How To Sing Well - Tips For Learning How To Sing Good Today!

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Hi. Aaron here from and I want to talk a little bit about how to sing well.
Very broad topic but I want to hit a few things and then kind of just give you some ideas
of how to sing well.
First thing I want to talk about is singing from your diaphragm versus singing just straight
out of your mouth. This is probably one of the main things. It's the beginning of being
able to sing well is singing not like example it will just be like [sings]. That's just
singing out of your mouth. That's kind of like thin and not very just doesn't have the
kind of full body. Singing from your diaphragm would be a lot more like [sings]. It has just
got a fuller, deeper tone singing from your diaphragm.
Now the diaphragm, you don't actually fill the diaphragm up with air nor do you even
fill your stomach up with air but it's all in the lungs. But what happens with diaphragm
breathing is that your diaphragm, it descends and pushes basically your intestines the way
to the side and forward. So that you have a bigger cavity right there so your lungs
can fill up with as much air as you need.
So let me tell you a little bit how to breathe from your diaphragm. The main thing is having
good posture. If your head, neck and torso are aligned and you take a full, complete
breath like good, full breath, you don't want to like take up and take a ton of breath but
if you get a complete breath, then that's basically singing from your diaphragm. The
difference is a little short, like [breathes rapidly] like chest breathing which is what
people primarily do as they just throughout the day as they're talking. It's more like
chest breathing.
So what you don't want to do is have your chest raise up when you breathe in and collapse
when you breathe out. That is going to that's the opposite of diaphragm breathing. So diaphragm
breathing, basically you want to have your chest up. Your sternum and chest nice and
high, not stupid high but just regular high and take full, complete breaths. So when you're
singing, that's singing from your diaphragm. That's going to help you out a ton. Even just
your posture is going to help create enough room for you to diaphragm breathe and have
enough air and your lungs will be able to sing well. If you're slouched over, then you
diminish the amount of capacity that your lungs can expand.
OK. So, also just wanted to say how to sing well. Basically two main things of how to
sing well is learn as much as you can about the voice and how it works, kind of the knowledge
part of singing and the other one is exercises, the vocal exercises; both warm-up exercises
and strengthening exercises, doing those regularly.
So that's basically how you sing well and that's kind of real broad. Best thing to do
would be to find a good online singing lesson program that you can sign up for that's a
systematic program. It kind of takes you step by step in all you have to do in order to
sing well.
I just went through one that I think is by far the best one out there. If you check on
my site, I will tell you what my favorite one is and how to get a hold of
that and also there's tons of tips and tricks and like a bunch of good, free information
up there to help you on your singing journey.
So check that out, How to Sing. I've got the link actually just below here,,
and I just put up a video actually about how to sing high notes but specifically how to
sing high notes without straining your voice, which is a common problem. So check me out
at and I will see you there.