Birth & Death

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First today you will understand the concept of birth. You may think why we
need to know about birth to live enlightenment, because birth is over. It has
already happened. What is the use of knowing about birth to live
enlightenment. Please understand, knowing about birth will reveal great
truths to you about your life. Knowledge about the starting point is very
important for your travel. How you started, why you started, where you
started, when you started, what for your started will really help you to tune
yourself to the original truth in your life. If your life is in tune with the
purpose of your birth, you are living enlightenment.
Please understand if your life is in tune with the purpose of your birth you are
living enlightenment. A person who is in tune with the purpose of his birth is
jeevan mukta. So knowing the secrets of birth is a very important thing we
need to do to be a jeevan mukta, to live enlightenment, to radiate
enlightenment.First thing you need to know the secrets how the birth happens.
Please understand, ordinary human beings think the moment they come out of their
mother’s womb they are born. Some people say, no no, the moment they are
conceived they are born. Or, some say the moment the outer fresh air the
world is felt, they are born. There are so many theories. Please understand,
the truth is you are born before even the idea of landing on planet earth
happens. You see, your birth what you think as birth is only one incident. One
incident in your whole life. I am trying to express some of the strong intense
truths to you. Birth, what you think as birth is not the beginning. What you
think as death is not end. Please understand, in the whole life it is one part.
What you think as birth is only one incident. What you think as death is only
one incident. You need to understand with a little clarity about the whole life.
Only then you can look into the idea of this birth and this death. Only then
you will understand the purpose of this birth. If you think this birth taking the
body which you are having now is the beginning then you cannot know the
purpose. You cannot know the purpose. They are just, we need to
understand, we are repeating the same thing again and again and again. Only
then, we can stop repeating. Please understand, unless you know you are
repeating you will not have the intelligence to stop repeating.
Small story, in a bar one guy meets the other guy and says “What’s your
name?” That guys says “Smith”. He says “Oh, I’m also Smith” Where are you
living?. This guy says “Just down the street.”. This guy “Yes, I’m also living
there.” “Which floor?” Second house, third floor. This guy says “What what
what. Believe me, I’m also living that same house, same floor.” Bartender
looking at this conversation turns to the other client, other customer and says
“Oh God. This is the same thing happening every Saturday. These fellows are
father and son. What to do?” Please understand, we are repeating unconsciously same
thing again and again and again because we are in unconsciousness. Our birth and our death
is just like this story. The father Smith and the son Smith talking to each
other every Saturday. That is what our birth and our death. First thing you
need to understand about birth is we are repeating again and again and
again, first. Second, why are we repeating it again and again and again.
Because after the birth before the death we forget why we are born. We fall
into unconsciousness. If we know the purpose of birth, from birth to death,
we will not be repeating this same thing again and again and again. Man who
forgets the purpose of his birth between his birth and his death is an ordinary
man, unconscious man. Person who very clearly remembers the purpose of
his birth from his birth to his death is a jeevan mukta. A person who lives this
life at least once very clearly knowing the purpose, in tune with the purpose,
if he takes birth again and again even if he takes birth, he is called
incarnation, Avatarapurusha.So knowing the purpose of birth and secrets of birth
plays a major role in living enlightenment, jeevan mukti. In the world there are
so many religions, so many spiritual groups, so many spiritual theologies, so many spiritual
ideologies. I can classify all major religions into 2 category. One which
accepts reincarnation theory. The other one which does not accept
reincarnation theory which they says is only one life. I am not saying
somebody is right, somebody is wrong. Both of them are using these truths
as a technique. When Buddha says there are so many births and deaths, he is
telling you, why are you, why do you want to be born again and again and
again and die. Don’t you feel it is boring? Just get out of this. Get out of this
same cycle. Be liberated. And same way when some other Master says
“No, only one birth.” He means live with consciously, live with awareness and
go beyond this. No other time, not much time is left. Even that word should
be taken as a technique. Whether Buddha says there is so many lives or some
other Master says there is only one life. Everything should be looked as why it
is said. They are using this as a technique to liberate you. To make you
enlightened. And please understand, as far as I am concerned, I'have
experienced a zone, a space, where the truths, many cosmic truths are
revealed to me as my own experience. So not because of my Indian
conditioning, not because of my Hindu conditioning, from my experience I can
share some of the secrets and truths about the birth to you all.
