Dendy Memories #4: Battletoads & Double Dragon

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A huge hello, everyone!
Just recently there was an anniversary 'In The Kitchen' episode,
where Nikolay 'Coulthard' and I overcome the great difficulty
and managed to beat the European version of the Battletoads game.
Being touched by the moment, I was inspired
to share my memories about the second Battletoads game released for Dendy.
The game that not only starring themselves,
but other equally famous characters
from an eponymous game by Technos.
For me, personal importance of the game is that...
From all Dendy games, all the games that I ever played in my whole life,
I can tell without any doubts, this is the game that I completed more times than any other.
How's that? - I'll explain it now.
Sit back, this is Dendy Memories,
I'll share my memories about the game Battletoads and Double Dragon.
The first time when I played Battletoads and Double Dragon, that we were pronouncing like [...],
was Fall 1995 - four, maybe five months after I got Dendy.
The summer has passed, Vitaly and I returned back from the village,
being very pleased that we have completed the Darkwing Duck game.
The 7-in-1 cartridge continued to please us, well, me for the most part.
My school days has started, Vitaly went to the technical college and didn't play with me often anymore.
The 7-in-1 was good, but I wanted to play new games.
Guys were getting new interesting cartridges but didn't share them with anyone.
One day Vitaly and I got lucky, we borrowed a... 3-in-1 it was, I think...
It had the same Chip & Dale and Tale Spin,
but there also was Battletoads and Double Dragon.
An excellent beat 'em up game, we didn't see anything like this before, we barely seen beat 'em up games at all.
Except the TMNT 2, but it was more like an arcade.
We were playing it together during the evenings when we had a chance to play the console.
It still was at my home, we didn't leave it in the village, didn't allowed this to happen.
We got the game just for a couple days. Don't remember who gave it to us,
I'm not even sure about the other games, I remember we were playing only this one.
We played it like three of four times, and the last time we managed to get to the third level.
The game was great. It hooked us with its great music,
the hot gameplay, we didn't play anything like this before.
Arcades are arcades, but... When you beat everyone around with huge first, heels, horns...
That was completely mind blowing.
Sadly, that joy didn't last for long, we had to return it back.
Can't remember, I think we didn't get neither to the Roper,
nor to the end of the level, or the shaft with stuff falling down.
It seemed very difficult, despite we were using the mode where you can't hit another player.
When we tried the other mode, Vitaly was so enthusiastic so he beat me up.
I was very upset and told him to not turn this mode on anymore.
Sadly, we returned the cartridge, and weren't able to find it again for a long time.
Time has passed, 1996 has come.
I still remembered the game and really wanted to play it again.
I got this opportunity, the summer of that year I went to the village again.
Not for the entire summer, for the weekends mostly.
Out of all my nearby... neighbors... messed that up again...
None of them were lending cartridges.
There was one pal, Misha, we weren't seen each other often.
He didn't have neither Dendy nor cartridges, but he once introduced me to his friend Sergey.
Red haired, a bit chubby, seemingly simple guy,
who is in fact thinking how would he get more cartridges from you.
I just had one 7-in-1 that I won't ever give anyone... I thought so, until he offered me to trade it.
He offered me to trade the 7-in-1 to a single game cartridge, Battletoads and Double Dragon.
I was very happy with the offer and easily accepted it.
We agreed to trade it for a month, I got the game, he got my 7-in-1.
We barely seen each other, I even didn't see Misha, who introduced us, too often.
I was so glad that I finally got the game...
I was a little bit bored with 7-in-1 and wanted to feel that drive again.
So I sat down to play Battletoads and Double Dragon.
I was mostly playing as a guy, as I was annoyed that a toad can't hit power ups in jump,
can't cling to the right wall at the third level, when you descend in a shaft.
So I dismissed the toads, it was mostly Double Dragon rather than a Battletoads game for me.
The more so I didn't see the first Battletoads game at the time.
I was playing it for the entire summer.
We agreed to trade for a month...
A month has passed.
Another has passed.
I haven't seen Sergey in these two months.
Haven't seen Misha as well, I was there every weekend,
but we lived quite far from each other.
I was too young, just 8 years old,
so parents didn't allow me to wander around,
as there are animals in the village - dogs, cows, bulls, pigs...
When the summer ended, parents didn't allow me to get the console back to home this time.
So I left the console at the village and came there every weekend to play it.
I also left the cartridge and was playing it every time I was there.
During all that time, the summer has passed... the autumn too...
In that time I managed to get to the fifth level.
And I hated it.
