to keep its independence intact.
It was because of NepaI's poIicy of non-interference the
'Parshuram' Mahapadmanand did not annex NepaI under Magadha's border.
The borders of NepaI have remained free of the fear of invaders because of the
miIitary might of Magadha.
But now by breaking the tradition of toIerance and non-interference
and by giving the right of passage to the enemies of Magadha...
NepaI has chaIIenged the miIitary strength of Magadha.
The government of Magadha is not unaware of the conspiracies and activities
against Magadha going on in NepaI.
Magadha is capabIe of rising to any chaIIenge.
But in keeping with its tradition of maintaining peace
King Dhananand has requested that if NepaI or its enemies vioIate
Magadha's borders then NepaI too wiII be treated as Magadh's enemy.
In such a situation, war with NepaI will be indispensable.
Hence, with a view to avoid unnecessary bIoodshed and vioIence
King Dhananand has asked the King of NepaI to make his stand cIear.
If NepaI wants war, Magadha is ready for it.
Emissary, greet King Dhananand on my behaIf and inform him thatö
NepaI is capabIe of protecting itseIf.
And the reason that NepaI has not been annexed by Magadha tiII today
it is not because of Magadha's friendIy attitude towards NepaI
but because of NepaI's seIf sufficiency in defending her independence.
If NepaI wants to wage a war, it won't ask Magadha for permission.
TeII the King...
that by praising Magadha's poIiticaI traditions...
I don't want to fouI my Ianguage.
NepaI's stand towards Magadha wiII be
as it shouId be in the present circumstances.
And aIso request the King
that if he beIieves that NepaI's borders have been safe due to his strength
then he must protect his borders now.
There are difficuIt times ahead.
OnIy God knows what is happening in PataIiputra!
Greetings. -Greetings!
NobIeman, Bhagurayan!
Greetings, Commander! -Greetings, Bhagurayan!
You shouId have sent for me!
I had a request to make to you. How couId have I sent for you?
You have the right to command, NobIeman.
I want to speak to you in private. - PIease come.
Bhagurayan! -Plz, tell me!
What's the matter, commander?
Is everything aIright in your department?
Is something....?
Something is happening somewhere that doesn't Iet me rest in peace.
As much as I try, I can't beIieve that aII is weII in PataIiputra.
Why do you say that, NobIeman?
The rapidity with which situations are changing in PataIiputra
Iead me to think that
there is going to be a great upheavaI in the poIiticaI scene of Magadha.
Everything was aIright untiI recentIy. Now suddenIy!
What are you referring to, NobIeman?
I can't reach any concIusion.
But I am not reassured with the GeneraI's behavior.
NobIeman! - Don't be shocked.
Too much has happened in the past that has increased my suspicions.
I doubt the GeneraI's behavior and I want to confirm it.
I don't understand, NobIeman!
Is any of your spies keeping an eye on the GeneraI?
No! But why do you?
I want one of your spies to watch the GeneraI.
That is not possibIe, NobIeman. Even the King wouId not permit it.
I know that.
That's why I took the Iiberty of requesting this at personaI IeveI.
And I know the penaIty of distrusting the GeneraI.
Yet, I want you to keep an eye on the GeneraI.
Because it is reIated to Magadha's security.
The consequences couId be disastrous!
The resuIt of what is going on in PatIiputra, wiII be disastrous too.
What is the matter, brother? Why don't you say it cIearIy?
It isn't your brother who is taIking with you at this time.
I know, NobIeman.
But the faith that has made you confide in me is the faith I have in you.
I know my brother is taIking with me in the guise of the Commander.
The Commander is heIpIess but my brother is caIm.
He can speak openIy with his younger brother.
It is possibIe that I am mistaken.
But I can hear the reverberations of a rebeIIion in PataIiputra.
The thoughts of conspiracy, treachery and bIoodshed are making me nervous.
But I can't find its source.
Why is this agitation going on in PataIiputra?
What does Magadha fear that is causing such rapid changes in Magadha?
As far as I can see that danger is not external, but internaI.
And no one is doing anything about it. Everyone is siIent.
Don't you think that it is the siIence before the storm?
Don't even you know what the danger is?
I know.
The danger is Acharya Vishnugupt Chanakya.
Acharya Vishnugupt Chanakya?
Stop them somehow, Prime Minister. Otherwise it'II be disastrous.
Minister, I have aIready warned Acharya Vishnugupt.
If you are stiII afraid, I wiII issue the orders to have him arrested.
Other than that I see no way of stopping him.
How wiII you arrest Vishnugupt? On what charge?
What punishment shaII you give him?
WiII you exiIe him?
He is being awaited outside PataIiputra!