Very beautifully, very beautifully, the great Masters like Ramakrishna, Osho,
Vivekananda, Ramana Maharishi, all have spoke about their birth, their past
lives or many truths related to the reincarnation theory. Please understand, now
whatever I am going to express is from my experience. I have experienced a
state where these cosmic truths have become part of me. They are
experienced by me. So I’m sharing those experiences with you all. That’s all.
First thing I want to tell you, what you call as birth, what you call as life in
you happens within the 3 kshana of your mother delivering you. See that
moment when a baby is being delivered and that moment your individual
soul, individual reflection happens in the body. You may be questioning me,
No, scientists are saying no no no no no. Inside the stomach, inside the
womb of the mother, the baby has a heartbeat, baby has a life, baby has
everything. How can we say that life enters only at the moment of delivery?
Please understand, whatever the life that is experienced by the baby inside
mother’s womb is the extension of mother's life. Physiologically baby is alive,
baby is alive, heart is beating, body is functioning all the organs are alive.
Physiologically that is true. But individual conscious soul reflects, enters the
body only when the baby is delivered. In one body, two souls cannot stay.
Please understand, in one body, mother’s body, two souls cannot stay. Two
way of thinking cannot happen. Two way of actions cannot happen. So only
when delivery happens, the soul enters the body. This is the first truth. And
second thing, what I call as Life does not start when your body is delivered,
when you get your body. What I call as Life has started long before. It is
equivalent to eternity. It is much beyond the time. You are here eternally.
Only thing, at some point of time, you think you are here as the body, as you
are now. After some time you think you are here as this body, that way. See,
for example, when you are at the age of 7 you thought you exist as a 7 year
old boy going to school. When you are 25, you think you exist as a 25 year
old man doing business. When you are the age of 50, you think you exist as a
50 year old man with all this success and society. At the age of 80, you
think you exist as an 80 year old man as a completely relaxed and retired.
Please understand you think at various times, various moments you exist in
various forms and various ways. After death, you may start thinking you don’t
exist. Or you do not know how you will exist. That’s the fear. Please
understand, whether at the age of 7 or 25 or 50 or 80, you think you exist in
different ways and different forms. But I am telling you beyond all these
things, eternally you exist. Only one thing, time to time, situation to situation,
your identity, your ubati, that only changes. In Sanskrit we have word called,
very beautiful word called ubati, that word means 2 thing. One, added,
another disease. Anything added to you is disease. Anything which is
changing is disease. So we need to understand the truth. Please understand,
this is a very important secret, very important truth. Eternally you exist. At
some point you feel you exist with the success, name and fame. At some time
you feel you exist without name and fame, with failure. At some time you feel
you exist as an old man. At some time you feel you exist with vigor and life.
Please understand, the truth is you exist eternally. When this thread, when
this truth is understood, all the ubatis which gets added and deleted from you
does not bring suffering to you. And these additions and deletions does not
remove you, move you away from the purpose of your birth. Your purpose of
your birth, you bio-memory is very straight. Your bio-memory is very honest.
You bio-memory is very clear. Your bio-memory is alive. Please understand,
living the life of straight alive bio-memory from the birth till you leave the
body is jeevan mukti. As long as you don’t have conflict with your bio-memory
you don’t have contradiction with the purpose of your birth, you don’t have
conflict between your life and the purpose of birth, you are a jeevan mukta.
