2011 UCR Chancellor's Dinner Highlights

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I'm not much of a speaker. I'm more of a dance teacher.
So everyone on your feet right now! Come on, right now!
Five, Six, Seven, Go!
One, two, three, four! Five, six, seven, eight!
One, two, three, four! Five, six, seven, eight!
The three recipients
for this year's 2011 Alumni Awards of Distinction continue the
tradition of excellence that the association has honored over the past twenty-five years.
I taught twelve different preps in the thirteen and
and a half years that I was engaged in teaching,
but it was always a joy for me, always. I think I learned that joy
here at UCR through the program, so I am so pleased to be here,
and I'm so pleased to receive this honor, and to share this time with you.
Thank you very very much.
I can tell you at this campus everybody was interested in my success,
and teaching assistants, staff,
and administrative assistants, all had a hand in helping me succeed here.
I had a very wonderful and great friend this evening say to me before we came to this room,
"Isn't life wonderful?"
He's right.
We are all very, very fortunate.
Very fortunate.
Sue and I have been the benefactors
of some wonderful things, but I have to tell you,
the university has indeed given us much more than we've been able to give back to them.
Washington Monthly ranked us this year, just a few months ago, as fifth in the
for adding value to our students and to our community. Fifth in the nation. {applause}
On either side of us, one was Harvard, and the other one was Stanford.
And last year, last year,
they ranked us
You would expect that at a University of California, but you would not expect it at a university
in which fifty-nine percent of our undergraduate students this year
are first in their families to navigate a college or university in their family's
As I close this evening and look around the campus,
and I think about what's been accomplished here
in just a little over fifty years,
I consider our alumni and their contributions to society and
I actually feel tremendous
pride and confidence in our future.
I am probably pathologically optimistic, and I will accept that,
but our alumni and our students are fulfilling their promise, and living
their promise, and in so doing are going to live the promise of the future of
California and the distances beyond.