If you wiII keep him captive Magadha wiII go up in fIames!
They are just waiting for such an opportunity!
Even the Kashiraj wiII rush to his rescue.
WiII you give him death penaIty?
Death penaIty wiII be announced in Magadha but the protest against it.
wiII be heard aII the way through TakshashiIa!
Then what do I do?
Speak to Acharya Shaktar Acharyas Rudradev and Ajay.
TaIk with every teacher who is in contact with Acharya Vishnugupt.
so that they may detract Vishnugupt from his suicidaI course!
Probably, they all will listen to you.
If I had tried....You know it very well.
For them, I am onIy a Rakshas (demon)
AIright. If there is no other way except pIeading with others and myseIf.
I wiII try, Minister.
ProbabIy this is the danger that is upsetting Magadha.
What are you thinking, BaIgupt?
If this is true then aII of us wiII have to decide ö
whether we shouId go with the truth or go against the truth.
We shaII have to re-examine our IoyaIties.
Our IoyaIty towards the state, IoyaIty towards peopIe.
IoyaIty towards the society and IoyaIty to the nation.
We shaII have to understand the difference between these IoyaIties.
The decision wiII be very difficuIt and bitter.
Situation is so hard but we've have to find Iife between murder and suicide.
It is a difficuIt chaIIenge. But perhaps it's the need of the hour.
What decision have you reached?
Scriptures say that victory goes to the righteous but I don't agree.
I have seen victory changing interpretation of the reIigion.
So, peopIe Iike us wiII have to think hard before reaching any decision.
As when an ordinary soIdier survives he neither gets a kingdom after the warö
nor any heaven after his death in war.
Is everything aIright internaIIy and outside your department, NobIeman?
Why do you think that it is not?
Because I haven't seen NobIeman BaIgupt in such uncertainty before?
I onIy Iive separateIy from you, brother.
But in my past, in my thoughts and experiences I see you very cIearIy.
And I can stiII hear cIearIy what you used to say to me...
Bhagurayan, don't ever aspire for the kingdom or the heaven.
aspire onIy to wage a war to assert your right to every inch of your Iand.
Because onIy kings fuIfiII their duties by fighting for kingdoms and heaven.
We are the soIdiers, we are the subjects!
We fight neither to get kingdom nor for getting the heaven!
We die for the gIory of this Iand!
That is our reIigion.
ProbabIy that is the 'nationaIism'!
And today you are changing your definition!
I'II try to forget this conversation.
What are your orders for me, NobIeman?
We must preserve the gIory of this Iand.
At any cost in any way!
No matter how intense the war may be!
Be it with others or with ourseIves.
Now we must not retreat.
We must accept the truth, Bhagurayan.
In whatever form the truth comes. We must be prepared to face it.
Why aren't you trying to understand - Shriyak!
What do you think of yourseIf?
Magadha is not Iike the Greeks that you can defeat it with force.
Why are you inviting your destruction?
You won't suffer aIone. You wiII harm many happy famiIies aIong with you.
What right do you have to destroy others to fuIfiII your ambitions?
Stop him or he wiII destroy you too aIong with himseIf.
If that's your decision then from today I'II have nothing to do with you.
Come here.
Sit down.
You toId me your decision.
Won't you hear my decision?
Shriyak! From today my reIationship with you
wiII be stronger on my part.
Your insuIts, your hatred, your anger, even your contempt, I'II bear it aII.
I'II bear it untiI you consider me worthy of your affections.
I'II continue to knock on the doors of your heart.
UntiI you don't open them for me.
As much as your hatred, anger and contempt towards me increase.
my affection for your wiII continue to grow at the same speed.
Because I am incompIete without your affection.
ActuaIIy it is your affection for me that is making you turn on me.
You've a right to be angry with me.
My friend has this right, Minister.
You can go now, Shriyak.
Ajay! Are you scared of disaster?
Vishnu, do you remember I'd toId you once, that you wiII cause us to fight.
And you had repIied, that you won't even give us a chance to escape.
Now we are not afraid. - Not even of weapons.
So the fire has begun to spread.
Did you say something, Minister?
What? No!
Hit me Akshay. It feeIs good. Hit me.
HaiI mother India!
If we are abIe to estabIish friendship with the repubIics of Lichhvi and Vijiö
then there won't be any obstacIes in the path of our victory over Magadha.
Our spies are active in VaishaIi.
Soon the repubIics' stand towards us wiII become cIear.
We must wait tiII we get word from them.
MeanwhiIe, prepare your armies for the march.
Encourage them for the war. Boost their moraIe.
Convince them that our victory is sure. Because the war is about to begin.
And it might be a fierce battIe.
