Clutter Video Tip: How to Organize Your Refrigerator

Uploaded by clutterdiet on 23.11.2011

Hi. I’m Lorie Marrero and today’s Clutter Video Tip is about organizing your refrigerator.
Just in time for the holidays, you know we’ve got to make room for all of those Thanksgiving
leftovers. So a couple of things. First, finding homes for items, and secondly, maintaining
your refrigerator.
So when you think about a home for something in the refrigerator, the first thing that
pops into my mind is the milk. Everybody in the family knows exactly where to find the
milk. See, it’s right there in it’s same old spot as it always is, so everyone knows
where to put it back as well. So why not transfer that concept into the rest of your refrigerator.
If you want to group like items together and then find [POP] homes for those items, you
can actually put them all together like sandwich condiments right in the door bin and have
only sandwich condiments there and you can even, if you’re lucky enough, lift this
in and out pretty easily, and take it to the counter when you’re ready to make a sandwich.
Speaking of sandwiches, there is not a limit to just the bins in the door. You can actually
[POP] add other bins to your refrigerator and just keep them on the shelves. This is
a great example with our sandwiches. So we make sandwiches almost every day in this house
because we have two teenage boys. So we just put the sandwich meat and the cheeses all
together here in this bin instead of using the meat drawer, and then this way we can
just pull this in and out, take it to the counter, and make the sandwiches very simply.
You can do this with salad dressings or jams and jellies if you make a lot of biscuits.
All kinds of possibilities.
So let’s talk now about maintaining your refrigerator. You know, we’ve made a video
before about habit hooks [POP], and this is a perfect example. You want to hook the habit
of cleaning out the take-out food and the leftovers from your refrigerator on the night
before your trash collector comes to get your garbage from the curb. The reason for that
is that if there is anything that smells bad, you don’t want to be doing that the day
after the trash collector comes because then you’re going to live with those smells in
your garage or wherever it is for the whole rest of the week until he comes again. So
you might as well do it the night before and then that is a nice reminder. And if you need
an extra reminder, we have a reminder system in our Member Area. That’s one of the many
benefits of becoming a Clutter Diet Member. You can put that reminder in as a recurring
event. And then you’ll just get an e-mail every week, the day before the trash is going
to come, and then you will remember to clean out your refrigerator. You can find out more
about those benefits at
See you next time, and may you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.