Wil Wheaton's TableTop Preview w/ Sean Plott, Freddie Wong, Flaming Interns!

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Mar 19, 2012


WIL WHEATON: Hi, I'm Wil Wheaton.
Be sure to watch the first episode of TableTop right here
on Geek and Sundry, April 2, or I will set Sasha, the
intern, on fire.
FEMALE SPEAKER 1: Wil, that's not what I told you to say.
WIL WHEATON: You can't say cut.
Wait, I'm the executive producer, keep rolling.
April 2, TableTop, Geek and Sundry.
You don't--
Sasha's adorable, you do not want to see her set on fire.

First person to reach 10 victory points wins the game.
MALE SPEAKER: It's called shuffling.
SEAN PLOTT: I'm going to stop rolling threes eventually, and
then I'm going to wreck him.
MALE SPEAKER: Aw, what an idiot.
FEMALE SPEAKER 2: The funny thing is Wil's trying to play
it cool and very collected, but I know the real Wil
Wheaton, and inside, he is spinning.
WIL WHEATON: Rage face.
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Oh, and you know who else we'll set on fire?
Young Neil McNeil.
He wears a lot of product in his hair, so he is going to go
up like a Roman [BLEEP]
It's going to be amazing.

TableTop, Geek and Sundry.
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