The rocket... Oh my God. It seemed so tedious, so damn infinitely endless.
You are going forward, a lot of flames there, everyone beat you... A disaster.
So I didn't get any further.
I was watching the pictures of the bosses in the intro many times, imagining what they are.
Robo Manus, Shadow Boss,
The Dark Queen...
Someone of my friends once called it Queen of the Dark.
She is Dark Queen, but we were calling it Queen of the Dark, as it sounds cool.
The autumn has passed, and winter of the 1997 year has come.
I started to really worry that I won't see my beloved 7-in-1 again.
Imagine, it might happen that I would lose it,
I would have nothing to tell you in The Curse and previous Dendy Memories episodes...
So, when the spring has come, 7 or 8 months has passed since our trade,
I finally realized - that's it.
Misha... When I saw him, I asked to tell Sergey to return my cartridge, and he was - 'sure, sure'.
That's all, you know.
What you gonna do, I had to tell parents about my misfortune.
'A bad boy got my cartridge for a month and didn't return it, I don't know where he lives...'
I had to listen to few Dad's lectures... You know, I won't dig into that... Difficult time.
Well... Then he took the Battletoads cartridge that I couldn't bear anymore,
because I wanted to play Darkwing Duck and Robocop 3.
He get it and went settling the things up, first to Misha, then they went to Sergey, I think...
Like an hour later, he returned, handed me out my 7-in-1 and told that...
' don't ever give it anyone...'
I got it, I learned the lesson for a long time...
Not quite, but I'll tell about this another time.
I got my beloved 7-in-1 back, and...
Since the spring 1997 I forgot about Battletoads and Double Dragon for a while.
At the time I saw Battletoads 3 already, a single game cartridge too, I thought that it is the third game.
Wanted to see the first one, but it was nowhere to be found... Heck knows where it was.
Yeah... Some time later my neighbor, Vlad was his name... Still is...
He was one of those guys... the only guy in our block who got *everything*.
Probably every block had such guy.
When Dendy became a trend, he got many cartridges.
When comic books became a trend, he got a lot.
Puzzles are a trend, and he got a pile.
And so on, chips, Spider Man action figures...
But... I know him as long as I can remember myself,
I always appreciate him for not being greedy.
He always... He lived three apartments next to me, sadly he is moved now...
He always lent me comic books, cartridges, toys for an indefinite time.
He knew that I live nearby, he can get it back any time,
and I won't give it to anyone... I was honest with him in this respect.
Some time later he got Dendy Classic.
The same exact Dendy Classic that is seen in every episode of the Dendy Chronicles.
He also got a 2-in-1 cartridge with Battletoads 2 and Battletoads 3.
Battletoads 3 was insanely difficult, so we didn't play it much.
But Battletoads 2, a.k.a. Battletoads and Double Dragon, you know...
We were playing it with our entire gang all days around.
That was something. Our company of four guys, sitting in front of two gamepads...
Those who weren't playing didn't have any regrets that they aren't playing.
They were completely fascinated with the action on the screen.
We were playing for... How long it was?.. For a real long.
There was a guy in our company, Ilya. I mentioned him in my story about Robocop 3.
He stated that he completed Battletoads and Double Dragon.
His extensive knowledge of Dendy games was probably larger than ours combined together.
He was like an expert for us.
He said that he got to the Dark Queen and defeated her...
We all weren't getting further the fifth level, it seemed unbeatable.
One day we got tired of that, and we asked him:
'Ilya, please beat the game, show us that's next, the sixth level, the seventh...'
'The Dark Queen, what she is, how to beat her, and so on...'
He didn't resist too long, actually.
One day we took the cartridge and went to his home, he had a Dendy too.
We crowded his room and sat down to watch how he...
Alone, take a note, without a second player, beats Battletoads and Double Dragon.
He was playing quite like a pro.
When he got to the fifth level, we thought - is he really get through it?
And you know, he did it. He beat Robo Manus...
Robo Manus was the last point in the game that I was able to get to.
I didn't see what's next, because I didn't beat him, no one did, except for Ilya.
So... He got to the sixth level.
Tactics there was the same, he killed all baddies and got to the Shadow Boss.
Sadly, I don't remember the battle, I only remember how fascinated we were.
And we were really, really eager to see what is in the end.
Surprisingly, the last level turned out to be very short.
The main difficulty there is that enemies has more health and they move faster.
He was talking so much that he completed the game,
'Did you really beat the game?' - 'Yes, sure, you'll see, how could you not believe.'
Imagine, he got to the Dark Queen, and she stomped him into dust.
