How to install Arabic Language in Windows 8

Uploaded by LearnArabic1000 on 23.10.2012

May Allah`s peace , mercy and blessing be upon you .
In sha allah We will learn How to install arabic language in windows Eight.
My Computer.
Open Control Panel.
show All Control Panel Items .
In Windows Seven we used To See one Icon "Region and Language"
But in Windows Eight There are Two icons
One for Region
And the other icon for Language.
Double Click in Region.
We will keep All Defaults.
And change Only Change System locale...
In Administrative Tab.
Why I change that ?
Because if you Open any Program Contains Arabic Letters,
You will find That Arabic letters Appears like Question Marks ??
Let me show you An Example For that Case.
Here is our Arabic English Dictionary and as you see
Arabic Letters Appears like Question Marks ???
And To Solve that Problem
We will change System Locale To Arabic.
Arabic (Egypt)
You have To Restart your computer.
Second Icon
Language Icon
And To add Arabic Language
Double click in Add a Language and Search For Arabic.
Arabic (Egypt).
Added Now.
You will find in Taskbar your New Arabic Language Icon.
Make Arabic Language your Display Language
Move it To the Top of your language list .
Select Arabic (101).
Click Move Up
If you Decided to Switch back To English As your Display Language
Select English (United States) and click Move Up .
Select Arabic (101).
And Let's change language Preferences
Click Options
Click here To Download and install Language Pack.
Downloading 47 MB.
Installation Complete.
In Options
You can make Arabic Language Your primary Language.
But you have To log off.
Choose To log off later.
In Language Options
We can change input method
From Arabic To other Languages
Click Preview
To see your Keyboard Layout.
Thanks For Watching.
Fe aman allah.Take care.