Ezel 36 Part 1 English

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How can such thing be Ezel, can a guy take everything like that just because he wants it?
They dont take it, they take it for examination
But we were really rich
Look, now we´re not that bad either
No, there must be more
I´ve seperated the things that are worth money, some people are going to come to buy them, can you wait in the office for them
How much should I ask for it?
Whatever they give
Ezel, this is all temporary right, we´ll get everything we own back?
Who would want it
Kenan Birkan knows really good where to hit, they dont take it with force, the government distrains everything, who´s gonna get it from the government, Ezel Bayraktar?
But actually theres no such person and Kenan knows that
How did he find out?
Thats what I wanted to talk with you Sebnem
How could he have found out?
I dont know, maybe from Cengiz
I dont think its from Cengiz, its from one of us
Ezel, they have released uncle
When did they release him?
In the night
Where is he now then?
I dont know, he didnt let anyone know, he didnt take his phone either, he left it here
Ezel, whats on uncles mind, Ezel?
Your visitor has arrived mister Kenan
He can come
Finish this game now Kenan
If you let me Im gonna finish it
Couldnt I teach you anything kid
Take that knife in your hand, and come in front of me as a real man
Ive requested it to your grandchild, he´s gonna do it
He didnt do it, he´s not gonna do it
It doesnt matter how much you brainwash him, my blood, wont drain my blood
He lingers, we´re playing with you, the old days are gone brother Ramiz
Dont take your eyes away then, look me in the eye, be brave
I'm not scared of you brother Ramiz, I´ve never been scared of you
Dont tremble in front of me then, stand like a man
I´ve never been scared of you brother Ramiz
I´ve respected you, I was marveled by you, I became your fan,I dont wander off me eyes because I´m scared
Are you in for a deal brother Ramiz, is your heart or my brains gonna be dominant
Is your grandchild going to listen to you...or me
I say, your grandchild will kill his granddad before the end of the day
He´s not gonna do it, he´s not gonna do it, that kid is a good kid, he´s not going to do it
Then you life is in the hands of the one who wins
Have a nice game brother Ramiz
You will start youre way from somewhere
In the beginning you are surrounded with youre family
Then even if you leave, you have youre family inside of you
Then...to rip the family out of you
You´ll do thousands kinds of madness, you´ll play with fire
But if you've already been broken off with your family
If you later on made a stranger as a family to yourself
The family who youre heart chose, no one will ever be able to tear them apart from you
Dont say anything stupid, okay
Okay, I´ll let you talk brother Ali, youre really good in such things, we did our good deed lets go, what are we gonne do here
Needs us, you give every question the same answer man, is he poor again now?
For now
Look at Kenan, first we thought it was us, then we said Ramiz and Ezel, they werent the king of the universe either
Cengiz, dont get on my nerves, dont approach like a cat and scratch, if your not gonna help, get f*** off!
Doesnt this man want Ramiz, lets give him, Ezel and we´ll get rid off it, how you like that for help
Whats up partner
Are we kids, were grown ups and were going after him like ducks
Dont come then!
Let me have a look
Dont you understand me?
We´ve been through the same street for 3 times,you gonna give it?
Why are you following me my beautiful brother, dont you have a home
Home is boring
Whats in it?
Behind you
Whats behind me?
The adress, its right behind you
I'm with that friend
I brought you the greetings of uncle Rahmi, brother
How is Rahmi, is he okay, is he still..
His sake is big, he helped everyone except himself, one time he helped us too
He send you this brother
Shuffle this
Leave it, leave it
Count these
Okay let it go, His sake is big but not that big
What can you do kid?
Whats happening man?
Brother, I dont know how to play cards but..these cards arent yours, right
I dont know how to count the money either brother but this money is yours I believe
The big car in front of the door, be here early in the morning, come on
Uncle, let it be over
They´ve compressed us badly uncle, they took Celal in, Topahane and Kurtulus also
they have made a friend in Taksim sweat too, the brothers had a meeting in the night and they said to retreat for a while
So behind you, the people are...
What, what, what?
Until they know whats happening, you have to back off, they found that appropriate
Yakup, you can go too, its my turn to close the shop tonight
No brother were not closing yet
None of us will back off
Theres no leakage in us uncle, thank god
You have all heard the decision right?
