iPad Productivity App - How To Get Things Done FAST Using Your iPad

Uploaded by GideonShalwick on 02.06.2010

Hi there and welcome to this video! My name is Gideon Shalwick. Inside this video I want
to talk about productivity.
I've just recently started using a brand new tool to help me get things done. I've always
been a keen admirer of people who can get stuff done and so I've been studying it to
the nth degree because I know that the faster you can get things done, the more successful
you will become in life (given that you're going in the right direction).
There are some things that you can do to be really effective in the way that you use your
time. I'm going to show you something that I'm currently using with my new iPad that
helps me get stuff done. If you don't have an iPad it doesn't matter because you can
just use a pen and paper to help you get the same thing done.
Just this small thing that I do every single day helps me get stuff done really fast. In
fact, I can probably get four or five times more things done than other people that I've
seen just because I use this simple little system.
The way that it works is I divide all my tasks into different projects. For example, I've
got four or five different projects running at the same time; some are small projects,
some are bigger projects. But for each of those projects I have a separate set of tasks.
What I normally do for each of those projects is I prioritize each task in order from the
most important to the least important. Once I have that list for each of my projects all
I do every day is go through each of the different projects and select the tasks that need to
get done for that day and then I focus on those tasks and make sure that is what I try
and get done for the day.
Let me show you how that looks inside the application I use on the iPad which is the
"things" application.
It's just over here on my iPad. If I open it up and go to the projects view over here
you'll see that I've got a whole bunch of projects. For example let's have a look at
the Free Magic Live project. You can see I have a bunch of different tasks that I've
already entered and they're in order of priority and some of them I've added to my today list.
You can see they are the yellow ones. Then I do that for all of my projects. If you go
to my "today" list, you'll see all of the different tasks from each of the projects
that I want to get done for today.
All I do then is prioritize these tasks on my daily task list and start working from
the top of the list and work my way down. It's pretty straight forward. That's essentially
how I do it.
Now, you can do exactly the same thing with a pen and paper. If you have a little note
pad like this one it's really straight forward. What you need to do is use a new page for
each new project. So write your tasks down for each project on a separate page, you might
have four different projects. Write the tasks for each project on a different page and then
every single day you use a new page for your daily tasks.
That's the secret. You use your project pages as a collection device to collect all of the
tasks you want to do for that project. And then every single day you go through those
different projects, grab the important tasks you want to get done for that particular day
and write them on your daily task list. Then that daily task list is what you use for navigating
for the day and keeping you focused.
I normally have it right in front of me (it's just one sheet of paper or in the case of
the iPad I have it next to the computer) so that I can constantly see it and I'm constantly
reminded of what I'm supposed to be working on. Which, if you're working on the internet
especially there are so many distractions and you've got to find a way to help you focus.
This is a really good way of doing it.
So that's it! That's my system. Give it a go. See if it works for you. I'm sure you'll
have your own way of doing it, your own modifications, you may even have some ideas that I haven't
thought about. If you do, please leave a comment below the video and I look forward to interacting
with you.
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Talk to you soon!