First secret you need to understand, what you call as life enters only during
the time of delivery. Second thing, what I call as life is eternal. And suddenly,
at some time it feels it exists as child, at some time it exists as a youth, at
some time it exists as big guy, at some time it suddenly feels it exists as an
old man and suddenly it gets into the idea it may not exist. Again it exists as
a boy, as a man, old age. This goes on and on and on. First important thing
you need to understand you exist as life. Second thing, when I say you exist
as life eternally, when you feel you exist as a person individually, why that life
feels as individual. Why this gap? If we look into that we understand the
purpose of birth. Why existential reality reflects itself in comparative reality?
Whatever you experience as reality is comparative reality. Why existential
reality reflects itself in comparative reality? If you look into that truth, if you
understand that secret, we will understand our purpose of birth. We need to
look each and every person, need to spend little time within himself avoiding
the fear and greed to know their bio-memory. Please understand, the only
thing that stops you knowing your life’s purpose is your fear and greed. Your
fear will not allow you to know your purpose of birth, because if your purpose
of birth is living like a sanyaasi in a forest you may have to give up
everything now. Too much is at stake. Wealth, relationship, family, security,
comfort, too much is at stake. So naturally you do not want that kind of
revelation to you. Same way, some time people think Oh, now I am a doctor
but if my life’s purpose suddenly reveals I should have become lawyer, what
to do now? Please understand, we lived so many years unconsciously we do
not know if the purpose of birth is revealed to us whether, whatever way we
lived is going to be accepted by that purpose or rejected by that purpose, we
do not know. We need to understand this truth. The fear that we might have
done some mistake or in future we may not be able to fulfill the purpose of
our birth makes you keep the purpose of your birth in unconsciousness. But
that is not a solution. Putting the problems under the carpet is not going to
solve the problem. Without fear, without greed, sit with yourself every day.
What are the thoughts that again and again coming in your being, in your
mind, making you work, making you function, contemplate on it. Center
yourself on it. Meditate on it. Please understand, knowing the purpose of birth
will resolve thousands of wrong decisions you are making, wrong moves you
are doing, wrong things happening around you and within you. Every day
sitting with yourself with deep awareness.See, anything done in the outer
world to know the truth is experiment. Anything done in the inner world to
know the truth is experience. Every day, sit with yourself. Spend little time.
What kind of thoughts are again and again giving you power, energy,
intelligence to function. What kind of thoughts are again and again putting
you in low mood, dull, depression. Look, look into it. Go into it. Go through it.
Live it. Look again and again and again inside. You will see the truth, secret,
purpose of your birth will be revealed to you. I cannot give you the purpose
like a tablespoon feeding or teaspoon feeding, No. I found my purpose. I can
give you the method through which I found my purpose. So you also can find
your purpose. You can also look into your purpose. So, meditation for this
week, for next 1 week, 21 minutes morning, 21 minutes in the noon, 21
minutes in the evening. In Sanskrit we have a word, trikala sandhya. Three
times when the different timezones meet. See when morning and day meets,
the noon the midday and in the evening when the day and night meets.
These three times, all these three times next one week sit with yourself 21
minutes and look into yourself. What kind of thoughts are giving me power,
energy. What kind of thoughts awaken my bio-memory, interests me. And
what kind of thoughts or ideas are depressing me, making me dull. Relax,
Look in. Look in and within this one week, one week each day 3 session. 21
session, 21 minutes per session. Within these 21 sessions you will see many
truths will be revealed to you. Many clarity about your purpose of birth will be
revealed to you. Now let us start exploring the first truth, the first important
thing about living enlightenment, purpose of birth. The truth about the birth.
To the questions related to Birth, Why do we forget the purpose of life when
we are born. Beautiful question. Please understand, when you go through the
process of birth, your body slowly comes out of mother’s womb with the
heavy pressure it comes out. That is the moment when the life, individual
soul reflects on the body. So it is a very strong process. One, you are coming
out of the place where you are very comfortable, cozy, cool, happy and
completely protected and secure. You don’t need to think about your food,
you don’t even need to think about breathing. Because life was extension of
mother’s life. So there was no responsibility. You were completely protected,
secure. From that secure place you are moving into a space where you need
to take the responsibility for yourself. First thing, now you need to start
breathing. You need to start eating. You need to start digesting. Now you are
responsible for your life. You need to enter into the different space where you
become responsible for everything. There is a very big change, first thing.