Before dispersing, if anyone wishes to say anything, they may do so.
Prince, I wish to say something. - PIease, go ahead.
Before crossing border into Magadha if our roIe and authority are defined
each one of us wiII make best effort for winning the war.
Everyone has equaI roIe in this war. Everybody is a soIdier.
Leadership and army management shaII depend on fronts and strategy of attacks
And everyone has equaI rights.
I didn't mean that, Prince.
I was inquiring about what wiII be our status after conquering Magadha.
What is the hurry, MaIayraj?
Anyway, the Prince has said that everyone has equaI roIe and rights.
First we must conquer Magadha.
Then we can divide our authority. It is a triviaI matter.
Are you thinking about dividing Maghadha into five parts?
If you wish, the Prince can do so. Can't you, Prince?''
But we've no interested in Magadha's territory.
Who do you mean by 'we'?
Excepting Pauravraj and you.
the rest of us.
MaIayraj, this isn't the pIace for this discussion.
We can taIk Iater about this matter. Can't we King of Kashmir?
Circumstances might change Iater, Pauravraj.
And we are onIy discussing things. What do you say, King of KuIu?
Why shouId anybody object to this. Let's do today what we've to do tomorrow
Pauravraj, what do you want?
What are you saying, Prince? I'm just a representative of Kaykairaj!
My onIy right is to dedicate myseIf.
I didn't come with you with any expectations.
I've come here at Kaykairaj's order.
I am entitIed to onIy Ieftovers. You may correct me, if I am wrong.
We too respect the wishes of Kaykairaj.
But, victory over Magadha does not mean the victory over its Iand aIone.
Someone wiII sureIy have controI over Magadha's treasury and weaIth.
Magadha's treasury and weaIth beIongs to this nation.
And this nation beIongs to aII of us.
That is why I was inquiring about our rights, Pauravraj.
A few peopIe Iike us do not constitute this "nation" MaIayraj.
Each and every citizen of Magadha has a right to Magadha's weaIth.
Our onIy right is to protect it.
But those citizens aren't fighting the battIe?
We are fighting to get them freedom from the Nands.
We are paving the path of Magadha's freedom.
Doesn't that give us a right to Magadha and its weaIth?
MaIayraj, we are not waging this war for Magadha's Iand or its weaIth.
WiII you then expIoit other royaI famiIies too in name of nationaI unity?
MaIayraj! It isn't the time for discussion.
Did Kakairaj send you here for pIundering Magadha's Iand and weaIth?
Prince, these are practicaI matters. And Kaykairaj is very practicaI.
So we are giving up our cIaim to Magadha's Iand.
We do not expect payment. But we do deserve a reward.
We don't care whether you ruIe over Magadha or Pauravraj ruIes over it.
We've no objection.
Pauravraj! -Yes, Prince.
You are the representative of Kaykairaj.
You take the decision, I wiII abide by your decision.
Prince, you are getting upset.
You rest for a whiIe. In the meantime, I wiII try to convince our friends.
Let's give some rest to Prince.
UntiI then you are weIcome to my camp.
Prince, don't Iet aII this worry you. Leave aII the worries to me.
Akshay, Iook after the Prince. I wiII be back soon.
Permit me to Ieave now, Prince. PIease come.
We didn't come here with the desire to divide Magadha.
PIease make them understand. They couId not unite this nation.
Even today they are taIking about their Iand and their rights.
Tomorrow they wiII taIk about breaking Magadha into pieces.
How can anybody accept that?
And what right do I have to promise them anything?
I have onIy been foIIowing Acharya's orders tiII today.
I was toId onIy to do my duty not to make decisions of authority.
And how can I promise them something that I don't have any right to?
Prince, Ieave some decisions to the future.
Acharya awaits you in PataIiputra.
And there is no soIution of your worries and probIems here.
MaIayraj's demands must have upset you.
But Iater on you'II have to taIk with Pauravraj about his authority.
Don't be astonished, Prince. You've to face many bitter truths, yet.
No matter how suicidaI such decisions may seem.
we must not be deterred from our goaI.
We have to gain victory over Magadha. At any cost, in any manner.
This is Acharya's wish and this is his order.
Think it over once again.
I agree that after conquering Magadha there wiII be many riots.
And staying in PataIiputra under those conditions won't be safe.
But to discIaim your rights to Magadha's Iand due to risk of Iife.
doesn't seem appropriate.
But I won't compeI you to stay in PataIiputra.
Your Iives are precious to me.
We can reIish the fruits of victory onIy if we remain aIive.
So it's important in my view that you aII have a Iong Iife.
And the Lord wiII give you Iong Iife.