Were listening to the words coming out of your mouth uncle, so tell us now what do we have to do
What shall we do, Yakup, first you bring me a good breakfast then we´ll say our last words to eachother
Then all of you go leave me alone here, okay, come on
Eysan didn't believe Omer
Yes, where did you hear that from, your intelligence is strong
I didnt hear it from anyone man, wasnt it written all over his face
What did you say to Eysan?
What we talked about, but she didnt listen, it was obvious,
Brother I dont get it, youre back to life, let go of Eysan let go of Ramiz, enjoy your life, I would do that
Would you do that man or I are you saying that you would want him to do that now!
Ali man, dont make long sentences, youre spelling gets all mixed up
Dont you see how he is man?
I see how I am Ali thats enough for me!
Cengiz, nothing is going to happen to Omer again you understand, nothing is going to happen to him
Im not going to stop!
Im not gonna stop im telling you
Stop brother, stop the car..
The cops!
Work it officer
Is there something wrong?
I want to see you're license too
Youre not gonna write a fine and let me go from what I see
This is an expensive car isnt it?
It is
Will twenty years of our salary be enough to buy one of these?
If your honest it wont
The keys please mister, were gonna pull it to the thrust see, you can later on follow it
The car is going and Im staying?
Well I dont know that, we have an order that says we have to distrain the car with this number plate, you can read it if you want to
No Ive read that before
Okay, let me take you outside then
What is he doing man?
He´s escaping brother, the difference between Omer and Ezel
Brother are we going to deal with the cops now too
Were not going to deal with them, he´s not going to see them again
What are you trying to do mister!
Im sorry, it was a good car so I wanted to say goodbye
It wont harm you, after all youre gonna leave this one and step into a better one
Work it
Here are you happy now?
What did I do, its Kenan Birkan´s work, are you crazy
I dont know Cengiz, maybe you did something because you always do someting
Why should I have done something brother Ali, what do I gain from this?
Brother, brother whats this place?
This is the house of a man called Kenan Birkan
Is he a good man?
If youre his friend, he´s a real good man, shall I introduce you to him?
Where to?
Im going to my father
Im going to introduce you with Kenan Birkan, he has great toys be aware of that
Ive already met him
Now, youre Kenan Birkan
How did you know?
I just knew, when you say your own name you get a little bit weird, you get an ego
An ego?
Open the door Im going to leave
I cant, were going to wait for your mother
Open the door Im going to leave
I said I cant were going to wait for your mother, thats my last word
What are you doing, be calm wait a moment
Come on open the door
Open the door, I want to go to my father open the door
I said stop, stop, like that
Please Kenan Birkan bring me to my dad
Okay I´ll bring you but you have to do something for me to
Youre not going to make your mom sad, what happened here will stay between us, youre going to look happy for your mom okay?
Mister Kenan, Can, are you alright my son?
Im alright mom, brother Kenan is going to show his toys
Thats great, but we dont want to bother mister Kenan do we?
No ofcourse not how is that possible, we get along great with Can, arent we Can
Excuse me
Dont go anywhere, Im gonna show you a beautiful train model
Youve been a naughty boy again
The whole day is mine, Im not in a hurry
Thats what Ive said too, and what do you think of Ramiz, is he a man like you had imagined?
He told me a story...
The first time you two met
Aahh, the end of that story is great, why did he tell you that
I dont know, maybe to gain time but he didnt look like that, you look like you used to look he said
And then?
He gave me his scarf, you keep it he said and I just stood there doing nothing
Shall we remember it for the last time?
First what do you see?
He´s waving , he´s coming towards me
And do you see it now?
I went to him...
My bag is heavy, if I give it he´ll carry it I think by myself, I gave my bag
What else did you see?
In the background a guy is coming...towards him, he puts his hand in his pocket, a strange...man
Did you say something?
I didn't
Didnt you scream, didnt you warn him?
No, the guy got behind him, then there was a sound, then... blood was on me
What did you do?
He fell down, the guy looked at me, he pointed the gun to the ground
Didnt you jump on the guy?
I didnt, I just stood there, he fired
Did he die then, did you look?
I looked...
He was breathing, his face was all covered in mud, with one hand he did something, he waved: go away to me
He was waving...run away to me
What did you do?
I watched my father die...