Second thing, the individual life is settling into your nervous system. So it is
big chaos. In this big chaos, naturally you forget the purpose for which you
assumed this body, you assumed this body. That is why I always tell people,
when you are in the body, go to that silence where you can really, relive the
moment of birth. You need to become so silent, so settled into your being
where you can encounter the moment when your life and body overlapped on
each other. When your life and your body met each other. When you started taking
the responsibility of breathing. When first time you threw the mucus through
the nose out. First time you started inhaling and exhaling. If you settled with
yourself you can go to the space. When you understand, experience that
space even once, you will see very beautifully, very clearly the purpose of
your life which you have forgotten. Actually the chaos which happened during
your birth made you forget why you were born, why you took birth. The
purpose of life is forgotten because of the chaos you go through at the time of
birth. Now if you rest enter into the silence, go back to the same moment. Go
back into the same deep moment, you will know the purpose of life you will
accept, you will understand. The next question, Do I have the same purpose of
life in every birth? No. Before the birth, at your previous death. See before
you leave the body, your whole life is presented in front of you. You see the
whole thing. All the major things which you thought as essence of your life.
See when you live, you think many outer world things as essence of your life.
Many things drives you. For somebody, money drives their lives. For somebody,
love drives their life. For somebody, eating drives their lives. For somebody,
sex drives their life. For somebody, power drivers their lives. Whatever may be
driving your life, whatever is the purpose, what you think is the purpose of your
life, you run behind it. At the moment of death, you will evaluate whether you are running
was proper, whether your running was right or wrong. If your running was
right, you will think Oh that’s right. Then I will run for the same purpose in the
next life also in a deeper sense, in a much higher scale. If you feel for which
you ran in this life did not give what you wanted, you will say, No, let me
change the direction, let me change the direction. So please understand, the
purpose for which you ran in your life at the time of death if you feel you are
fulfilled then you may not be bothered to take one more birth. If you feel that
the purpose for which you are running gave you a lot but you need to run in
the same direction more, then you may take the life and have the same thing
as the purpose in a higher scale. But if you think, no, for what you ran did not
give that fulfillment or did not make you feel happy, comfortable, then
naturally you will feel, oh, then let me change the purpose of life. Before the
death, your whole life will be in front of you like a fast-forward. Based on
that, you make the decision on purpose of next life. For example, if somebody
thinks during the moment of death, eating was the best thing they had in their
life, the best enjoyment they enjoyed in their life, like a, for example, eating
all kinds of food was the best thing they had in their life. I have heard and I
have even seen some people, they travel country to country just for food, just
to taste the food they travel. Anyhow, so, if you feel eating was the best thing
you had in your life, maybe you will think, Oh, then let me take the birth,
such a body, that kind of a situation, I’ll spend all my life eating. Maybe like a
pig, pig spends its whole life eating, eating, eating, nothing else. But if you
think just sleeping and retired, tamasic way of life is the best thing you enjoy
in the life, then the person will think, let me become buffalo. Whole life I don’t
need to do anything. So based on the experiences of life, what you think as life, you naturally
decide the course of your next life. So during the previous death, you decide
the purpose of the next life. It is not that always your purpose is same. Many
time, we do trial and error method, we do again and again, trial and error
method. A man who has done this trial and error and perfected his purpose of
life and achieved who can tell everybody the ultimate purpose of life and show
that path to human beings is Master. So it is not that the same purpose of life
in every birth is carried or people have the same purpose of life in every birth. Thank you.
Dear one and all, the next question. Can I change the purpose of my birth?