Alas, he didn't beat her. He spent remaining continues there,
but wasn't able to do anything.
Despite the game was over at the Dark Queen, we weren't disappointed.
We were really happy in fact,
because we got everything we wanted so much.
We've seen the sixth and the last, seventh levels.
We've seen what the Dark Queen looks like, how damn brutal she is.
We also got a goal to achieve, as tactics for the fifth level became more clear...
So we started trying to actually beat that level.
Regarding Battletoads 3, Ilya also said he got far there.
Not sure if he stated that he beat it, maybe he was cautious to brag like that,
if he didn't do that... Maybe he did.
We never... well, barely played Battletoads 3, because...
My memories about Battletoads 2 and Battletoads 3...
Well, Battletoads, let's name spade a spade.
...Is like memories about the games Earth Worm Jim 1 and 2 for Genesis.
The first one is insanely difficult but interesting,
while the second is really fun and isn't quite difficult.
It plays easily... there is no need to strain.
Maybe it is just me, but I had to strain in the first game,
while the second game - not a problem.
Well... Time went, we still didn't see how the game ends.
Around... 2000, I think...
Somehow Ilya got a few cartridges somewhere.
Maybe he traded it, or got as a gift... snatched maybe...
One of them was quite interesting - this worthy board.
It is notable by being 3-in-1, with Prince of Persia, Little Mermaid,
and the Battletoads and Double Dragon.
He presented me this board.
I was really glad, as I didn't own neither the Battletoads game, nor Prince of Persia...
Well, Prince of Persia was useless for me, you know how it works on my console.
So... We played Battletoads and Double Dragon on this board, but it didn't last too long.
It was 2000, we were seventh-graders at the time...
My classmate Denis was visiting me very often, everyone were calling him Dan.
He was a very passionate, hardcore Dendy gamer... Sega too.
We both were very fascinated with the game.
So we played it many times, but not too long, because...
...don't know who and how did it with the board,
but these two contacts at both sides are really worn out.
These probably were the reason why the board refused to work soon.
We tried everything, washed it with cologne, deodorant, alcohol...
It worked like 1-2 times after this, then ceased to work again.
One day we found a really powerful cologne somewhere,
you couldn't imagine how stinky it was...
We used it to wash the board really generously, this side and that side...
Not a single time after this in these 12 years it didn't work...
Err, didn't refuse to work anymore, I mean.
It worked fine, so we...
In that time, it was 2000 I think... Not 2001, because in 2000 Dan and I completed it...
Then there were crazy days, we were playing the game every time Dan visited me.
He was visiting me almost daily, before and after school.
It was obligatory, if Dan is come, we play Battletoads.
We played it every single day, day after day, mastering every level,
every movement of every player, every...
...tactics and technic for every enemy.
That was heavy.
He had my respect because he always was playing as a toad, he didn't look for easy ways,.
And I was playing as a man. We liked to do things on every enemy, like...
On the third level, he grabs a girl and throws on the floor,
I accelerate and hit her with the knees.
Or, on the second level, I hammering the enemies into the floor with the stick,
and he knocks them away with the heel on the last hit.
We loved these moments, elimination of every enemy had to be a teamwork for us.
We were playing it for a year, two, three...
During this time we completed it 150 times, no less for sure.
Still, no matter how much were we trying, we never managed
to get to the Dark Queen without losing a single life.
Sometimes he didn't lose any life, sometimes I did.
But anyway, every single time some stupid thing kills you.
So, sadly it didn't happen.
Anyway, we were beating it easily.
This way the game became part of my gaming history as the most hardcore played ever.
Maybe someday it'll give up the first place to the first Battletoads game,
or to some other game.
I met Nikolay in 2004 or 2005, that's when I got really interested with the first Battletoads game.
Still, for me the second game is the most... Don't know...
I can't say that it is inferior to the first game, but can't say it is superior either.
I have special memories about both games.
Don't know. I equally like them both.
Although these days I prefer to play the first game, as it offers...
a challenge, while the second game seems easy now.
Still, I saw Battletoads and Double Dragon before the first game,
so it will remain the first game starring Battletoads and Double Dragon that I ever played.
These were my memories about this wonderful game.
Wish you never forget it and play this beat 'em up greatness too,
A standard of quality for Dendy beat 'em ups, so to say.
Such game should be never forgotten if you like to play Dendy.
I'm sure you do.
So, that's all for the nostalgic talks today.
Kinaman was here, thank you for watching, see you soon. Bye.
Camera work by Maksim Edush a.k.a. McSIM Thanks for help with video editing to SerGoLeOne