Survivor Kid 4

Uploaded by TheBlazedTube on 22.12.2010

Brett - Hi, I’m Brett Dostal, I’ll be surviving out here in the wilderness with
my partner Grizzly. We’ll be out here alone, except for Tim he is going to be out here
to. Grizzly – Hi, I’m Grizzly I have just
parachuted in to the remote wilderness of North Dakota to show you how to survive. Right
here I have a fire going, I have got my tinder formed here, I have got some pretty dry stuff.
It should be ready to go up in flames any second. Hey look at that!
Brett – Hey Grizzly there you are! Grizzly – Hey Dostal!
Grizzly – In a survival situation there is always strength in numbers, if you ever
find yourself lost from your group your first objective should be to find them.
Grizzly – When time and resources are limited simple lean twos like this can be made fairly
quickly and with the most materials lying around.
Brett – So you have got three prongs on here so you increase your chances of killing
a fish by three. Brett – The natives used to hunt these crayfish
in the same manner as I am. Brett – We are having crayfish tonight!
Look at I have go a crawdad here. Grizzly – Hey man look at that!
Brett – A few more of these and we are going to be eating good!
Grizzly – Good source of protein right there. Brett – Yea freshwater lobster.
Grizzly – Well, while Brett was talking about that crayfish, a wild dog just happened
to come upon our tinder [cough] and um ruined it. It is no longer dry, we will say. So we
have had to grab another pile here and we will continue to try to make our fire.
Grizzly – A successful fire begins with three elements fuel, heat, and air. A proper
combination of the three elements is required for successful ignition.