Can I decide for my next life? Yes. That is the beauty of life. Please
understand, what you decided in the last birth, in the previous death that is
the purpose of your present life. Now, whatever change you want to make,
you can make, because whenever you are conscious, you are free to choose.
Now, you are conscious about the present. You have freedom to choose about
the future, not only about the next life. If you are fully conscious and
completely break from the past choose strongly, you can choose from now for
the next moment. Not only you can change the purpose of next life, you can
change the purpose of this life, if you consciously take decision. Please
understand, you are more unconscious, more superficial, more conscious,
more deeper. If you are completely unconscious I can say the birth is birth
and death is death. If you are little evolved, every day when you fall asleep it is
death. When you wake up, it is birth. If you are fully conscious, every inhaling
breath is life, every exhaling breath is death. If you are completely unconscious,
you can change the purpose only during death and birth. If you are sadhaka, meditator,
little evolved, you can change the purpose of life during the sleeping and waking up.
If you are fully aware, conscious, you can change the purpose of life when you inhale and exhale.
Because inhaling is life, exhaling is death. Even at that moment, you can
change the whole purpose of life. Please understand, you can change the
purpose of life, the very life. Nothing is impossible. It is possible. Only thing,
how conscious you are. Everything depends on that. Fourth question, Is the purpose of
everybody’s life the same, to get enlightened? No. I can say, ultimately the purpose
of everyone’s life is to get enlightened. May not be in this life itself. People may
not feel the need for enlightenment in this life itself. They may feel, money is the greatest thing.
Or they may feel power is the greatest thing. Or they may feel that physical
pleasure is the greatest thing. So whatever they feel as the greatest thing
that will be the purpose of this life. But ultimately, when they are conscious
enough to understand that they are going through the same rut again and
again and again, like a child’s playing, kids playing. Kids play. When you see
the kids they just build sand castles and when it is evening and they are
feeling bored, they just jump on the sand castle and destroy and go. Again,
next day they start playing, building, again they destroy and go. If you
understand, your life is also just like that play. You build stone castles, leave
it and go. Again come back, and build the stone castles, leave it and go. If
you understand you are also doing the same drama, same game, same play.
Then maybe one day you will realize, oh why do the same drama, same play,
same game. Let us be awakened. Let us be fulfilled. Let us be achieved, let us
achieve the ultimate. Then your purpose of life is enlightenment. Till you
realize that you are doing the same game again and again and again,
enlightenment may not be the purpose of your life. So ultimately, enlightenment is
the purpose of all lives, but all lives may not have enlightenment as the purpose of this life.
What about people who die young, have accidental deaths or commit suicide.
Have they planned this also as the purpose of their life? No. Please
understand, maybe they are prone, their mental setup is prone to attract
suicide or to attract accidents. But that does not mean, they plan. If they
plan, then how can be it called accident. Accident is an accident because it is
an accident. It is not planned, but their mental setup can be prone. For
example, a person who is continuously taking risk, risks, then he can be
prone to accident. A person who is considered, continuously living in
depression, again and again falling back to the suicidal tendencies. Then he is
prone to suicide. That way only we can say, but otherwise, they don’t plan
particular incident as accident or suicide. So I don’t want to say, they plan for
accident or suicide. But if they carry that kind of a mental setup, they attract
those things in their lives.
Based on the state in which you stayed most of the time, that is the state will
automatically erupt when you are leaving the body. If you stayed most of
your time, in the waking, clear state, if that was the strongest experience of
your life, that was the essence of your life, you will see when you leave the
body only that will come up. If dream state is the state you spent most of
your time or you feel that that is the essence of your life, that will come up if
you leave, when you leave the body. If deep sleep state was the real
experience you enjoyed most of your life you spent only in that state, then
naturally when you were about to die, you will fall into coma. Understand
based on the person’s death, we can say how he lived. If a person can leave
the body consciously, he lived consciously. The majority of his life was
conscious, means in the waking state. Understand, all the time you are able to
move your body and mind as you want, do not think you are in waking state, No.