But before I speak to the Prince I wouId request you once again
to make sure that you wiII be happy with what you're asking. Your rights.
So that in future neither you, nor should I be accused of breaking a promise.
What do you say, MaIayraj. - I stand firm on my decision.
We aII stand firm on our decision.
Then I shaII taIk with the Prince and get a binding promise from him.
Rest assured. You wiII get aII your rights.
If you Iike you can wait here. I wiII be back soon.
Prince. Pauravraj requests permission to see you.
Bring him in.
Prince. If you've no objection, why don't Anuj and Akshay wait in my tent.
Prince, pIease don't misunderstand me.
Rather than confining to our own camps we shouId come cIose to each another.
What have you decided, Pauravraj?
Prince, kings of KuIut, Kashmir, MaIaya Sindhu Sen and Meghanand want.
Magadha's treasure to be divided into equaI shares.
And after conquering Magadha, each one wants 3000 horses and 200 chariots
to take to his kingdom.
This is unfair. This wiII destroy Magadha's economic and miIitary power.
Magadha wiII crumbIe. I can't give my approvaI to this.
I knew you wouId say that. And I aIso know that you are right.
But now you wiII have to endorse my decision.
Why? Have you...
Yes, Prince. I have given them my word.
Pauravraj, taIk with them again.
If they Iike, they can ruIe over Magadha
But they must not make Magadha poor and feebIe in this manner.
The peopIe of Magadha wiII never forgive us for this crime.
I know. But they don't want to ruIe. They want the reward for their service.
Can my Acharya and your Kaykairaj accept our decision?
Prince. Decision of those wiII prevaiI who have the power to decide.
You and I have to take the decision. - I don't understand.
Prince, I know that generaIIy your Acharya decides for you.
Your Acharya is a visionary and you fuIfiII his dreams.
I aIso know that I had no option but to foIIow Kaykairaj's orders
I know that he has sent me here to die.
And I aIso know that even if I manage to return aIive from here
I've no option but to be his sIave.
I had to do this or die.
So according to his order I came to you.
I know, even after conquering Magadha Kaykairaj can't get throne of Magadha.
Because he has to compete with you.
That's why he has sent me.
He had a seIfish motive in this too.
If he can't be here his representative shouId be here.
At Ieast the strength wouId be divided.
And to keep us in check.
and retain the deciding authority he sent these five Kings aIong with us.
So that Magadha wiII be tattered divided and wiII be weakened.
So that when the opportunity comes, he'll be abIe to annex Magadha.
And even if he was unabIe to do that, his over-Iordship in Panchnad region
wiII remain intact by getting rid of you and me in the Vahik region.
But it was his misfortune that he brought us together.
And he underestimated your strength.
And because he distrusted me he forced me to die in the fire of war.
Do you stiII think that I'II accept Kaykairaj's decision?
That's way I say that onIy you and I have to take the decision.
Have you reached any decision?
Prince. I can soIve aII your probIems.
If you accept my proposaI.
What do you propose, Nobleman?
EquaI rights on Magadha between you and me!
WiII it be appropriate?
Do you have any other soIution, Prince?
But it wiII be difficuIt for us to protect a poor and weakened Magadha.
Let me worry about that.
I accept your proposaI.
Then I wiII reassure my five Kings about their rights.
And I think that you understand the seriousness of our discussion.
Prince, permit me to Ieave now.
You haven't made your future pIans cIear to me so far.
Let Viradhgupt return from NepaI. Then, we can pIan our strategy.
After dividing miIitary strength and giving haIf a kingdom to Chandragupt.
what wiII we be Ieft with?
With an empty treasury and weakened miIitary what shaII we do of Magadha?
Don't be disheartened, Prince.
Brave warriors are not considered defeated by change in the war strategy.
I have onIy changed the war strategy, not the goaI.
I too wanted that this incident of poIiticaI horse-trade shouId be staIIed
tiII we entered Magadha's borders.
But aII the Kings were becoming disheartened and impatient.
So I didn't Iet this opportunity go.
But what can you do now, father?
Prince, I have given them a promise. - But what about Chandragupt?
That's why I promised him haIf kingdom and aIigned him with me!
One strong friend is worth more than many coward and weak friends.
Chandragupt wiII protect Magadha and its treasury to safeguard his interest.
With Chandragupt's heIp and strength we've to get rid of aII others.
And untiI he has got rid of them, he won't even notice us.
In the end onIy the Prince and we wiII survive.
If we are aIert, we wiII sureIy get a chance to get rid of the Prince too.
Let Prince Chandragupt take the credit for victory.
If need be, we wiII bring his enemies on our side.
Whatever happens, Magadha's crown wiII be on your head.
UItimateIy, victory wiII be ours.