The New Adventure of Kimba the White Lion - Full Episode 1 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Jungle Emperor Leo (1989)
Original Story: Osamu Tezuka
Directed by Kouji Ui
Animation by Tezuka Production
"Past the Savanna" Performed by Ichiro Mizuki
Run, run more, beyond the wind
The horizon is calling you
Since the day you were born in this endless land
To live is, yes, an adventure
Go out, Leo, past the savanna
Every time you fight, you will grow stronger
So Leo, fire up your heart now
The real you that you are searching for
Go until the day you meet it
Chapter One: Birth
4000 years ago, in the time of the great ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Pepi the first.
On the day once a year when the sun and Sirius rise simultaneously,
the morning of the Festival of Caligula,
a priest found a white lion cub frolicking, seeming to be embraced by the Spinx.
Pepi the first declared the white lion cub to be a messenger of God.
It was brought to the shrine inside the palace, and worshipped as the White Lion God.
However, the slaves under Pepi the first
stole the cub to make it their own Guardian God, and escaped upstream on the Nile.
Pepi the first dispatched men after them immediately,
but the jungle upstream were deep, and they could not find them.
Then Pepi the first declared the jungle in the area to be holy lands
and named it Abiorion, forbidding anyone from stepping inside the lands.
It is said that since then, the white lion continues to live there
as the protector of the jungle generation after generation.
This 4000 year old veil was about to be torn now.
Don't panic!
Look, he's got high-quality tusks. There's no way I'm gonna lose him!
White visitor, it seems the hunt was a great success.
No, it was a sucess but I wouldn't call it a great success.
My goal is to shoot and kill the legendary white lion and take his raw hide.
You shouldn't do that. That lion's the guardian god of the jungle.
No, he's the white devil.
If you try to catch him, you'll be cursed!
A curse? Did you hear that, Kutter?
Hey Kutter, stop eating already!
Don't nag me so, Hamegg.
If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be able to carry out even one tusk of ivory.
He's like a hyena.
What is that?
T-That's a...!
What the?
Damn, the precious hunt!
There he is!
Wait! He's got a child!
He was just about to be eaten!
Dammit. I'll get him next time!
The white lion's smarter than man.
A devil has taken over his body. There's no way he'll be caught.
That other voice...
That's the female lion that the white lion keeps with him answering his call.
It said he likes her very much.
S-Sir, that's the claw mark of the white lion... Let's not go in any further!
Don't be scared!
Kutter, are you ready?
He's there!
We did it! Take it to the village quick!
Is the white lion really going to come?
He'll come.
I've been chasing him for ten years.
He won't leave behind his fellow animals to die.
Oh, heaven forbid... If you lose your life, you can't make money...
You totally fell for it!
Panja, hold on! I'm with your child!
Please name my child Leo.
It means "courageous one." Please.
Oh the Jungle's devil, the soul of the white lion.
It's the white visitors who killed you, so please don't curse us!
Please don't curse us!
Please don't curse us!
Seems this female lion's with child. Hamegg hasn't noticed yet...
Hey, Kutter! Let's get to cutting a deal.
Why do you have to be in such a hurry?
If the smuggling inspectors found out about this, then it'll all be ruined.
There's no need to worry, I've taken care of the inspector and the customs officer.
It took quite a bit of money.
Then, how about we negotiate...
How's this price?
How cheap of you! I've almost lost my life many times for that white lion!
And I've been put in customs jail many times!
I think we're equal, don't you?
In this business, we risk life. Now give me more!
All right. Put that away.
How about this?
I like it, brother.
White visitor, what about my reward?
I have it ready here. It's the new rifle model.
If there is a chance again, see you then.
Wish you a safe journey to London.
Of course! This time we have tons of expensive ivory on top of animals.
I won't stand anything other than "safe!"
Then, until we meet again.
Stay well!
Bon voyage!
You don't know anything...
I told you not to disturb me during a meal.
No time for that. Your lion had a child.
No mistake, it's the white lion's child.
This is good. I've gotten the white lion just being here,
while Hamegg risked his life for ten years!
It's because I am so much smarter!
Kutter! It's a telegram.
Let's decide the price of the child later. Hamegg.
Damn! He knew!
Cheers to the white lion's child!
My child, your name is Leo.
It means "courageous one." Your father gave this name to you.
Your father was named Panja.
Respected by all, he was a strong and brave admirable lion.
When do I get to meet father?
Leo, you cannot meet your father anymore.
Your father was killed by wicked humans.
Your father always kept a watch so the humans could not come into the jungle and kill us.
Leo, you must return to the jungle, take after your father, and become a great lion!
It's a big forest where us animals can live in peace
without worrying about getting attacked by humans.
Under those clouds...
Under those clouds is our wide and open Africa.
Yes. And deep in that Africa is our jungle.
I cannot get out, but you are small enough to.
Now go to Africa, to our jungle!
No... No!
I don't want to!
Leo, listen carefully.
If we go to the zoo, you'll be separated from me and put in a cage like this by yourself.
A miserable life in a small cage, Leo...
The sound of the wind has changed.
There will be a storm soon. Escape quickly!
Now's the chance, quickly!
No! I want to stay with you!
Now! Fast!
Come on now. Be brave, Leo!
Wow, how huge!
What is that, a puppy?
It's a white lion cub!
What is it—
If he falls into the ocean, it would be all over!
Damn! I've lost all I gained!
Dear, please protect Leo...
Wow, it's so pretty!
Okay, I'm going to try hard too!
I'm glad we met
In this vast world
A single day I live with you
Should make tomorrow shine bright too
Because the orange-colored sun sinks now
Our silhouette, become the glow of the sunset
How bright
Become the glow of the sunset
"Become the Glow of the Sunset" Performed by Tomoko Tokugaki