Many time you will be driving but you do not know in which road you are
driving. Only when you reach your office and park the car, suddenly you
remember the last 30 minutes you drove. At least 200 decisions you would
have made to drive. Right, left, stopping in the red signal. 200 decisions you
have made without being aware you are driving. You are doing something. So
all the moments in which you are able to move your hands and legs as you
want does not mean you are in waking state. Second, the dream state. If you
lived most of your time in the dream state, means day dreaming and night
dreaming. If your body is moving as you want but your mind is also moving as it
wants, the accounts will only go to dream state. That hours cannot be
considered as waking state. The person who spent most his time in dream
state, you will see him talking, blabbering, uttering some illogical words
before he dies. Not only that, he will fall into the dream state and leave the
body. And, the person who lived most of his time in the deep sleep state,
potato couch, we call, who did not do anything else except eating and seeing
the TV. And these kind of people, they naturally land in coma before they
leave the body and leave the body unconsciously. Only a person who lived
understood and left all these three bodies, relaxes into enlightenment. Very
rarely person who has become enlightened, again lands in the body out of
deep compassion and love. That is what we call avatara, incarnations. Person
who died with the waking body, he enters, of course, if you died in waking
body or dream body or deep sleep body, naturally you will take birth
immediately. The next body you will start searching and enter into the next
body. Person who died in the waking state, with a waking mood, he will enter
into the body, he will enter into the world with another one body which is
created in a normal way, with a physical relationship, with a physical
intercourse, with an ordinary sex. He will catch that kind of body and land.
And the next, the person who left the body in the dream state, he will select
the body which is created with the tantric intercourse, means the meditative
parents. Even though there was a physical relationship there was lot of
meditativeness into that. Both of them were real seeker, spiritual persons. In
that kind of womb he will enter. A person who left the body with a deep sleep
state, in the deep sleep state, he will naturally enter into animalistic. Means,
completely the mood or the thinking, physical and mental movements are
unaware. Animalistic means it may not be four legged animal, even 2 legged
animal, it can be. It can be even human animals, means who have the human
body, but their pratyagatma chaitanya jagrata, their individual consciousness
awakening has not happened. He will choose that kind of parents and land in
that kind of body. Person who has left the body after disconnecting,
unclutching from all the four sarira, the enlightened beings, if they land in the
body, they will land in the immaculate conceptions. They will take up a body,
they will land in a body which is created not by any intercourse or physical
relationship. Understand, looks very illogical. Kunti experimented with this
and gave birth to Karna. Kunti did not carry Karna, 9 months and all other 5
kids, all Pancha Pandavas and Karna. All 6 have been given birth by Kunti in
this way. In the way of immaculate conception, means created without
physical relationship. The science was alive, science existed, there is a
possibility and even though logically it is very difficult to understand or relate
with, the science existed. Even now, the incarnations, people who have left
after enlightenment, left the body after enlightenment, they land these kinds
of sariras. There may, may not have been any physical relationship, but
suddently the body will start getting created in the mother’s womb and the
child is there. If you see even the modern day incarnations like Ramakrishna.
When Ramakrishna took birth, his father was too old. But the story, even the
reminiscence says, when she felt she is carrying Ramakrishna, the
Ramakrishna’s mother, the father was far away somewhere. It’s like from a
Shiva Linga, a light entered and she knows she is carrying a child now.
Understand, person who left the body beyond all these 3 sariras, lands by
creating a body which is not related to any physical relationship. May, may
not the physical relationship exist, but he knows how to create a new body
and he lands in the superconscious body.
