Gary Bernhardt WAT

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uh... alright good
you guys know what wat means
exactly exactly
lets talk about ruby
in ruby
if if you reference an undefined variable of corset it name errors as you'd
if you try to asign b to a with
them undefined of course that name errors as you'd expect and what happens
if you try to asign a to a with a undefined defiant
but some are relieved
ruby on like for us some other dynamic languages does not have their words so
you cannot just take words in have strengths come out
unless you define uh... particularly method missing the does the right thing
and then if you take their word suddenly
response that words infected we can support their words with bangs in them
uh... and this doesn't is not deserving of what this is actually uh... results
are also movie is
but if you ever actually do this then
let's talk about javascripts
does anyone know uh... in javascript what array plus a radio well let me ask
you this first
what should a rate four serenity
auntie rae i would also took tighter
uh... that is not whatever a prosperous
array puts a radius and eastern
obviously i think that's building it's obvious to everyone uh...
now what are what our rate was about to be this is obviously be tight there
because as a completely different types
does anyone know what this is
uh... no
close not far away
it's object clyde nicely done
now of course because uh... this is closely conflict the operands and same
thing comes out
if we do what
no this is an object
if you do about the cause of raising exactly same saying which as you can see
you do
and finally the only one of these is actually true is done
because you know you got a raise an interesting it does make sense
but in our deposit articles actually not numbered
so this was actually right
exactly right but what is even going on
and this lab i just i don't even understand
with the brain in their head with a quick any of this is a good idea
another making fun of languages asak let's talk about javascript
if i say array dot new sixteen uh... or just the race sixteen again array of
sixteen things which did represents as sixteen commas which is obvious
defied enjoying those with the string that i get the strain sixteen times this
is actually the only one in this entire presentation is reasonable
now if i take that string in an adult one two eight interprets the one is a
very good
cast two one two three million we get wet one month's times fine
is anyone know what will happen and if i subtract one
i'm assuming no it does look me up if you a hint
does this help
outside atlanta