{Engsubbed} {ซับไทย} HQ 100122 Section TV 2PM with Yoon Eun Hye

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The strongest idol group 2pm and attractive girl Yoon eun-hye had a special meeting.
Taek: I came close to falll in love...
Reporter: Let's start exhilarating date with them.~
[Jan 2010 Kang Nam] Late evening.. all staffs were busy preparing to shoot
Suddenly women staffs begin to have grin all over the face. [cap: Cool! Women staffs like what they see]
You know the reason without words~
Taec: Hi~ Happy new year. It's me,Taekyeon.
Begin with shooting for liquor advertising (magazine photo shooting)
...with beautiful noona(sister), Yoon eun-hye.
Nichkhun is more busy to clean props than his style manager.(same sub..)
Contrary?(I can't hear clearly..) Wooyoung looks like fluttering
Among 2pm, the woman with slim and beautiful figure is the "Yoon eun-hye".
PD: Last time, you said that you like 2pm..
Eunhye: Yes...
R: Who do you like among SS501 members?
Eunhye: I like 2pm better^-^
PD: what do you feel to meet 2pm today?
Eunhye: They are Gentlemen..nevertheless they're younger than me but they have good manner ..
Finally, the shooting starts.
If it were a drinking with these cool junior colleagues,
I'll get drunk their attraction more than alcohol.
If I have a chance I'd like to join with them.
By the way in film, Junsu turned over a beer mug by mistake. [A chair filled with beer]
R: Sorry 2PM members scrub the floor themselves / someone:(Jokingly) Part-time workers! Please clean up! / Taec: OK, I'll do my best. / Wooyoung: I'm sorry about it. He was drunk since yesterday.
Junsu: Totally sorry, Yoon eun-hye noona. [Eunhye: That's OK..Junsu]
R: Junsu is sorry for making her dress wet. She is nice, she would understand you. / Junsu: Really sorry.
This day I was appeared with sexy dance for mood change..How about it? Look the same~! Wow~
R: My ear's candy~
R: would you like to have it? / Taek: (reject~) No...I'm fine
R: By the way I don't see some of the members
Junho and Chansung....They're minors!
R: 2pm members~ Is it first time to meet Yoon eun-hye?
Junsu: I saw her frequently on TV drama..
Eunhye : In fact I saw them once at the event...when passing them by. [cap: When she passing by]
2pm: A~ha~
R: Do you really remember it?!
R: How do you feel to meet them again?
Eunhye: they're really good more than what I think
[Then...Were we bad boys?]
Not bad boys or anything...I think they're so manly and rough when I see them on tv..
After meeting, I have good feeling for them like younger brothers.
R: Which member of 2pm you are fond of when watching on tv?
Eunhye: My Ideal type 1- I don't like pretty man
R: First Nichkhun is excluded..
Eunhye: Ideal type 2- I like non-double eyelid man .
R: Non-double eyelid man, Wooyoung, gets nervous..
Eunhye: Ideal type 3- his body must be a bit chubby...
Wooyoung : chubby??
R: Maybe It's not 2pm...
You are beer models...What's your drinking capacity? I couldn't avoid asking it
Taek : honestly, we drink a lot ...
Junsu: I drink frequently with Khun.
Khun: I cannot drink a lot of alcohol. [cap: To maintaining his right image?]
Junsu: Hey~Are you kidding?
Khun: I can't drink much...10 bottles. [cap: Can't drink much.."10 bottles~"]
R: I heard this commercial is unique.
Eunhye: It's a kind of music drama......has a story.
R: This ad is described an exhilarating meet with topstar, as soon as releasing, it became a hot issue already ..
Aren't you tired to acting? Cuz it's not singing..
Wooyoung: I appeared too short to talk about it.. [cap: Junsu and Wooyoung made an appearance as a Cameo..]
We don't have anything to say..
R: (Worry) Can we see you in ad?
Wooyoung: (Worry) I have to ask to CF director^-^
R: Wooyoung surprised fans by his kiss scene parody with Junho at the end of the year..
Wooyoung : We had to kiss each other so we had quite a shock.
I think no one was more shocked than us.
After the show, Was ur mother shocked by the scene?
Wooyoung: She was so proud of me because I was also popular with men.
Reporter : She's broad-minded.
The hot topic of today is about the AVATAR hero and 2pm members
Okvatar..Jangvatar. How is it?
R: Were you embarrased when you saw it?
Taek: No~ In fact, I have more bizarre pictures than that
He is hero of OkNyeoSiDae already
Taek : OkNyeoSiDae is really good job.
I came close to falll in love!
2pm and Yoon Eunhye, what are your plans this year?
Eunhye: I'm considering the next project...Hope to have a good work for all of you.
R: I heard you are challenging your first acting.. (Nichkhun challenging first acting through movie]
Khun: I don't speak Korean fluently..so I'm awkward a bit.. (cap: Worrying about his poor Korean)
R: Really? / Khun: I am working hard...
R: I think you have improved a lot.
Taek: He's the best. He's really smart..
This pleasant and joyful time with 5 guys makes me delighted when meeting them
Taek: Until now, it's 2pm. Thank you.
Eunhye : It's Yoon Eunhye~~
R: See you next time..thank you~~
[Translated Kor-Eng by Secilia @Chanrakkun]