How does the soul choose the body? This is the very important thing to be
understood. I think in the earlier questions I was describing, before taking the
next birth, during the time of previous death, leaving the body you go
through the whole thing in front of you. The whole thing is presented in front
of you. Whole thing is available in front of you. You go through like a fast-
forward. Please understand, like a whole thing appears in front of you. You
can see very clearly whatever you enjoyed very strongly, deeply, happens in
multi-color. Whatever you enjoyed very politely, mildly, did not enjoy much,
just so so, dull, unconsciously, that goes through in black and white. So you
see, which was very strong experiences and you decide do you want the same
thing in your future, in your life, in your next birth. Based on that, you choose
the body. And the place and the way in which you wanted to live in the next
life. Thank you. Next question: Can you please define kshana? This is very beautiful concept.
Please understand, in vedic tradition, time is calculated based on the space,
on the being more psychological than chronological. Kshana means the gap
between one thought and the other thought. If you are restless person, too
many thoughts going inside you, your kshana can be microsecond. If you are
a peaceful, relaxed person, your kshana can be even 1 hour or 2 hours. You
can see in your own life, sometime if you are sitting with somebody who is
very calm, quiet, relaxed, comfortable, safe, feeling secured you will not even
find, you will not even bother about how time passed. Suddenly you will see
the watch and oh god, already 5, 6 hours over. But, if you are sitting with
somebody with whom you are not comfortable, happy, restless, agitated,
every 5 minutes you will look at the watch, oh time is not moving. You know
how it feels. So please understand, time is more psychological not
chronological. So kshana means, the gap between one thought and the other
thought. The gap between one thought and the other thought. So within 3
kshana, you assume the body. When you are, when your body is being
delivered by the mother, within 3 kshana you assume that body. Means, if
you had a peaceful, restful life, the last birth then you can choose slowly and
settle into the body very slowly, because your kshana will be very long. If you
had a restless life in the previous birth, then you have to hurry, enter into the
body, that will be an unconscious birth. That is why I say, now, have a
conscious restful, relaxed life, aware life, so next birth, you will see, you will
have conscious birth. Conscious life leads to conscious death. Conscious
death leads to conscious birth. So having conscious life is the technique to prolong the
kshana. Next question: Does the moment of birth, space, time, define the purpose of
birth? If so, can it be changed by planned birth. Yes,the moment of birth, space
and time really helps the soul to fulfill the purpose of birth, to achieve the meaning
of birth. So I am all for planned birth, like caesarean delivery, planning the time
of the birth and helping the child to assume the body in a very planned way,
in a very loving beautiful atmosphere. Especially like the delivery under the water
and delivery in a very receptive prayerful atmosphere. Delivery during the beautiful, blissful
mantra chanting. And in a very spiritual atmosphere. I am all for it. Creating
a right time, right space for baby to enter into the world in a very receptive,
welcoming way, by a very meditative doctors, healers who are very blissful
people. Blissful doctors Meditating doctors, Who are jeevan mukta doctors.
In their presence, if the body is received, in the planet Earth, it will really help
the baby to consciously settle into the body and experience the purpose of
birth. I am all for it.
You don’t worry when your boyhood turns into youthfulness, because you just know you are going
to continue to exist. Then why do you worry when the old age turns into death and assuming
another one body? Because you are afraid you may not continue. I tell you anybody
with a simple logic can see, how can life end with one body? Just to do this drama of hundred years, I
don’t think you need so many tools and weapons and instruments like a mind,
intelligence, consciousness. No. The fear of discontinuity is only for those
short-sighted fools. Please understand, Krishna is not promoting any religious
concept or philosophy. He is not teaching any theology. He is talking to his
close friend who is in a big crisis. He is counseling his personal friend who is
in a big crisis. He is naturally not only honest, too straight. Come on, Arjuna,
just as the consciousness goes through the tenderness of the boyhood, and
bloom of the youthfulness, and infirmity of old age in this body, in the same
manner it takes another body. The awakened one who knows this does not
get perplexed. I am not able to add one word in this verse, and delete one
word. There are many other translations which says very blindly, Oh just like
a spirit passes through a childhood, youth and old age, No. The spirit does not
pass through childhood, old age, and youth. It goes through the tenderness of
boyhood, bloom of youthfulness, and infirmity of old age. Please understand,
it goes through only the characters of boyhood, youthfulness, and old age.
Straight truth. I want all of you understand . Drop all the fears you carry about the discontinuity,
whether the wealth, money you accumulated in the outer world, or the wealth, all the great
qualities you accumulated in the inner world, does not get disconnected due
to your death and next birth. Please understand, the sacred secret from this great verse First thing,
you just move from one body to another body, just like how you move from boyhood to youth,
from youth to old age. Same way you just move from old age to death, and death to again
birth next womb next birth. And from birth again childhood, then youth. You don’t lose anything.
Understand, this is a first thing. Second thing, maybe you will believe this
much, I think I don’t lose my inner good qualities. The karma comes, the
mental pattern comes with me, I know, but what will happen to all the wealth
I created? Don’t worry, you take birth again in the same family, same type of
family. I don’t want to say same family, same kind of family, where the same
amount of wealth is there. So, don’t think you will die as a billionaire and take
birth roadside, live in slum, No. Neither the great qualities you accumulated in
the inner world, nor the wealth you accumulated in the outer world, is lost by
death. Understand, same way, if you accumulated tremendous laziness in the
inner world, and poverty, which is side effect of the laziness in the outer
world, even death cannot take that away from you. After death also that will
continue to be with you. So if you want to transform your life do it when you are alive.
In this verse, Bhagavan describes the principle of incarnation. The principle of
birth and death. As I said, every time you start responding in a new way to a
problem or situation or crisis, you take new birth. You live many time in one
body many minds, in one mind many bodies. Sometime you are stuck with
one mental pattern without coming out of it. You spend janmas after janmas
after janmas, Lives after lives after lives. Same way, sometime within one
body, you go through so many minds. Best use of time is within one body go
through all types of minds. That’s best use of time. Don’t waste cosmic time.
Once in a while you look back, you feel God! Six years before how I was, how
I used to respond to every situation, how my mental patterns were, now see
how I am. If the period you feel you were different and now you are different,
if that period is coming down, your spiritual growth is happening in full speed.
Understand, that period is what I call, one birth. For some people it is 5 year.
For some people, one full janma also don’t feel. Those days how I used to be,
now how I am. No. It’s all same. See the period of transformation is what I
call, one birth. When you look back, what was the time you will honestly feel
as your old personality's death and the new personality's expression. If you
look back, is it 3 year or 4 year or 1 year or 8 months. Look back. See the
transformation period. That is what I call time of one birth of your mind. One
birth of your mind, one life of your mind. If all your patterns, you are responding
in a new way, then the old mind is dead, one life of your mind. Actually, one
life of your mind, when it reduces, your spiritual growth is intensely
increasing. If you have not yet started responding to all your major patterns
of life in new way, then still your mind is not yet dead. Still the period is
happening. Your mind is only getting more old. Not yet dead.
Liberation from birth and death, somebody asked me the other day, what is
the need to get out of birth and death. No problem, come on, Enjoy. But I tell
you, once you realize the space of freedom, even a remote possible way you
will understand the ecstacy. If you liberate yourself just from one or two mental
patterns and live, then you will understand power of liberated life. If you are
liberated from some patterns, then you will understand the necessity for
liberation. Most important strongest pattern with which you are suffering is,
taking birth and getting into death. Birth and death is the worst pattern with
which you are suffering. Another one person gave me a letter, I have too much of
emotional suffering. Give me a way for death. You don’t understand, birth and
death is the worst pattern than all your depression, ups and downs. Birth and
death is the worst pattern. Any beings go through how beings live. Karma-
jam buddhi-yukta hi, phalam tyaktva manisinah, janma-bandha-vinirmuktah,
padam gacchanty anamayam. Let you all achieve, experience, live, express,
radiate and share the eternal bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you.